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wish fulfillment

While more and more people are finding their way back to their holy self in the current times and, whether consciously or unconsciously, more than ever follow the overarching goal of developing a life in maximum fullness and harmony, the inexhaustible power of the own creative spirit in the foreground. spirit rules over matter. We ourselves are powerful creators and we can Shaping reality according to our ideas, yes, basically reality in this regard is even a pure energetic product, created from our own consciousness (from the source of all life - pure consciousness, the pure creative spirit embedded in oneself).

Wish fulfillment, the beginnings

The Power of the Holy LawInevitably, during this process, you will also be provided with special information such as the law of resonance, wish fulfillment, direct manifestations or even with the law of assumption confronted. As one continues to ascend and thereby develop the ability to manifest harmonious circumstances, we are still searching for the possibility with which we ourselves as creators can shape reality completely according to our greatest inner desires. In doing so, however, the most important or the holiest law of all is fundamentally disregarded, i.e. the pull of our self-image and above all the attraction of our overarching basic feeling. The law of resonance describes it perfectly, namely that like attracts like. In essence, this draws attention to the attraction of our frequency state. In our own consciousness (which is all-encompassing and connected to everything - we ourselves and the outer world are one) all of reality is embedded. Our consciousness and consequently the entire reality consists of energy or a permanently changing state that oscillates at a constantly varying frequency. And it is precisely this frequency state that brings the worlds to life, with which it vibrates in unison. If there is still a lot of suffering inside you, then you will, regardless of inner desires (which are of course still important), attract circumstances and conditions that are likely to carry suffering. Those who have abundance will in turn attract circumstances and states based on abundance (An ideal world can therefore only come about when we ourselves become completely healthy).

The Power of the Holy Law

wish fulfillment

The Law of Acceptance, in turn, deepens this principle and reveals, at its core, that we make things come true that we believe are already true. If we are already bathing in abundance, then we can only attract more abundance. When we get into the state of a happy relationship, we can only attract a fulfilling relationship. If we firmly believe that a fact is already true, then it will become manifest. The following very powerful quote is again written in the Bible:

“Therefore I say to you, whatever you ask for, believe firmly that you have already received it, and God will give it to you! – Mark 11:24”

And finally, the power of one of the most sacred laws of all is anchored here, namely that the state of the fulfilled wish/state (fulfilled = fullness) we will be granted the same fullness and here one can also speak of God or of divine consciousness, because within a divine state of consciousness that has become permanently manifest everything is truly granted to us (God brings supreme salvation = The state of God, becoming one with God, recognizing oneself as a source brings supreme salvation. As a direct likeness). In the innermost of each one rests the potential for the development of the highest state, i.e. becoming one with God, in which we recognize God and Christ as states that can be experienced in ourselves and consequently strive to let them come alive more and more in us (the highest state of consciousness), which then with a healed, healed and finally holy spirit (sacred state of consciousness) would go hand in hand. In this state one is so aware of one's own fullness and holiness that, especially when one is living out an inner harmony along with it, one will only attract circumstances that are based on healing, holiness, fulfillment and consequently fullness. And this is exactly where the key to wish fulfillment lies.

Be abundance, be holy

The happier we are or the more healed our self-image and consequently our reality is, the more our own spirit bathes in harmony, the more easily we will attract abundance. If a wish or even a need arises in us, then these thoughts are immediately saturated with our inner feeling of happiness and we then know exactly (since one is in harmony/abundance oneself) that the fulfillment of what is wanted is already there anyway (since EVERYTHING is already embedded in oneself, since oneself as source is everything). One is perfectly satisfied and therefore can only experience one more wish-fulfillment, since one is already fulfilled. And of course, while you are in the process of ascension and you want to return to exactly these states, you go through many phases in which you still experience darkness and suffering, i.e. moments in which it is very difficult to enter a fulfilled state. But here you have a special opportunity to ensure that you get back into a healed state. Who suddenly starts to eat naturally, to move a lot, to say good words, blessings and co. practices and generally optimizes his life, he will be able to revive a significantly lighter/brighter/happier image of himself over time and then in turn attract more abundance, since he then vibrates more strongly at the frequency of abundance. Then it will be much easier to move permanently into the state of a fulfilled wish. And then, yes, then God or one's own divine/healed state will make this fact come true. And it is precisely this fulfillment or this basic abundance that everyone is entitled to. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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