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ice bath

There are a variety of ways through which we can train and strengthen not only our own bodies, but also our minds. In exactly the same way, we have the ability to completely stimulate self-healing processes in our own cell environment, i.e. we can initiate countless regenerative processes in our organism through targeted actions. The main way we can achieve this is to change the image we have of ourselves. improve. The more harmonious our self-image is, the better the influence our mind has on our own cells. In addition, a more positive self-image ensures that we attract better or more fulfilling circumstances on the outside, because we are given the frequency circumstance that corresponds to our frequency state. One way to dramatically increase our frequency is to use the healing power of cold.

The healing power of cold

The healing power of coldIn this context, it is important to understand that both heat and cold have a special benefit for us and both conditions, in their own way, can bring healing or regeneration into our own organism. Nevertheless, this article is about cold, because if we use cold specifically, an incredibly powerful healing potential can be released. In this regard, various cold therapies have been used for ages to improve all of the body's functions and, above all, to strengthen one's own mind. We can already perceive this power of cold when we take a walk in nature in winter. The cold wind on the face and body invigorates, wakes us up inside and refreshes our spirit. On the other hand, breathing in cool air awakens our entire body. The air then feels cleaner, fresher, more lively and more natural. Due to the cool temperatures, it has even been scientifically proven that cold air, due to its higher density, carries significantly more oxygen or molecules. Because of this, cold air can carry significantly more energy and therefore feels livelier. And regardless of this, the contracting, concentrated and calm energies of the cold also ensure that the air is naturally energized. On the other hand, the cold ensures that stress in the body can be massively reduced. And especially at a time when we are constantly exposed to pure stress from electrosmog and the like, such a stress-reducing factor can be a real blessing.

Ice baths and cold showers

ice bathIn order to benefit directly from the special effects of the cold, there is one of the most powerful options of all, namely the use of ice or cold baths or ice-cold showers. Admittedly, the first thought of an ice bath or a cold shower is extremely intimidating, but the implementation requires pure willpower and self-conquest. It's just an extremely unpleasant experience at first. Nevertheless, the invigorating effects are phenomenal and not just in the short term, but also in the long term. An ice-cold shower, for example, makes us feel extremely awake, invigorated and recharged afterwards. The entire body is activated and our mind is then wide awake. It feels like there is no way to get us to 100% as quickly as a cold shower. In addition, we also have to deal with a very unpleasant experience during the day, which makes it easier for us to get into the mood to tackle difficult tasks. Nevertheless, the art lies in practicing an ice bath or even an ice-cold shower over a long period of time, i.e. long enough for this action to become a routine or rather a fixed program in our own subconscious.

The special effects on body and mind

When we can do that, that's when the real magic happens. In this way, body and mind are steeled to an enormous extent. On a physical level, for example, the general stress level decreases over time. Fewer stress hormones are released and our bodies calm down more quickly. In addition, our hormone levels reach balance. Studies have also found that daily cold showers alone can cause men's testosterone levels to rise sharply after just a few weeks. You can also deal with the cold much better and are less likely to freeze in cold environments. In general, well-being simply increases and a clearer feeling becomes apparent. And last but not least, one of the important circumstances arises because by facing these cold challenges every day, we are proud of ourselves and happy that we overcome this circumstance again and again. As a result, a much more fulfilled image of ourselves is created and through this alone we create a much more fulfilled reality, because the better our attitude to life is, the better the circumstances will be, which we in turn allow to appear. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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