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At its core, every human being is a powerful creator who has the impressive ability to fundamentally change the outer world or the entire world through his or her spiritual orientation alone. This ability is not only evident from the fact that every experience or every circumstance that has been experienced so far is a product of our own mind (your entire current life is a product of your thought spectrum. Just as an architect conceived a house first, which is why a house represents a thought that has become manifest, so your life is a single expression of your thoughts that have become manifest), but also because our own field is all-encompassing and we are connected to everything.

Our energy always reaches the minds of others

BlessEverything you have ever seen or can see on the outside, ultimately only takes place within yourself. All images were born out of you. Even the thought of creation or questions like “who could have created everything” are essentially images that only take place within you. Consequently, there is no image that was not born of you, because your entire life or everything imaginable and everything visible came out of your mind. Nevertheless, your counterpart can become just as aware of this and also perceive themselves as the authority from which all images are created. Ultimately, this creates a large energetic network in which we not only perceive the original source or the creative instance purely within ourselves, but also externally and can therefore also attribute it to everyone. Well, our mental spectrum always flows into the outer world, which is why the change in our mental orientation also influences the orientation in the collective. As I said, only when we heal ourselves do we heal the world. Peace can only come to the world when peace comes within ourselves. There are an incredible number of ways to regain your own condition in this regard for healing to align In the same way, by simple actions of the outer world (and consequently ourselves) grant conditions of healing. For example, if we wish someone good, from the bottom of our hearts, we send healing energy to that person, which not only reaches them, but can even change them.

The effect of our thought power

In this context, Emoto has proven, for example, that good thoughts alone can arrange the crystalline structure of water harmoniously and without physical contact. Thoughts of disharmony in turn brought with them deformed and stressful structures. Consequently, if we wish someone good or send good energy to someone, be it a person, an animal or even a plant, then we harmonize their energy field. And since everything always flows back to us, since we ourselves are everything or are connected to everything, we ultimately wish something good for ourselves. It is comparable to the process of "heaving". When we complain about someone, we are only loading ourselves with heaviness in that moment. We are sour, angry and thus lead our cell environment into a stressed state. Therefore, when we are angry at something or even curse someone, we ultimately only curse ourselves. When we bless others, we bless ourselves at the same time, especially since the blessing also arises from a heartfelt state. The positive state of consciousness generates further positive energies or intensifies them.

The healing power of blessing

BlessWell, the blessing or the blessing itself represents one of the purest and, above all, most powerful possibilities to send healing energy to someone else or even to align them harmoniously. It is not for nothing that one should bless one's own meal or, as in the circumstance previously described, the water. Likewise, there are many passages in the Bible that refer to the power of blessing. In one passage, a son even tries to use a cunning trick to get his father's blessing. By blessing something, we just send out the purest power of thought and heart energy. We wish something only the very best, i.e. that someone is blessed and only the best happens to them - God's blessings/divine blessings (and we ourselves as Source – the image of God, carry within us the capacity for divine blessing. A sentence that in turn ties directly to the first section of this article). In line with this, I have some special sections from other special articles for you at this point, in which the power of blessing is described again (evang-tg.ch):

“To bless is to entrust someone or something with God's presence. What is under the blessing grows and prospers. Every human being is called to receive blessings and to bless. Many people are better able to get through times of transition and crisis when God's blessings are promised to them.”

or the following (engelmagazin.de):

“To bless is to wish unconditionally and from the bottom of your heart limitless goodness in others and in events. It means to sanctify, revere, marvel at whatever is a gift from the Creator. Whoever is sanctified by your blessing is distinguished, consecrated, canonized, made whole. To bless is to bestow upon someone divine protection, to speak or think gratefully for someone, to bring happiness to someone, even though we ourselves are never the cause, but only joyful witnesses of the abundance in life.”

For this reason we should start to bless our fellow human beings or our environment. Of course, we're meant to be tuned into completely different states, and that's exactly how we tend to keep complaining, getting upset, wishing someone bad, getting angry, pointing fingers, seeing only bad in someone. But we don't create peace by doing this, on the contrary, we increase discord much more and let the aforementioned circumstances become manifest in the world. But all the resentment only keeps our heart and thus our inner love in secret. It is a profound blockage through which we keep our energy flow blocked and consequently the energy flow in the collective. However, we can change that. We can start by seeing the good in others and bless even people who supposedly wanted or even want bad things for us. At the moment I'm also practicing myself a lot to get into this energy, so not only do I bless all the plants and animals when I walk through the evening forest with me, but I also try moments when resentment comes up at someone, to walk in blessing, because everything else leads to nothing. Seeing the best version in someone else and blessing them along with it leads to incredible transformation. It is a key to bringing love, compassion and most of all abundance into the world. So let's start with that and bring our blessings to the world. We have the power to bring good into the world and transform the collective. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. Have a blessed time everyone. 🙂

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