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Forest air

In today's industrialized world, or more accurately, in today's world where our own minds are kept dense by innumerable harmful circumstances, there are many factors that have become burdensome to us due to unnatural occurrences. Be it, for example, the water that we drink every day, which does not provide any vitality and hardly has any purity (as opposed to a spring water, which is characterized by purity, a high energy level and a hexagonal structure), or the food that we eat every day, which is largely contaminated with materials or chemicals and hardly has any vitality (mechanical manufacturing processes – without love) or even the air we breathe every day.

The air in cities

ForestAs a rule, the topics of water and air are among the most underestimated factors, which are therefore hardly included in a natural lifestyle and diet. We believe far too much that, for example, pollutant-free water comes from the tap. However, if high-energy spring water or rather healing water were to come from the tap, then this would certainly not last long due to various corporations. The situation is similar with air quality in cities. It is often underestimated how strong the influences and differences are between fresh forest air and city air. Various factors ensure that the air is hardly alive and is sometimes even contaminated with pollutants. Regardless of today's air pollution, electrosmog, for example, makes a significant contribution here. Particularly in cities, hundreds of thousands of smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, radio towers, electric masts and television towers emit harmful electromagnetism and other fields that cause considerable damage to air quality. In this regard, I have often pointed out the stress-causing influences of WiFi. Wi-Fi represents pure stress for the cell and generates countless free radicals in our body. The amount of negative ions in the air around us is decreasing due to electrosmog. After all, if the air is constantly exposed to radiation, then this element is attacked. Independent of fine dust, pollutants and other particles that can be bound to a large extent in the air.

The healing forest air

On the mountains, by the ocean or in the forest, the air quality looks completely different. Regardless of the fact that extremely many plants, trees, animals or flora and fauna use their natural energy (her spirit) into the air and the air is constantly naturally filtered through the forest and enriched with oxygen, there are some other special substances in the air that give it its special quality. For example, fresh forest air is rich in negative ions. In this regard, places of power always have a high number of negative ions. Rooms or even city air contaminated by electrosmog have little to no negative ions, but rather many more positive ions. Because of this, such air hardly has any invigorating influence on us. In the same way, when you breathe in the air doesn't feel anywhere near as refreshing and invigorating as fresh forest air does. On the other hand, the air in forests is naturally aromatized. After all, trees and plants secrete various fragrances, on the one hand terpenes and terpenoids. These natural substances not only revitalize the air, but also improve its quality immensely. Seen in this way, these are the most natural energies, frequencies and substances that are released into the air through a forest and completely charge it. Ultimately, there is hardly anything more relaxing than going for a walk through nature. And we should do that too. It is becoming increasingly important that we live a natural and original lifestyle. Be it in terms of the food we eat, the water we drink every day or the quality of the air.

Create a natural or forest-like indoor air at home

Well, we should also start improving the air quality in our rooms. If you don't live directly in or near a forest, I can only recommend improving the quality of the room with countless healing stones, orgonites and plants. In this way, we bring nature directly into our home and give the space the elements it needs for natural revitalization. In this context, I can also do that Primal frequency mat from Multispa recommend. Due to the almost 1000 embedded healing stone/tourmaline mixtures, the mat naturally generates negative ions to a high degree just by lying in a room. On my Telegram channel I also shared a video in which the negative ions were measured in a room and the measurement results were 1:1 comparable to nature. So please take a look. The primal frequency mat is currently reduced by 25% due to the “black weeks”. In addition, you get with the Code: “ENERGY150” additionally almost 100€ discount. With this in mind, let's start by allowing a natural circumstance of life to become manifest, regardless of the means. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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