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Beings of light

Human existence, with all its unique fields, levels of consciousness, mental expressions and biochemical processes, corresponds to an absolutely intelligent design and is more than fascinating. Basically, each of us represents a completely unique universe containing all information, possibilities, potential, abilities and worlds carries within itself. Ultimately, we are creation itself. We consist of creation, are creation, are surrounded by creation and create the all-encompassing perceptible world every second based on our minds. This reality creation process is significantly influenced by our own vibration frequency.

Our cells emit light

Our cells emit lightSeen in this way, we create what is outside, or rather we allow the possible reality to become visible, which in turn corresponds to the alignment and energy of our own field. A fullness of reality can therefore be experienced the moment we become fullness ourselves or connect with the vibration of fullness (a frequency that, like everything, is already embedded in our field). There are various options that support us in entering the state of the corresponding desired frequency and one of these is the awareness surrounding our light-filled being. In this context, man himself is essentially a being of light. This doesn't just mean that we ourselves strive for a light-filled or loving existence, at least such a striving lies behind all blockages, conflicts and karmic patterns Hidden ones (Only a state full of light or wrapped in love changes the world into love - your energy creates existence), but our own bioenergetic field including the cell environment is powered by light and emits light. For example, Dr. Pollack found that our cells absorb light and also emit or radiate light. This process is called biophoton emission.

Biophotons – light quanta as food for our organism

Biophotons themselves, which in turn are highly healing for our bodies, consist of the purest light. Basically, they are light quanta that are found in spring water, living air and most natural food, for example Medicinal plants, happen. Plants, for example, store sunlight as light quanta or biophotons, which we absorb when we consume them. Our cells rely on exactly this stored light and develop a healing and maintenance process when they are supplied with enough light or even produce enough light.

Our cells are light producers

Our cells are light producersWe therefore send out these self-generated light emissions, which have even been officially proven by science in relation to the light production and radiation of the cell, into the world or even into the collective field (we are connected to everything). In addition, the human cell is closely connected to our chakras, the meridians and generally to our energy field. The more light we produce, carry within ourselves and send out, the more of this healing light we send into the collective spirit. Regardless of diet, the amount of light we produce depends on the state of our mind, body and soul systems. The more liberated, blissful, peaceful, conscious and consequently more light we are, i.e. when we are anchored in a morally, psychologically and spiritually highly developed state of consciousness, the more light can appear in our field and consequently in our cells. A mind shrouded in deep darkness in turn creates a cellular environment filled with darkness or imbalance. After all, mind rules over matter. As on the inside, so on the outside. As in the mental, so in the physical.

Our energy field shapes reality

In addition to a natural diet, in which the healing components of a forest, such as medicinal plants, are embedded, it is essential for filling our cells with pure light, strengthening an increased and, above all, harmony (harmony) based state of consciousness. As a result, our cells will produce more light again, i.e. strong self-healing processes will be set in motion and we will also increasingly cover our own field in light. It is therefore a completely unique interaction between cell or body and mind that determines which reality we create or, more precisely, which reality we bring into existence. As I said, our own field represents an infinite pool in which all possible realities, circumstances and information rest. The vibration frequency of our own daily field determines which reality becomes truth through us. For this reason, especially in the current time of collective awakening, it becomes increasingly crucial to resonate with a state that is accompanied by an open heart, a nature-connected lifestyle and a luminous expression. To heal our being and to heal the collective. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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