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Fifth ventricle

People have always talked about the seat of the soul or even the seat of our own divinity. Regardless of the fact that our entire being, including the field that represents everything and also contains everything within itself, could be understood as soul or divinity itself, there is a unique place within the human body that is often viewed as the seat of our divine blueprint is referred to as sacred space. In this context we are talking about the fifth chamber of the heart. The fact that the human heart has four chambers has recently been known and is therefore part of official teaching. The so-called “hot spot” (a modern name for the fifth chamber of the heart), but receives little attention. It was not always like that. Not only did earlier advanced civilizations know exactly about the fifth chamber of the heart, but more than 100 years ago Dr. Otoman Zar Hanish that there is another secret cardiac chamber positioned behind the posterior wall of our heart.

What is the fifth ventricle?

Fifth ventricleThis fifth ventricle is very small (Diameter of approximately 4mm) and is surrounded by the sinoatrial node. The sinoatrial node is the clock generator and is responsible for the conduction of our heart's impulses. However, with appropriate interventions, the sinus node is largely bypassed, because touching it leads to immediate death. For this reason, the fifth chamber of the heart is largely avoided by doctors. The fifth chamber of the heart has major peculiarities that are inexplicable for many. The inside of the heart chamber is up to 100° hot and consists of a vacuum. The mere fact that there is an area in our body that is 100° hot and does not allow us to burn is completely unique. Exactly the fact that this area has a vacuum would also be next to impossible according to modern science. But the fact that modern science conceals information about the true background of our existence is another topic. Well, this hot vacuum area within our heart has a third major peculiarity, because inside there is the divine image of a human being. This is how Dr. Hanish used a microscopic camera to photograph the fifth chamber of the heart, a million times larger. He discovered the geometric shape of a dodecahedron (12 even pentagons). In this sacred geometric form he discovered, as I said, a human-looking, androgynous figure. The special thing about it was that the age of the people examined played no role at all; he always discovered the same young-looking, ageless figure.

The sacred space in our hearts

Ultimately, this shape within the dodecahedron could be seen as our divine blueprint. It is the purest, most divine and harmoniously frequent version of our being, which constantly resonates into our own field. Basically, it is the blueprint for the human avatar, i.e. the most highly developed version of a human (the person who is completely connected to God - who has mastered himself and was able to develop his full potential again). This image shows us the incredible creative power that lies hidden and can be developed. After all, anyone who gets rid of all limitations and blockages, along with complete mastery of their own being, will regain abilities such as physical immortality, teleportation, telekinesis and co. allocated. As an example, why should we age and physically die at some point when our cells are free of all stress, toxins and the like. are. After all, the cell itself is immortal, at least if it does not die from premature poisoning.

The seat of our field

Fifth ventricleOn the other hand, our entire field arises directly from the fifth ventricle (Incidentally, the blood also flows through this hot area and is directly charged with the energy of the divine image). In this regard, it is also important to understand that everything in existence, be it humans themselves, an animal, a tree, a plant, minerals or, depending on your worldview, planets, galaxies or entire universes, has its own charisma, i.e. an aura , which is also often referred to as a torus or toroidal field. In humans, this energy field arises directly from the center of the heart, to be precise directly from the ventricle. Our heart is therefore the place or seat from which our energy field arises and from which it is energetically supplied. Our heart field therefore also contains the greatest intelligence and power; it is the direct expression of the divine blueprint, i.e. our divine expression. The important point here, however, is that the more we are anchored internally in resentment, in blockages, in resentment, in fears or even anger, i.e. the less we are in the heart and act from the heart, that is, from the feeling of love, the more the flow of our heart field is blocked. The connection to our avatar origin is thereby prevented and blocked, which means that our inner fire goes out over the usual lifetime.

The key to liberating the world

Love is therefore the key to the perfect development of our heart field, to the mastery of our being, to the development of our avatar abilities and to the development of a divine circumstance, i.e. the true realization of the dodecahedron image. It often sounds like a cliché or even sentences like: “I am light and love” have fallen into disrepute even in spiritual scenes or are often made fun of, but it is precisely the energy that empowers us, humanity and the entire world Earth can be returned to its complete origin, i.e. to peace, and will be returned at some point. It is the essence that has been hidden for a long time, but now wants to appear more and more strongly, because the rise of our being is in full swing and unstoppable at this time. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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