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Annual cycle

The entire creation, including all its levels, is constantly moving in different cycles and rhythms. This fundamental aspect of nature can be traced back to the hermetic law of rhythm and vibration, which continuously affects everything and accompanies us throughout our lives. For this reason, every person, whether they are aware of it or not, moves in a wide variety of cycles. As an example, there is a great interaction with the stars and transits (Planetary movements), which have a direct effect on us and, depending on our inner orientation and receptivity (Energy type), significantly influence our lives.

Everything always moves in cycles

Everything always moves in cycles

For example, not only is the woman's menstrual cycle connected to the lunar cycle, but humans themselves are directly connected to the moon and accordingly experience new impulses, moods and effects, depending on the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign. This circumstance is extremely natural for our own inner prosperity and can even be inspiring if we live directly according to the cycles of nature. One of the large and very important cycles, the control of which has been completely lost in the last century and in essence was completely distorted a long time ago to the detriment of our natural rhythm, but is of the utmost importance for us, is the annual cycle. The entire nature goes through this There are different phases throughout the year in which fauna and flora take on new forms and states. In the first half of the cycle, nature first of all blossoms, unfolds, expands, becomes lighter, warmer, fruitful and is completely geared towards growth or new beginnings, abundance and activation. In the second half of the year, nature retreats again. Everything becomes darker, cooler, quieter, more rigid and directed inwards. It is the phase in which nature goes back into secrecy. The situation is similar with us humans, at least to some extent. While in spring and summer we feel the urge to go out into the world and we want to manifest new circumstances with enthusiasm and drive, in autumn and winter we focus on calm and want to indulge in meditative states, sometimes even completely automatically. Ultimately, such an approach is by far the most natural thing we can do, i.e. in autumn and winter we rest, recharge ourselves with life energy through the rest and in spring/summer we indulge in an expansion and a spirit of optimism (we discharge and use this energy - although it should of course be said that we also recharge ourselves in the sunny seasons. So I think you know where I'm going with this passage).

The twisting of the annual cycle

The twisting of the annual cycleHowever, this circumstance is not always observed, quite the opposite. In this context, humanity lives according to an annual cycle that is completely designed against our internal clock. This is of course not surprising, the illusory world that surrounds us was constructed in such a way that all circumstances, mechanisms and structures are intended to bring us out of our natural biorhythm, i.e. everything was specifically created to keep the human spirit in an imbalance (on the one hand).in illness), on the other hand, in a lack of connection to our true nature. If we live completely in harmony with the natural rhythms and are in harmony with nature, the stars and transits, then this greatly promotes the development of our highest divine self. However, the annual cycle was interpreted contrary to our true nature. Two major aspects underline this fact immensely. The most important point is that the true year does not begin in the middle of winter, but rather in spring, when the solar cycle begins again with the vernal equinox on March 21st and the sun comes out of the zodiac sign Pisces (the last character – end) changes to the zodiac sign Aries (the first character – beginning). On this day everything is geared towards a new beginning, just as the spring equinox gives nature an activating impulse that allows everything to be geared towards growth and prosperity. It is not for nothing that this day is considered the astronomical start of the year. However, within our annual cycle, we celebrate the New Year in the dead of winter and that is completely against our inner nature. December, January and February stand for inner peace, withdrawal, relaxation, knowledge and do not carry any quality of new beginnings or new beginnings. The celebrated transition from December 31st to January 01st therefore means pure stress and imbalance for our own energy and biorhythm. We celebrate a transition into the new, undertake the implementation of new projects and are generally geared towards such a state by the system and society. But since from a purely energetic point of view we are in the depths of winter, we act completely against the natural cycle and therefore against our inner nature. It is a black magical distortion that we are subjected to again and again year after year.

The four sun and moon festivals

Annual cycleThe true beginning of the year always takes place on the day of the spring equinox in March, when the sun changes from the last zodiac sign, Pisces, to the first zodiac sign, Aries, and spring is fully initiated. The further course of the true year is accompanied by the special four moon and four sun festivals. These four festivals all represent important energetic points of the year that either initiate a new phase in the natural cycle or mark the climax of a phase. The sun festivals initiate and activate the new phases (Sun = male energy – activation) and the lunar festivals mark the highlights of the corresponding phase (Moon = feminine energy – passivity). With the first sun festival Ostara (vernal equinox) the new year is ushered in. The next sun festival is called Litha (Summer solstice), reaches us in the third week of June and completely ushers in the summer. The third sun festival is called Mabon (autumnal equinox) and marks the complete transition into autumn. The last sun festival is called Yule (Winter solstice), hence also Yulefest (the true background of Christmas) and ushers in winter. These four solar festivals guide the annual cycle and dictate the energy and activations within the natural cycle. In direct contrast to this, as already mentioned, we have the four annual moon festivals, which in the original sense even take place on the respective new or full moon (which is not implemented in the 12 month calendar). Starting with Beltane, the festival that represents the climax of spring and is now celebrated with the transition to May Day, but originally takes place on the fifth full moon of the year (the fifth full moon from the current systemic start of the year). This is followed at the end of July by the Lammas lunar festival, which essentially coincides with the eighth full moon of the year and marks the highlight of the summer. The peak of autumn is then at the end of October or ideally on the eleventh new moon of the year with Samhain (known as Halloween) initiated. Last but not least, the Imbolc Moon Festival, celebrated at the beginning of February or on the 2nd full moon of the year, marks the complete highlight of winter. Essentially, these four sun and lunar festivals represent the points or signposts within the true annual cycle and we should live by these powerful and original festivals.

The 13 month annual cycle

The 13 month annual cycleAnother major twist comes with the 12 month cycle. Hundreds of years ago, the calendar we know today was created by Pope Gregory XIII. Introduced towards the end of the 16th century and has been the incontestable annual cycle standard ever since. The much more sensible and natural 13 month cycle was rejected because the church considers the number 12 to be holy and 13 to be unholy. Since we know that everything is twisted to control and suppress the collective mind, we also know that 13 is anything but an unlucky number and that the 12 month calendar was introduced because, as I said, it is our natural biorhythm and therefore our divine connection messes up. Ultimately, this is always the approach when such great circumstances are implemented for humanity. It is never about healing, divinity, freedom or correctness, but always about the enslavement and subjugation of the divine consciousness that could become manifest in man. At the end of the day, this is the core of it all and a major reason why the world/system is as out of balance as it is today. Nevertheless, humanity should live according to a 13-month calendar, just as our ancestors or, more precisely, earlier advanced cultures did. The Maya, for example, lived according to an annual calendar (tzolkin), which lasted 260 days. 13 months divided into 20 days each. The Celtic calendar was also based on a 13 month year. In this Celtic 13 month year, each month consisted of exactly 28 days. This automatically resulted in many natural advantages. For example, the days of the week are exactly the same every year. In this calendar, all months are structured the same from year to year, on the one hand in terms of the days of the week and on the other hand in terms of length. This would allow us to be anchored in the annual cycle much more directly and with much more ease. Well, even if we live within the current distorted calendar year, in which the beginning of the New Year takes place in the middle of winter or at a time of absolute calm, we ourselves should begin to align ourselves more closely with the true and natural annual cycle. And at some point a time will come again when a divine and truth-oriented collective consciousness will establish the natural annual cycle, including the celebration of the aforementioned sun and moon festivals. True nature can only be kept hidden temporarily, but at some point it will emerge completely again and initiate a turning point. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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