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We are currently on the direct path to summer within the annual cycle. Spring is almost over and the sun is shining or visible in most of our regions. Of course, this is not the case every day and dark geoengineering skies are still very common (this winter and spring in particular were very badly affected), but we are currently in an extremely sunny and also warmer temperature phase occurred. For this reason, there is great healing potential for all of us, because the sun itself gives us one of the most natural energies or primal frequencies of all.

The spectrum of primal frequencies available to us

healing of natureIn this context there are also various natural primal frequencies through which we can expose ourselves to the most healing circumstances of all. Be it, for example, the daily walk through the forest, through which we not only inhale lively and, above all, the most natural air, but also absorb the entire spectrum of the forest directly in us. Be it the daily intake of healing food, in this case medicinal plants harvested directly from nature, medicinal roots, seeds, blossoms, tree resin, berries and other components originating directly from nature (one absorbs the most natural information directly - primal frequency - the forest enters directly into our own system. The word salvation, i.e. healing / holiness, is already anchored in the word medicinal plant alone, which shows us its special energy). On the other hand, drinking spring water or revitalized water represents a source of the purest energy for us, through which we feed ourselves with the most original energies and thereby hydrate our entire cell environment and, above all, raise its frequency. Ultimately, apart from an open heart and a harmonious self-image, it is the aspects of creation through which we can enter a holistic state of healing. For example, who drinks the forest (medicinal plants drinks), who ensures that your own cells, your own DNA and also your own energy body are completely aligned to naturalness and originality. As a result, we create external circumstances that are also of an original nature and are therefore based on healing (As inside, so outside - inner healing = outer healing). Anyone who indulges in this interplay of natural frequencies every day, lives a lifestyle close to nature and also has a satisfied mental state, truly brings pure healing to his entire system.

The healing power of solar energy

healing of the sunWell, this article is supposed to be about the sun in particular. The sun is currently shining in our regions, the temperatures are rising and we have the chance to indulge in healing sunbathing. As a result, we absorb pure light directly, feed our cells with primal information and ensure that our energy body is relieved. In this context, the sun in astrology, for example, also stands for our essence. It goes hand in hand with our true being or with our original being and also dissolves dark shadows (heavy energies) from our field. Therefore, prolonged direct exposure to the sun not only cleanses our energy body, increases the spin of our light body, but also speaks to our essence. It is ultimately a primal spectrum of frequencies that reaches us. Frequently there is also talk of the most natural frequency spectrum of all. They are light quanta or photons, the purest light energy that goes directly into our own system and stimulates many beneficial biochemical processes. Ultimately, this is a form of energy that feeds our energy body and can also fully repair our DNA strands (of course, if the aforementioned factors are also in harmony).

Biophotons and light energy

Healing through spring water

This is exactly why it is so valuable to consume medicinal plants, because medicinal plants are strongly enriched with healing biophotons, which in turn have become manifest through exposure to the sun. In this way we take in light that has become manifest or plant light. In that regard, it should also be said that our cells themselves emit light. The healthier and more youthful our cells are or the more our mind, body and soul system is in harmony, the stronger the natural radiation of our cells. Ultimately, therefore, it is fundamental that we indulge in a natural lifestyle. The situation is similar, for example, with revitalized air, spring water or rather revitalized water, which is also rich in stored light energy (Biophotons) is and thus gives our energy body an energy of healing. Of course we should avoid these things and in relation to the sun in particular, it is also suggested to us that we should protect ourselves from it with sunscreen (which, moreover, greatly reduces the absorption of natural light energy and we ingest toxic chemicals) or there are now recommendations, for example not to indulge in the midday sun or to generally reduce sunbathing. Of course we shouldn't get burned (here there are also natural cream alternatives, for example consisting of aloe vera), but staying in the sun is one of the simplest ways to enrich your own cell environment and, above all, your own energy body with the purest light energy, 1:1 as it was already practiced in ancient times (Key word: sunlight therapy). Well, finally, I would like to point out an older section of text from my archive that dealt with the healing power of the sun:

"The Nobel Prize Winners David Bohm and Albert Szent-Giörgi state that “matter is frozen light” and “all the energy we put into our bodies comes exclusively from the sun.” (...) What reduces solar radiation also reduces the absorbable, vital energy and causes diseases caused by a lack of light!” Basically, food is all just light in a solid form. All matter - including the plant, animal and human organism - stores sunlight with its photons and frequencies. All cells are ultimately built up from natural sunlight, are nourished, maintained and controlled by light because light contains all life impulses and frequencies. We need the light information contained in physical substances (e.g. in food).

Because proper and sufficient light is so imperative, more evolved creatures have multiple ways of absorbing it. We must consume light nourishment through the eyes and the skin at the same time in order to stay alive. But solid foods are also necessary. Strictly speaking, we take in light through the food chain as the most important part of nutrition. Therefore, all foods need a lot of unadulterated sunlight, which they emit as biophotons in the food and thus strengthen and control the consuming organism. It is essential for cell health to regularly expose the whole body to sunlight, even when the sky is overcast. Solar light energy is stored in the cells. According to the biophysicist Professor Doctor Fritz Albert Popp, humans are not meat eaters or vegetarians, but primarily light mammals. The more our food is made directly from light (vegetable food) or stores light energy through tanning, the easier it is for us to absorb the power of light contained therein. Basically, the solid food consists of sun photons and light frequencies that are stored in plant and animal substances - especially in the cell nucleus. Anything that reduces sunlight or the full range of frequencies - eg the UV component of sunlight - reduces the proportion of photons and light frequencies. 

Sunlight heals! Sunlight is an 'arcanum' = secret panacea(...) Sunlight with its light quanta and frequencies supplies all life-giving and regulating energy = vital nourishment for body and soul; this allows the organism to self-regulate, immunize and heal; this prevents lifestyle diseases. Sunlight controls hundreds of bodily functions. Sunlight has been used for healing purposes since ancient times. The knowledge of its healing power is empirical and undeniable!”

With that in mind, enjoy the current solar energies. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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