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Every human being is Creator of his own reality, one reason why you often feel as if the universe or your entire life revolves around you. In fact, at the end of the day, it appears that you are the center of the universe based on your own intellectual/creative foundation. You are the creator of your own circumstances and can determine the further course of your life based on your own mental spectrum. Ultimately, every human being is only an expression of a divine convergence, an energetic source and, because of this, embodies the source itself. You yourself are the source, you express yourself through this source and because of this all-pervasive, spiritual source, you can become master of your external circumstances.

Your reality is ultimately a reflection of your inner state.

reality-mirror-of-your-inner-stateSince we ourselves are creators of our own reality, we are at the same time the creators of our own inner and outer circumstance. Your reality is merely a reflection of your inner state and vice versa. What you yourself think and feel, what you are completely convinced of or what corresponds to your inner beliefs, your world view, always manifests itself as truth in your own reality in this context. Your personal perception of the world/in the world is a reflection of your inner mental/emotional state. Accordingly, there is also a universal law that best illustrates this principle, namely that law of correspondence. Simply put, this universal law states that one's entire existence is ultimately a product of one's thoughts. Everything corresponds to your own thoughts, your own convictions and beliefs. Your own mental and emotional feelings are responsible for the perspective from which you look at your world. For example, if you are in a bad mood, you are not in a good mood emotionally, then you would accordingly look at your outer world from this negative mood/sensation. People with whom you then come into contact throughout the day, or rather events that would then occur in your life later in the day, would then be of a more negative nature or you would rather see a negative origin in these events.

You don't see the world as it is, but as you are..!!

Otherwise, here's another example: Imagine a person who firmly believes that all other people are unkind to them. Because of this inner sensation, that person would then look at their outer world from that feeling. Since he is then firmly convinced of it, he no longer looks for friendliness, but only unfriendliness in other people (you only see what you want to see). Our own attitude is therefore decisive for what happens to us personally in life. If someone gets up in the morning and thinks the day is going to be bad, then it most likely will be.

Energy always attracts energy of the same frequency at which it vibrates..!!

Not because the day itself is bad, but because the person then equates the coming day with a bad day and, in most cases, only wants to see the bad in that day. Because of law of resonance (Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity, of the same structural nature, of the same frequency at which it vibrates) one would then mentally resonate with something that is negative in nature. Consequently, on that day you would only attract things into your life that would be disadvantageous to you. The universe always reacts to your own thoughts and presents you with what corresponds to your mental resonance. Lack thinking creates further lack and someone who mentally resonates with abundance draws more abundance into their own lives.

External chaos is ultimately just a product of internal imbalance

External chaos is ultimately just a product of internal imbalanceThis principle also applies perfectly to chaotic external circumstances. For example, when a person is feeling down, depressed, depressed, or in general with a severe mental imbalance and as a result does not have the energy to keep their home in order, their inner state carries over to the outer world. The outer circumstances, the outer world then adjusts to its inner, unbalanced state over time. After a short time he would then automatically be confronted with a self-initiated disorder. Conversely, if he were to provide a more pleasant environment again, then this would also be noticeable in his inner world, where he would feel more comfortable in his home. On the other hand, he would automatically eliminate his chaotic spatial circumstance if his inner imbalance were corrected. The person concerned would then not feel depressed, but would be happy, full of life, content and would have so much life energy available that they would automatically tidy their apartment again. The change therefore always begins within oneself. If one changes oneself, then one's entire environment also changes.

External pollution is only a reflection of internal pollution..!!

In this context there is an exciting and above all true quote from Eckhart Tolle regarding the current chaotic planetary circumstance: "The pollution of the planet is only the reflection on the outside of a psychic pollution on the inside, a mirror for the millions of unconscious people, who take no responsibility for their inner space". In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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