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Have you ever had that unfamiliar feeling at certain moments in life, as if the whole universe revolved around you? This feeling feels foreign and yet is somehow very familiar. This feeling has accompanied most people their entire lives, but only very few have been able to understand this silhouette of life. Most people only deal with this oddity for a short time, and in most cases this flashing moment of thought remains unanswered. But does the whole universe or life revolve around you now or not? In fact, the whole of life, the whole universe, revolves around you.

Everyone creates their own reality!

There is no general or one reality, we all create our own reality! We are all creators of our own reality, our own lives. We are all individuals who have their own consciousness and thereby gain their own experiences. We shape our reality with the help of our thoughts. Everything that we imagine, we can also manifest in our material world.

Basically everything in existence is based on thought. Everything that happens was first conceived and only then realized on a material level. Since we ourselves are creators of our own reality, we can also choose how we shape our own reality. We can determine all our actions ourselves, because mind rules over matter, mind or consciousness rules over the body and not vice versa. For example, if I want to go for a walk, for example through the forest, then I imagine going for a walk before I actually put this action into practice. First I form the corresponding train of thought or rather legitimize it in my own mind and then I manifest this thought by committing the action.

Creator of your own realityBut not only humans have their own reality. Every galaxy, every planet, every human being, every animal, every plant and every matter that exists has a consciousness, because all material states ultimately consist of the subtle convergence that has always existed. You just have to become aware of it again. For this reason, every human being is unique as he is and in his fullness a very special being. We all consist of the same energetic basis that has always existed and have a completely individual vibration level. We all have a consciousness, a unique history, our own reality, free will and also have our own physical body that we can freely shape according to our wishes.

We should always treat other people, animals and nature with love, respect and respect

We are all creators of our own reality and therefore it should be our duty to always treat other people, animals and nature with love, respect and esteem. One no longer acts from the egoistic mind but from the true nature of the human being, one then identifies oneself more and more with the high-vibrating/energetically light, intuitive soul. And when you perceive this aspect of creation again or become aware of it again, then you also realize that you yourself are actually a very powerful being. In fact, we are actually multidimensional beings, creators who have a profound impact on our own reality at any time, in any place.

awarenessThis power therefore should be used to manifest positive thoughts in our world. If every person were to shed their egoistic mind and only act out of love, we would soon have paradise on earth. After all, who would then pollute nature, kill animals, be harsh and unfair to other people?!

A peaceful world would emerge

The system would change and peace would finally come. The disturbed balance on our wonderful planet would then return to normal. It all depends only on us humans, us creators. The life of the planet is in our hands and therefore it is necessary to take full responsibility for our own actions. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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