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Mankind is currently in a phase of spiritual upheaval. In this context, the newly beginning platonic year heralded an age in which mankind experiences a consistent expansion of its own consciousness due to massive energetic frequency increases. For this reason, the current planetary circumstance is accompanied time and again by energetic surges of various intensities. Energetic boosts which in turn massively raise the vibration level of every human being. At the same time, these energetic surges lead to the tremendous transformation processes that can take place in every human being. These transformation processes not only change the state of consciousness of every person, but ultimately also lead to the past karmic entanglements and in the Programming anchored in the subconscious increasingly come to light.

The full moon and its transformative energies

full moon transformationThe September this year started with a new moon and gave us humans a massive increase in our own subtle basis. This increase ultimately led to the profound transformation processes taking place in many people. Such transformation processes usually lead to the karmic entanglements and sustainable programming that are deeply anchored in the subconscious of every human being. In this sense, it can be, for example, past conflicts that have been burdening us for several years and are now finally waiting to be clarified by us. These past events from which we humans derive a great deal of suffering, be it a painful separation, the loss of a loved one or a bad deed that one has committed oneself, are brought to our attention on such days in a particularly concise manner and indirectly prompt us to do so we deal with them, that we dissolve these lasting thought patterns or transform them into positive memories. On September 16.09.2016th, XNUMX there will be a full moon in the zodiac sign Pisces. This full moon goes hand in hand with a massive planetary frequency increase and raises deep fears, injuries, disappointments and karmic entanglements that can now be healed in the long term. A phase of positive self-reflection is therefore ahead of us and can ultimately lead to us being able to close past conflicts. For a long time we have drawn pain from past situations and have not known how to step out of that pain, how to benefit from that burden. But now the current situation means that we have a good chance of transforming our suffering into joy and lightness. This process is also often referred to as a process of letting go and can, under certain circumstances, lead to a rapid improvement in our own mental well-being. In this context it is also important to understand that letting go does not mean that we lose something or that something has to disappear from our lives. Letting go simply means that you let something be as it is, that you accept your own circumstance and give the corresponding train of thought its freedom, that you no longer cling desperately to something but let things run their course. This is important so that we can attract new positive events and circumstances into our lives so that we are ready to accept the abundance that has essentially been present all along.

Manifesting your heart's desires is becoming more and more important

realization of our heart's desiresIn exactly the same way, the current phase also means that the heart's desires that are hidden deep in our souls finally want to be lived. Our own soul asks us to transform our negative thoughts so that we can finally bathe in the joy of life. Love, lightness, inner peace and harmony are permanently present. These positive aspects not only surround us, but are located deep inside our material existence, in ours high-vibration structure, the soul. In fact, the soul is part of our true selves, using consciousness as a tool to experience life. Every person has different dreams and heart's desires that are just waiting to be lived/embodied again. But it often seems that we humans sink into suffering, let ourselves be paralyzed and are therefore not able to realize our heart's desires. Nevertheless, these heart's desires are part of our own soul, our own life and bring us a lot of joy and lightness when they are fulfilled, which in turn results in a massive increase in our own vibrational frequency. Now is the best time to be able to fully live out these heart's desires again. The inflowing energies of the full moon create a perfect basis for transforming negativity of any kind and should therefore be used consciously by everyone to transform harmful programming. Every human being is Creator of his own reality and with the help of this creative potential we are able to create a reality that fully corresponds to our own heart's desires. The timing is perfect, the conditions are optimal and for this reason we should look forward to the coming days/weeks and use the energy of the full moon to complete ourselves. Every person has their own destiny in their own hands and can fully utilize these energies to their advantage. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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