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Cleaning your own mind means an energetic cleansing of your own consciousness in order to regain complete clarity and bring your own energetic foundation back into balance. Basically, this means the liberation of the body, mind and soul from dark, burdensome, disease-causing energies that are deeply anchored in our material shell. These energies block our inner flow and cause our innermost being to be thrown out of balance, energies that massively cloud our own spirit.

How are these impurities created?

Energetic pollution causeAny contamination of one's own mind always arises first in consciousness and the resulting thought processes. All in Existence arises out of thoughts, everything that one experiences in life, every action committed and every event experienced is only the result of our own mental structures. For this reason, consciousness and thoughts also represent the highest authorities in existence. Only with the help of our consciousness is it possible to experience things and to be able to feel sensations. We are able to shape a life according to our wishes with our consciousness (we are creators of our own reality). In the life of every human being, countless trains of thought are generated, which in turn are enlivened with positive or negative emotions, are brought into shape. Thoughts also consist of energetic states that have a special ability, namely they can condense or decondense. An energetic compression refers to all negativity that is legitimized in your own mind, conversely an energetic decompression refers to positivity that you manifest in your own reality (harmony, peace, love, etc.). The egoic mind is responsible for the production of energetic density and the psychic mind is responsible for the production of energetic light. We humans act again and again from one of these states of consciousness and change our own level of vibration again and again. As a result, we keep ourselves trapped in dualitarian patterns, dividing things into good and bad and subject to a constant alternation of harmonious/positive and disharmonious/negative trains of thought that determine our lives. Energetic impurities arise primarily through the creation of negative thoughts in one's own mind.

The more we live it out, legitimize it, the more it burdens our own reality, the result is a clouded mind that is constantly confronted with fears, illnesses and other negative values. Because of law of resonance This creates a downward spiral because energy always attracts energy of the same intensity and increases in intensity. If you mentally resonate with hate, only more hate arises and vice versa, this schema can be related to all feelings. From these negative trains of thought, a course of action then arises that creates further negative behavioral patterns. Being generally negative will dull your senses and attract more negativity. This not only refers to an increased, negative, inner state, but the whole thing is even strongly transmitted to the outside world. These energies burden your own mind and make you limp, the result is a "demotivated consciousness". You become sluggish and may no longer have the ambition to do sports, making it difficult to eat healthily. You may see no point in it and let your own life slide. Everything can only be traced back to the quality of your own thoughts, because energetically contaminated food is only consumed because of the corresponding thoughts about it. You are subject to your own addictions and have no strength/motivation to eliminate them. If you are in such a mode for a longer period of time, you lose more and more of the clear view of life and that in turn gradually throws you more off balance.

How can these contaminants be removed?

Cleanse your own mindIn order to remove these energetic pollutions, several factors are needed. On the one hand, it is important that you first change your own mental basis. You have to manage to change your own state of consciousness because you cannot solve problems from the state of consciousness in which you are trapped every day. You have to change the way you look at things and try to refocus on the positive aspect of your current experience. Acceptance is the keyword here. First of all, accept the negativity you are experiencing and understand that it is meant to be the way it is right now. In this unique, eternally expansive moment that has always been, is and will be, everything is just as perfect as it is and it couldn't be otherwise right now, otherwise it would be different, otherwise you would be experiencing something completely different right now. But that's not how it is, you should be thankful that you can experience this suffering or this contamination that burdens you. You have to accept this and understand that this experience is important in order to learn from it, you have to understand that you are getting a chance to step out of the darkness (The most important lessons in life are learned through pain). After that, one must understand and realize that one has to overcome these self-imposed burdens through the Reprogramming your subconscious can dissolve. The subconscious is the largest and at the same time most hidden part of our own reality in which all conditioned behavior patterns and thought processes are anchored/programmed. These programmed trains of thought are part of our daily lives and we try to live them again and again. Because of this, these corresponding thoughts come into our consciousness again and again throughout the day and are in most cases absorbed by our mind. For this reason it is imperative to dissolve/change these thoughts and to achieve this there are several possibilities. As soon as such thoughts arise, one should focus directly on the positive aspect of them. For example, the thought comes up every day that you could get cancer very soon, because tell yourself immediately that this cannot happen, that you are healthy and are doing everything you can to prevent it from happening.

The fear of the future comes up and you tell yourself that something bad could happen soon, then you immediately focus on the present and tell yourself that it's not the case, that everything is optimal at the moment and that's your own You can shape the future yourself in a positive way, that you take your own destiny into your own hands and you will make the best of your own life. The same applies to smoking. The deceptive thing about smoking is the usual train of thought that keeps penetrating your own consciousness. If the thought of cigarettes comes up when you quit, which will happen very often in the beginning, you should direct your own consciousness to something else. You could say that you've finally gotten away from it and that your health is improving a lot. But as soon as you allow yourself to think about a cigarette, the longer you think about it, the stronger your own desire becomes, because as I said, thoughts that you focus on increase, the whole thing then happens until you get through the corresponding thoughts in your own reality committing the act manifested on the physical plane. Of course, the whole thing requires a lot of willpower, but the good thing about it is that your own willpower has the potential to develop extremely quickly and thrives and grows after a very short time. After just one week, your own willpower is extremely strengthened and it is much easier to deal with it, your own mind then becomes more and more balanced.

What are the benefits of purifying one's mind?

Gain mental clarityThe more one cleanses one's mind, the more one frees oneself from heavy, burdening energies, the more clarity one gains. It is often assumed that giving up, for example, costs a lot of strength and that you do not gain much back. It is assumed that, apart from improved health, you will not benefit from the renunciation and that you will lose a lot of quality of life over time, but that is not the case, quite the opposite. Over time you become clearer and clearer and feel how body, mind and soul are becoming more and more in harmony. You feel more dynamic, have significantly more vitality, the increased willpower gives you more inner strength, you become more balanced, you can deal with situations, emotions and thoughts much better and you gain the ability to live much more in the now. You no longer get caught up in negative future or past patterns and can act more from the present. One's own creative potential can be developed more and one begins to create an increasingly positive and harmonious reality. However, the greatest gain that one achieves is the attainment of mental clarity. There is no better feeling than just being mentally clear. If you become more and more aware and feel how your own life is getting into balance, you get feelings that are beyond your imagination, sometimes you can even get real boosts of happiness that inspire your own spirit. You just gradually loosen up your own energetic basis and that leads to you becoming happier, that you stand more and more in life and can feel much more joy, love and happiness.

Even if it sometimes seems that such a situation is far away, I can reassure you and say that it is only a stone's throw away somewhere. Just one week of complete renunciation, complete energetic cleansing is enough to be significantly clearer and more harmonious. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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