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spirit rules over matter. This knowledge is now familiar to many people and more and more people are dealing with immaterial states for this reason. Spirit is a subtle construct that is constantly expanding and is fed by energetically dense and light experiences. By spirit is meant consciousness and consciousness is the supreme authority in existence. Nothing can be created without consciousness. Everything arises from consciousness and the resulting thoughts. This process is irreversible. All material states ultimately arose out of consciousness and not vice versa.

Everything arises from consciousness

Everything in existence arises out of consciousness. All of creation is just one giant conscious mechanism. Everything is consciousness and consciousness is everything. Nothing in existence could exist without consciousness for every thought and action is created and shaped by consciousness, by a spacetimeless power. This creative principle can also be applied to countless situations. This article, for example, is only the result of my creative imagination.

Everything arises from consciousnessEvery single word I've immortalized here first arose in my consciousness. I imagined the individual sentences and words and then I made them physically existent by writing them. When a person goes for a walk, he also commits this action only because of his mental imagination. One imagines that one is about to go for a walk and then lets these thoughts appear on a material level. Also, the keyboard I used to write this article only exists because someone made the idea of ​​it physically exist. If you internalize this mental principle, you will find that your entire life has been created entirely from mental patterns.

For this reason there is also no coincidence. Coincidence is just a construct of our lower ignorant mind to have an explanation for inexplicable happenings. But you have to understand that there is no coincidence. Everything arises exclusively from conscious actions. No effect can arise without a corresponding cause. Even supposed chaos arises exclusively from consciousness. The complete own present reality is only the product of an individual creative spirit.

The ability of conscious imagination is additionally favored by a space-timeless state. Consciousness and thoughts are space-timeless. For this reason you can also imagine what you want at any time. I can imagine entire complex worlds in a moment without being limited in my imagination. This happens without detours, because one's own consciousness cannot be limited by physical mechanisms due to its space-timeless structure. This is also the reason why thought is the fastest constant in the universe. Nothing can move faster than a thought, because thoughts are omnipresent and permanently present due to their space-timeless structure.

Thoughts are the basis of all life and are primarily responsible for the appearance of our physical presence. Furthermore, one's own consciousness is polarity-free. Consciousness has no polaritarian states, it has neither male nor female parts. Polarity or duality arises much more from the conscious creative spirit, is created by consciousness.

The supreme authority of creation

The highest authorityFurthermore, consciousness is also the highest authority in the entire universe. Most people assume that God is a 3 dimensional, material figure that exists somewhere in the cosmos and watches over us. However, one must understand that God is not a material form in this sense, but rather that God means consciousness in its entirety. A conscious creative spirit that continuously experiences itself in all existential facets of the universal expanse. A gigantic consciousness that expresses itself in all existing material and immaterial states and thereby incarnates, individualizes and experiences itself.

A divine consciousness that is expressed on all macro and microcosmic levels. Every existing material condition is a manifestation of this overarching consciousness. An expanding consciousness embedded in an infinite spacetimeless space that has always existed and can never disappear. This is also the reason why there is no separation from God. Some people often feel abandoned by God, search for him all their lives and try everything to reach him in any way. But one must understand that God is present throughout, for everything that exists is ultimately just an individual expression of that divinity.

Whether humans, animals, plants, cells or even atoms, everything arises out of consciousness, consists of consciousness and ultimately returns to consciousness. Every single person is just a broad expression of this all-encompassing consciousness and uses its abilities to explore life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Every day, at any time, in any place, we explore life, experience new facets and constantly expand our consciousness.

A permanent spiritual expansion

mental expansionThis is also another peculiarity of consciousness. Thanks to consciousness, we have the ability for constant mental expansion. Not a moment goes by that we don't experience spiritual expansion. Our mind experiences an expansion of consciousness every day. People are just not aware of this, because they mystify this concept too much and can therefore only interpret it to a limited extent. For example, when someone drinks coffee for the first time in their life, that person thereby expands their own consciousness.

Consciousness expanded at that moment to include the experience of drinking coffee. However, since this is a small and very inconspicuous expansion of consciousness, the person affected does not notice it at all. As a rule, we always imagine an expansion of consciousness as a groundbreaking self-knowledge that shakes one's own life from the ground up. Basically, a realization that massively expands your own horizon. However, such a realization only means a large expansion of consciousness, which is very noticeable for one's own mind. Consciousness also possesses the ability of energetic change. Everything is spirit, consciousness vibrating at an individual frequency.

Through energetically light or dense thoughts/actions/experiences we increase or decrease our own vibration frequency. Energetically light experiences increase our vibration level and energetically dense experiences condense one's own energetic state. Positivity and negativity are polaritarian states that arise out of consciousness. Even if both facets appear very opposite, they are still one on the inside, because both states arise from one and the same consciousness.

flower of life womanIt's like a coin. A coin has 2 different sides and yet both sides belong to one and the same coin. Both sides are different and yet form the whole (the principle of polarity and gender). This aspect can be applied to life as a whole. Every single existence has an individual and unique expression. Although each life appears different, it is still a part of all creation. Everything is just one and one is everything. Everything is God and God is everything. Thanks to our space-timeless consciousness we are one and at the same time everything.

We are connected to the entire universe on an immaterial level. It has always been like that and it will always be like that. Ultimately, this is also a reason why we humans are all the same when we strictly observe our individual creative expression. We are fundamentally different and yet we are all the same, since every creature, every material state consists of one and the same subtle presence. That is why we should also treat our fellow human beings with respect and respect. It also doesn't matter what a person does in his life, what sexual orientation he has, what skin color he has, what he thinks, how he feels, what religion he belongs to or what preferences he has. Ultimately, we are all people who should stand up for peaceful and harmonious coexistence, because only then can peace come.

When we legitimize an impartiality in our own minds, we gain the power to look at life with an unbiased force. It only depends on ourselves whether we create a harmonious or disharmonious reality with our consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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