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In the present time, human civilization is beginning to remember the most basic abilities of its own creative spirit. A constant unveiling takes place, i.e. the veil that was once laid over the collective spirit is about to be completely lifted. And behind that veil lies all our hidden potential. That we as creators ourselves have an almost immeasurable Possess creative power and in this regard all realities/worlds arise from our spirit, represent one of the most original forces at all. There is nothing that is not born within one's own spirit. This is exactly why we have the power to shape reality according to our ideas.

Use the most powerful universal law

devotion to the highestBut apart from a fundamental knowledge about one's own highest self-image and the associated rootedness within one on abundance based state, one of the most important fundamental aspects is the targeted use of our own energy or rather our own attention (our focus). In this context, more and more people are coming into contact with the basic principle, i.e. the basic universal law that says that energy always follows our own attention. Ultimately, therefore, one lets the worlds come to life, to which one directs one's own attention, because what is embedded in one's focus, precisely this world continuously receives our own energy. As far as this is concerned, it is also important to understand that all ideas that we enter into or in general even all ideas and mental constructs represent entire worlds/dimensions (worlds embedded in ourselves, which we can travel with our spirit at any moment). The more energy we put into a world, the more this world becomes alive and can be fully manifested/experienced in one's own reality. Through the targeted use and shifting of our focus, we can therefore choose which world we want to come to life and, above all, what we would like to experience in our spirit. The more our overarching focus is based on concepts that in turn have sacredness, divinity and healing at their core, the more we work on the return/manifestation of a world/circumstance that carries these high vibrations. All perceivable/possible circumstances are already embedded in oneself, so it is only a matter of letting these corresponding circumstances become truth again.

The biggest obstacle – the seduction

Ultimately, however, there is one major aspect in this regard, through which we are repeatedly torn out of the targeted use of our creative power to create high-frequency worlds, namely our own legitimate pull into dark worlds. Regardless of the fact that the experience of dark circumstances is of course of great importance, the core issue is that we block the fulfillment of harmonious ideas by repeatedly putting ourselves in disharmonious states. The current illusory world shows us this principle perfectly, because the system, permeated by darkness or the old 3D frequency (the unfulfilled part in our own mind) lives on our energy. In order to keep it intact, it is of the utmost importance that we let ourselves be drawn into their appearance again and again and then devote our focus or our valuable energy to them. Instead of dealing with valuable things, that we work on the design of a harmonious coexistence/a harmonious world, we let our mind be drawn into the dark again and again, i.e. into their appearance, into their dark information and as a result shift our focus to a flawed notion. And what do we then draw into our lives, more suffering, darkness, lack, fears and general circumstances based on what we really don't want. We thus amplify the illusion produced and since we are connected to everything, since everything is embedded in our own reality, we simultaneously allow these sensations to flow into the collective. Ultimately, therefore, there is also an overarching war about our energy/for our consciousness, in which we are trying with all our might to prevent us from letting our own spirit become one with the divine, with holiness or with the highest.

The war for our energy

The war for our energy

We are to direct our focus to the system along with its discordant information and laws so that we feed their world and continue to hold ourselves back from an unfulfilled/holy life. But that is by far the greatest limitation of all for the fulfillment of our highest being. Instead of remaining in faith, turning our attention to holiness, instead of being thankful for this time of awakening or even recognizing the decay of the old world, we can only see how everything seems to get even darker. And finally, this view anchors itself in our mind. We let ourselves be torn out of a harmonious idea, enter dark states and thus burden our entire mind/body/soul system (and ultimately attract darker circumstances). And finally, we get so caught up in dark states that we completely deny ourselves abundance. You can also experience this in so many moments. Ask yourself when a message, article, video, or comment bothers you deeply. When does information affect you so emotionally (in the negative sense of course) so that you leave your own center. All of these are moments when the dark reaches out to our light and once we allow that, we temporarily abandon the ability to work on a manifestation of states based on sanctity = healing = abundance, we then become part of a dark principle and live a tremendous one self-created limitation. And that's a big mastery aspect in this day and age. We are all in the midst of the greatest ascent ever, which is about learning to enter a holy world/a healthy being permanently, which at the end of the day is also the greatest key to liberating the world at all, because a holy world can only return when we let holiness spring up in ourselves. So start with it and take advantage of the law surrounding our own energy. Embrace a state of abundance. shine the world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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