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Everyone strives to find love, joy, happiness and harmony in their life. Each being goes its own individual way to achieve this goal. We often accept many hurdles in order to be able to create a positive, joyful reality again. We climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest oceans and traverse the most dangerous terrains to taste this nectar of life. This is the inner drive that gives us humans meaning, a driving force that is deeply anchored in the soul of every person.

Looking for that happiness

The love of lifeWe are all constantly looking for this happiness and take different paths to find love again in our own lives. However, it should be said that everyone defines this goal in their own individual way. For some people, health is the top priority, while others see the meaning of life in a happy relationship, in starting a family in which the well-being of their partners and children inspires their own life. Another may see the highest level of happiness that can be achieved in earning a lot of money. In my younger years, from 18 to 22, that was also my inner drive. I always thought that money was the greatest asset on our planet and that only money could enable inner peace. I became obsessed with this fallacy. I put this need above my family, above my health and during this time I pursued a goal that ultimately only isolated me mentally, a goal that made me feel cold, closed my heart and yet ultimately only brought me sadness, suffering and dissatisfaction. But over the years my attitude towards this changed. I began to focus heavily on spiritual and mystical sources and over time came to the realization that money is a useful means to an end in today's society, but that it doesn't fulfill you. I dealt with my own mind, with my own consciousness and realized that it is the omnipresent love that makes every person become true. It is the love of life, the love of fellow human beings, of every creature on this planet, the love of yourself and nature that completely fulfills your own life.

A new way of life

The realization of self-loveMy goals changed and my life path took new paths. I looked into my innermost being and after a while I understood that the light of my soul can only shine again when I find myself, when I recognize my innermost true being and start creating a positive, peaceful reality again. This knowledge, which lies dormant in the very foundation of all existence, expanded my consciousness and gave me a new drive in life. From then on it was my goal to share my knowledge with my fellow human beings, it was a deep need for me to bring love closer to people again in order to be able to create a world in which humanity recognizes its own judgements, discards them and starts with them again to create a planetary circumstance in which unconditional love prevails, a circumstance that is not governed by anger, hate, greed and other base values. Over time I also understood that this knowledge about the immateriality of life also leads to the collective state of consciousness expanding and drastically increasing the vibration level of the planet. Man is a very powerful, multidimensional being because of his space-timeless consciousness and the thoughts that result from it. We are all creators of our own reality and create at any time, in any place, a world that is ultimately just a mental projection of our own consciousness. The values ​​that you legitimize in your own mind are carried out into the world. Someone who is angry will view the world from this perspective and someone who manifests love in their own reality will view the world from the eyes of this powerful source.

Regaining self-love

Dual soulsOver time I realized that inner feelings only represent a mirror of the outside world and vice versa (The hermetic principle of correspondence). I understood that it is of utmost importance to find your love for yourself again. Self-love has nothing to do with selfishness or arrogance, on the contrary! Self-love is an essential asset in order to be able to convey love and other positive values ​​to the outside world again. For example, it is difficult to love the outside world, other people, animals or nature if you do not love, accept or value yourself. Only if you love yourself and have inner balance is it possible to transfer this feeling to the outside world. When you begin to anchor self-love in your heart again, this strong inner love leads you to view external circumstances from this positive emotion. This inner power ultimately leads to inspiring the lives of all creatures with one's own love and one's own empathic abilities. Of course, it's a long way to be able to root this self-love in your own reality again, something like that doesn't just happen to you. It takes a lot to get rid of all one's lower values, to be able to completely accept/dissolve one's own egoistic mind, which is deeply rooted in one's own psyche. But it's a nice feeling when you have your own energetically dense Recognize behavioral traits, eradicate them and replace them with positive ambitions. It is precisely this energetic change, this regaining of self-love, that is currently taking place on all levels of existence throughout existence. The world is changing, humanity is once again experiencing a dramatic increase in its own sensitive abilities and is once again beginning to create a collective circumstance in which the uniqueness of all life is once again recognized and valued.

The creation of a new world

From now on, the self-imposed judgments with which we have always discredited and denounced other living beings fly away. Gone are all the lower ambitions that only led to us creating an internally accepted exclusion from beings who think differently. From now on, all discredits that led to people not recognizing a person's sexual orientation, their faith and their uniqueness will fly away. We are in the process of creating and experiencing a world in which peace and charity will prevail again and we can count ourselves very lucky that we can experience these times closely. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life of deep gratitude.

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