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Today's chaotic world is the product of a dangerous financial elite who purposefully contain the state of consciousness of humanity in order to exercise total control over us humans. Important things are kept from us, true historical events are taken out of context and we are led into a frenzy of half-truths, lies and disinformation via various propaganda networks (media – Ard, ZDF, Welt, Focus, Spiegel and many many more). kept small. In this context, our state of consciousness is kept low, judgmental guardians have been created who strictly reject anything that does not conform to their conditioned and inherited worldview. The truth is exposed to ridicule and anyone who draws attention to these abuses is deliberately discredited or even labeled as crazy. In this regard, there are important findings about our minds that are deliberately kept from us, findings that could make us spiritually free. I will therefore address 3 of these findings in the following section, let’s get started.

#1: We create our own reality

Creator of your own lifeWe humans often believe that there is a general reality, a reality in which human life takes place. One could also speak of an overarching reality in which the entire existence is embedded. Because of this mistaken belief, we often present our own knowledge, thoughts and beliefs as an integral part of this reality. For example, you discuss a topic with a person and then claim that only your own knowledge corresponds to reality. But what reality? If you are convinced that love is the most important thing in life and someone else says that it is money, then of course you cannot say that your own belief corresponds to an all-encompassing reality. Rather, it looks like every person Creator of his own reality is. In this context, everything you think, feel, what you are convinced of, your own beliefs, etc. are a product of your own reality.

With the help of your mental imagination you can transform your life as you wish..!!

This is also a reason why you feel as if the universe revolves around you. Ultimately, this phenomenon can be traced back to your own mind. You are the creator of your own reality and can shape it with the help of your own thoughts.

#2: Life is a product of our minds

Life is a mental productAnother important insight is directly linked to this knowledge, namely that one's own life is a product of one's own mind. Everything you perceive, what you see, feel, think, smell or your entire life is ultimately one Product of your own mind, a result of your own mental imagination. Everything arises from our consciousness and only with the help of our consciousness are we able to transform this spiritual product called “own life”. Remember, everything you have ever done, every action taken, every experience gained, could only be realized on a “material” level because of your own mental imagination. First you imagine something, for example that you are about to meet up with friends, then you realize the thought by committing the action by putting the meeting into practice. You have essentially materialized/manifested your own thought. And that's how it has always been in the vastness of the universe. Look back on your life, everything you have ever done you were only able to put into action based on intellectual legitimacy. Because of this fact, Albert Einstein already suspected that our universe alone represents a single thought.

We humans are multidimensional beings, powerful creators..!!

Ultimately, this aspect makes us very powerful beings. We humans are creators, co-creators of life and can act in a self-determined manner and can choose for ourselves whether we legitimize a harmonious or a destructive spectrum of thoughts in our own minds.

No. 3 Consciousness is the origin of life

The origin of our life is consciousness/mind/thoughtsThe third groundbreaking insight that is kept secret from us is that consciousness is the foundation of our lives. Without consciousness and the resulting thoughts, nothing could arise, let alone be created. Consciousness is the highest effective force/instance in existence; the spark of creation is anchored in it. No matter what may happen, no matter what is created, this will only be possible and understandable with the help of consciousness. The special thing is that the entire creation is a product of consciousness. All immaterial and material states are a product of consciousness, without exception. For that matter, the universe is pervaded by a gigantic, overarching consciousness (a web given form by intelligent mind/consciousness). Life arose from this all-encompassing consciousness. Each person has a “split-off” part of this consciousness and expresses themselves through this part in an individual way. This awareness is also welcome God equated, after all, God is a creator and consciousness creates or rather is the only creative source. Since consciousness represents our origin, it is ultimately God. Since everything in existence has consciousness and expresses itself through it, the entire existence is God or a divine expression. Everything is God and God is everything. For this reason, God is permanently present and expresses Himself in everything that exists. We humans often find it difficult to imagine God. But this is due to our ego, i.e. our materially oriented mind. Because of this mind, we think too much in material patterns and instinctively assume that God is a person who exists somewhere at the end or behind the universe and watches over us.

God is ultimately an overarching consciousness that individualizes itself and finds expression in all existing states..!!

A fallacy, because in order to understand God it is important to create immaterial, 5-dimensional thinking in your own mind. Only then does it become possible to look into the interior of our existence. God, or the primal foundation consisting of consciousness, still has exciting aspects: this primal foundation consists of energetic states, energy that oscillates at frequencies. Consciousness, or in other words your current state of consciousness, is an energetic/immaterial/subtle expression that vibrates at a certain frequency.

Consciousness consists of energy, which in turn vibrates at an individual frequency..!!

Positivity or feelings of harmony, peace or love increase the vibration frequency. Negativity of any kind or feelings of hate, envy or even sadness in turn reduce the frequency at which our state of consciousness vibrates. The energy loses lightness and gains density. For this reason, the claim is often made that everything is energy, which in turn is only partially true. Everything is consciousness that has the aspect of being made up of energy vibrating at a frequency. By the way, a little fact on the side: matter does not exist in this sense, but is ultimately condensed energy. An energetic state whose natural vibration is so low that it takes on a physical appearance. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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