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The mind is the most powerful instrument through which any human being can express themselves. We are able to shape our own reality at will with the help of the mind. Because of our creative foundation, we can take our destiny into our own hands and shape life according to our own ideas. This circumstance is made possible because of our thoughts. In this context, thoughts represent the basis of our mind. Our entire existence arises from them, and even the entire creation is ultimately just a mental expression. This mental expression is subject to constant changes. In exactly the same way, you expand your own consciousness with new experiences at any time and continually experience changes in your own reality. In the following article you will find out why you ultimately change your own reality with the help of your own mind.

The creation of your own reality..!!

The creation of your own reality..!!We are human because of our spirit Creator of our own reality. For this reason, we often have the feeling that the entire universe revolves around us. In fact, it seems that you yourself, as an image of an overarching intelligent creative spirit, represent the center of the universe. This circumstance is mainly due to one's own spirit. Spirit in this context stands for the interaction of consciousness and subconscious. Our own reality constantly arises from this complex interaction, and our thoughts also result from this powerful interaction. The entire life of a person, everything that one has experienced so far, every action that one has committed, is ultimately only a mental expression, a product of one's own complex imagination (the entire life is a mental projection of one's own consciousness). For example, if you decide to buy a new computer and then put your plan into action, then this could only be possible because of your thoughts about the computer. First you mentally imagine a corresponding scenario, in this example buying a computer, and then you realize the thought on a material level by committing the action. Every single act that has been committed or a person's entire current existence can be traced back to this mental phenomenon. All of life is therefore spiritual and not material in nature. Spirit rules over matter and represents the highest authority in existence. Spirit always comes first and for this reason is the cause of every effect. There are no coincidences, everything is subject to various universal laws, in this context above all the hermetic principle of cause and effect.

The entire existence is spiritual, immaterial nature!!

Every effect has a corresponding cause and this cause is of a spiritual/thoughtful nature. That is also what is special about life. At any time, in any place, we are the builders of our own world, our own reality, our own destiny. This ability makes us very powerful and fascinating beings. We all have incredibly great creative potential and can develop this potential in individual ways. What you ultimately do with your own creative powers, which reality you choose and, above all, which thoughts you legitimize in your own mind and then realize, depends on each person.

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