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Jealousy is a problem that is very present in many relationships. Jealousy harbors a few serious problems that in many cases can even lead to relationships breaking up. In most cases, both partners in a relationship suffer because of jealousy. The jealous partner often suffers from compulsive control behavior, he restricts his partner massively and keeps himself imprisoned in a low mental construct, a mental construct from which he derives a great deal of suffering. In the same way, the other part suffers from the jealousy of the partner. He is increasingly cornered, deprived of his freedom and suffering from the jealous partner's pathological behavior. Ultimately, persistent jealous behavior will lead to your partner distancing themselves from you and possibly separating from you. You can find out why this is the case and how you can overcome your jealousy in the following article.

Jealousy – You are about to realize your worst thought!

jealousy-2Basically, jealous people's behavior results in the exact opposite of what they actually want - namely, they lose their connection to their beloved partner over a longer period of time. This increasing loss of the partner or the love of the partner is primarily due to this law of resonance attributed. The law of resonance, also known as attraction, states simply that like always attracts like or, more precisely, that energy always attracts energy of the same intensity. What you focus on over a longer period of time increases and is increasingly drawn into your life. Someone who is constantly jealous and constantly imagines that they could lose their partner, that their partner could possibly even cheat, is unintentionally striving to realize this thought. You completely fixate on this train of thought and, based on the law of resonance, draw this mental scenario into your own life. Ultimately, however, what you are completely convinced of always manifests itself as truth in your own reality. Desires that you keep in your mind's eye, whether they are negative or positive, are always waiting for a material manifestation. If you assume every day that your girlfriend/boyfriend might cheat on you, then this could happen because you are subconsciously attracting this scenario. You then mentally resonate with this scenario and get closer to its realization day by day. Since you Creator of your own reality the universe always responds to your innermost desires. The universe does not judge, it does not divide your inner wishes/longings into positive or negative, but simply helps you realize what you imagine every day. This is also an essential aspect of wish fulfillment. It should be said that your daily ideas or your imagination of such scenarios, regardless of whether they are negative or positive in nature, are always classified as wishes.

You are no longer on the same level..!!

Furthermore, it seems that with such an attitude you adopt a completely different vibration frequency than that of your partner. The more jealous you become, the greater the difference in your partner's vibration frequency. The whole thing then happens until you are no longer on the same level, you have such a different vibration frequency that the partner no longer sees any meaning in the relationship and he no longer feels comfortable in it.

Your daily thoughts always translate into the outside world

cause-jealousyAnother problem with jealousy is that it is always transferred to the outside world. Your entire life is ultimately just a product of your own thoughts, an intangible projection of your own state of consciousness. What you are completely convinced of, what you think about every day or all your daily thoughts are always transferred into the external, material world. If you are jealous over a long period of time, then it is unlikely that you will bottle it up, never mention this fact and that the other partner will never notice it. On the contrary, sooner or later your partner will be confronted with jealousy and so you will have transferred your inner thoughts to the outside world. Initially, this wouldn't bother the partner so much, he would still understand the initial reaction, but due to the mental potentiation, the partner will then be confronted with his own jealousy more and more often until it causes him extreme stress. You completely get caught up in the idea of ​​jealousy and thus ensure that your partner will distance themselves more and more from you. Ultimately, you can only remedy this situation by putting aside your jealousy and this is best done by becoming aware of these mechanisms or by putting aside your own fears of loss, which in turn can be traced back to a lack of self-love. If you loved yourself completely, then your partner would notice this and would only be confronted with your inner self-love instead of with your pathological insecurity (If you love yourself then you wouldn't be jealous, wouldn't doubt yourself and would know that your partner would stay with you or that a loss would not harm you). You would then no longer be preoccupied with the feeling of jealousy, but would devote yourself to other more valuable things. If you let go internally and no longer depend on your partner, if you manage to overcome your addiction and find yourself again, then miracles will happen. Your partner would notice this after a short time, he would then feel the freedom that you grant him (a freedom that can be traced back to your inner freedom), he would then know that you are satisfied and would then give you more of his attention again. Then completely opposite things happen and your partner would increasingly approach you again. Especially since a person who is completely in their self-love has a much more attractive charisma. In exactly the same way, you would no longer communicate a lower status.

Explore the causes of your jealousy..!!

Someone who communicates a lower status simultaneously makes themselves submissive in a certain way and exudes a more unbalanced state, which in turn is noticeable on all levels of existence. That's why it's very important that you start exploring the reasons for your jealousy again so that you can become able to love yourself completely again. As soon as you let go of your fears, miracles will happen, then your partner will automatically feel attracted to you again and absolutely nothing will stand in the way of a never-ending relationship. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life of self-love.

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