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The universe is one of the most fascinating and mysterious places imaginable. Due to the apparently infinite number of galaxies, solar systems, planets and other systems, the universe is one of the largest, unknown cosmos imaginable. For this reason, people have been philosophizing about this enormous network for as long as we have lived. How long has the universe existed, how did it come about, is it finite or even infinite in size. And what about the supposedly “empty” space between the individual star systems. Is this space possibly not empty at all and if not what is in this darkness?

The energetic universe

Universe insightIn order to be able to understand the universe in all its fullness, it is necessary to take a deep look into the material layer of this world. Deep in the shell of any material state there are only energetic mechanisms/states. Everything in existence is made up of vibratory energy, energy vibrating at an appropriate frequency. This energetic source has already been taken up by a wide variety of philosophers and has been mentioned in various treatises and writings. In the Hindu teachings, this elemental force is referred to as Prana, in the Chinese emptiness of Daoism (teaching of the way) as Qi. Various tantric scriptures refer to this energy source as Kundalini. Other terms would be orgone, zero-point energy, torus, akasha, ki, od, breath or ether. Referring to the space ether, this energetic network is also often described by physicists as a Dirac sea. There is no place where this energetic source does not exist. Even the seemingly empty, dark spaces of the universe ultimately consist solely of pure light/de-densified energy. Albert Einstein also gained this insight, which is why he revised his original thesis of the apparently empty spaces of the universe in the 20s and corrected that this space ether is an already existing, energetic sea. The universe known to us is therefore only a material expression of an immaterial cosmos. Likewise, we humans are just an expression of this subtle presence (This energetic structure is part of the highest authority in existence and namely consciousness). Of course, the question arises since when this energetic universe has existed and the answer is very simple, always! The primal principle of life, the primal ground of the intelligent creative spirit, the subtle primal source of life is a power that has always existed, exists and will exist forever.

There was no beginning, for this infinite source has always existed due to its space-timeless structural nature. In addition, there cannot have been a beginning, because where there was a beginning, there was also an end beforehand. Apart from that, nothing can arise from nothing. This ground of consciousness can never disappear or vanish into thin air. On the contrary, this network has the capacity for permanent mental expansion. Just like human consciousness is constantly expanding. Even right now, in this ever-existing moment, your consciousness is expanding, in this case by reading this article. No matter what you should do afterwards, your life, your reality or your consciousness has expanded around the experience of reading this article, whether you like the article or not is beside the point. Consciousness just keeps expanding, there can never be a mental standstill, a day when your own consciousness doesn't experience anything.

The material universe

Material universeThe energetic universe is the basis of our existence and has always been there, but what about the physical universe, who created it and has it always existed? Of course not that material universe had an origin. The material universe or material universes follow the principle of rhythm and vibration and eventually end with time. The universe is created, expands at tremendous speed and eventually collapses again. A natural mechanism that every universe experiences at some point. At this point it should also be said that there is not just one universe, on the contrary there are an infinite number of universes, with one universe bordering on the next. For this reason there are also an infinite number of galaxies, solar systems, planets and also an infinite number of life forms. Limits do not exist except in our minds, self-imposed limits that cloud our mental imagination. The universe is therefore finite and is located in infinite space, this was created by consciousness, the source of creation. Consciousness has always existed and will exist forever. There is no higher authority, consciousness was not created by anyone, but it creates itself continuously.

The universe is therefore just an expression of consciousness, essentially a single realized thought that arose out of consciousness. This is also one reason why God is not a physical personality in that sense. God is much more an all-pervading consciousness that individualizes and experiences itself through incarnation. Therefore, God is not responsible for the consciously produced chaos on our planet, that is solely the result of energetically dense people, individuals who have legitimized chaos, war, greed and other baser ambitions in their own minds. Therefore "God" cannot end the suffering on this planet either. Only we humans are able to do this and this happens by using our creative consciousness to create a world in which peace, charity, harmony and freedom of judgment, a world in which the individuality of each being is valued. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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