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Everyone knows what the intelligence quotient is all about, but only very few people know that the intelligence quotient is only part of a much more comprehensive quotient, namely part of the so-called spiritual quotient. The spiritual quotient refers to one's own mind, to the quality of one's own state of consciousness. Spirituality is ultimately the emptiness of the mind (spirit); the mind in turn represents the complex interplay of consciousness and subconsciousness from which our own reality arises. The spiritual quotient can therefore be used to measure a person's current state of consciousness. In this context, the spiritual quotient is made up of the intelligence quotient and the emotional quotient together. In the following article you will find out exactly what this quotient is all about and how you can increase it.

The intelligence quotient

The intelligence quotientIn today's world, the intelligence quotient is used to determine how intelligent a person appears to be. Most people are firmly convinced that this value was basically given to us at birth and that one could not have a direct influence on this quotient, that one's own value is unchangeable over the course of life. But this is a fallacy, because people can change their own reality at will based on their own consciousness and can increase or decrease their intelligence quotient. Someone who consumes alcohol excessively on a daily basis will most likely severely diminish their own mental comprehension, or the ability to analyze the world with their mind. On the other hand, a person who lives completely naturally, i.e. a person who constantly creates a better version of himself, will most likely improve the abilities of his own mind. However, this quotient cannot be used to directly measure a person's intelligence. In my opinion, this quotient is even dangerous because it divides people into intelligent and less intelligent, which automatically suggests that one person is fundamentally worse and another is better. But one question, why should you, for example, you, the person reading this article, be dumber or more intelligent than me?

Every person can use their own state of consciousness to increase or decrease their own analytical abilities..!!

I mean, we all have a brain, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, create our own reality, have our own consciousness and use this tool to realize individual experiences. In this regard, every person has the same creative abilities and, with the help of their own consciousness, creates their own life that they can change as they wish. But in our world today, this quotient functions as a fascist instrument of power, a dangerous instrument used to divide people into better and worse.

The intelligence quotient is dangerous because it divides people into more intelligent and less intelligent, better and worse..!!

People who have been measured with a low IQ value then consider themselves to be less intelligent and so the unique abilities of each person are deliberately diminished. At the end of the day, this value only determines the current analytical ability of our own mind and this ability can improve or deteriorate over the course of life depending on what we use our own consciousness for in life.

The emotional quotient

The emotional quotient is unknown to most people, although in my opinion it should be given much higher priority. This quotient refers to one's own emotional maturity, one's own mental and moral development. For example, a person who has an open heart, is warm, empathetic, loving, compassionate, tolerant, open-minded and unbiased has a higher emotional quotient in this context than someone who has a closed heart and radiates a certain coldness. A person who largely acts out of selfish motives, pursues malicious intentions, is greedy, deceitful, disregards the animal world, acts out of lower/negative patterns or spreads negative energies - produces with his mind and feels no empathy for his fellow human beings, in turn, has a rather low emotional quotient. He has not learned that it is wrong to harm other people, that the basic principle of the universe is based on harmony, love and balance (Universal Law: The principle of harmony or balance). He has little morality and allows his own selfish mind to dominate him, being more mind-oriented and undermining his own mental/empathic abilities. However, a person does not have a fixed emotional quotient, because people are able to expand their own consciousness and can change their own moral views with the help of this powerful tool.

Every person can use their consciousness to increase their own emotional quotient..!!

Every person has the fascinating ability to develop their own spiritual potential and can resolve their own heart chakra blockage. Of course, this step in particular is far more difficult in today's world, because we live in a materially - intellectually oriented world, in a society in which one is not judged by one's empathic abilities, by one's mental qualities, but by one's own financial status, according to your own analytical skills.

In today's world we are raised to be intellectually oriented people, but our empathic abilities usually fall by the wayside..!!

We live in a meritocracy in which people's hearts are being eroded. That's why the emotional quotient is so unknown, because our system is based on energetic density, on low vibration frequencies, on egoism, even if this circumstance is due to the current situation cosmic cycle fortunately changes.

The spiritual quotient

The spiritual quotientAs already mentioned in the course of the article, the spiritual quotient refers to one's own mind, to the quality of one's own consciousness/subconsciousness. Our world as we know it is ultimately just an immaterial projection of our own state of consciousness. In doing so, we create/change/shape our own reality with the help of our own consciousness and the thought processes that arise from it. Thoughts always come first and are primarily responsible for all immaterial and material expression. Consciousness and thoughts therefore also represent our original reason. Creation occurs through the realization of one's own thoughts, thoughts that one realizes on a "material" level. In our world, for example, there is artificial light, lamps, which can be traced back to the inventor Thomas Edison, who implemented his idea of ​​the light bulb or artificial light in our world. When you meet up with friends, it only happens based on your own imagination. You imagine the scenario, the corresponding meetings, your friends, etc. and realize the thought by committing the action. At the same time, you consciously guided the further course of your life in a certain direction. The spiritual quotient is an indicator of one's own spiritual maturity and one's current state of consciousness. The spiritual quotient is made up of the intelligence quotient and the emotional quotient. Both quotients, i.e. the distinctive ability of our mind and our mental intellect, flow into our current state of consciousness. The higher the values ​​of these quotients are, the more expanded your own state of consciousness is.

The spiritual quotient is made up of the emotional quotient and the intelligence quotient..!!

In this context you can expand your own consciousness as you wish. Through the targeted use of our own consciousness, we are able to increase our own spirit, our own spiritual quotient. Your own moral views, your own mental development, and your own analytical intellectual abilities are included in this quotient. One could also say that the mental quotient is used to measure the level of one's own state of consciousness. Our own state of consciousness also depends on ours Subconscious influenced. Our subconscious contains all the beliefs, convictions and anchored thoughts that repeatedly reach our daily consciousness.

By reprogramming our subconscious, we humans are able to increase the value of our mental quotient..!!

The subconscious of many people is occupied with negative thoughts, lower thoughts that can be traced back to trauma or other experiences that have promoted a negative spectrum of thoughts. These negative thoughts reduce our own emotional and intelligence quotient, because a negative range of thoughts makes us sick and makes us look at the world from a negative perspective. Therefore, an important step towards increasing one's spiritual quotient, expanding one's own state of consciousness, is the reprogramming of our own subconscious. The more positive, harmonious and peaceful our own mental world is, the more balanced our own mind/body/soul system becomes, which in turn benefits our own mental development and also sharpens our mind and makes us clearer.

The spiritual quotient simply indicates the level of the current state of consciousness..!!

The spiritual quotient does not divide us into more intelligent and less intelligent, into better and worse, but rather into conscious and unconscious. Every person has the ability to expand their own mind and move through life more consciously by increasing their own vibration frequency, by reprogramming their own subconscious and, above all, by gaining a deeper understanding of the world. Every person can massively expand their own consciousness or, more precisely, can increase their own state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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