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Everything vibrates, moves and is subject to constant change. Whether the universe or the human being, life never stays the same for a second. We are all constantly changing, constantly expanding our consciousness and constantly experiencing a change in our own omnipresent reality. The Greek-Armenian writer and composer Georges I Gurdjieff said that it is a big mistake to think that one person is always the same. A person is never the same for long.He's always changing. He doesn't even stay the same for half an hour. But how exactly is that meant? Why are people constantly changing and why is this happening?

Constant change of mind

permanent-expansion of consciousnessEverything is subject to constant changes and expansions due to our space-timeless consciousness. Everything arises from consciousness and the resulting thought processes. In this context, everything that has ever happened, is happening and will happen in all of existence is due to the creative power of one's own mind. For this reason not a day goes by when people do not change. We are constantly expanding and changing our own consciousness. This expansions of consciousness arise primarily through becoming aware of new events, through experiencing new life situations. There is no moment when everything stays the same in this regard. Even at this very moment, we humans are expanding our consciousness in individual ways. The moment you read through this article, for example, your own reality expands as you become aware of or experience new information. It also doesn't matter whether you can relate to the content of this text or not, either way your consciousness has expanded through the experience of reading this article. That's exactly how my reality changed while writing this article. My consciousness has expanded from the experience of writing this article. If I look back in a few hours, I'll look back on a unique, individual situation, a situation that has never happened before in my life. Of course, I have already written various articles, but the circumstances were different each time. With every article I have written, I have experienced a new day, a day on which all circumstances have never happened so 1:1. This refers to the entire existing creation. The changed weather, the behavior of fellow human beings, the unique day, the changed sensibilities, the collective consciousness, the global circumstances, everything has changed/expanded in some way. Not a second goes by in which we remain the same, not a second in which the growth of our own wealth of experience comes to a standstill.

Under an expansion of consciousness we usually imagine a groundbreaking self-knowledge..!!

For this reason, expansions of consciousness are something everyday, even if we usually imagine something completely different under expansion of consciousness. For most people, an expansion of consciousness equates to a powerful enlightenment. Say an experience, an expansion of one's mind that rocks one's life to the core. A very noticeable and formative expansion of consciousness for one's own mind, a kind of groundbreaking realization that turns one's own present life completely upside down. However, our consciousness is constantly expanding. Our mental state is changing every second and our consciousness is constantly expanding. But that in turn means small expansions of consciousness that are rather inconspicuous for one's own mind.

The principle of rhythm and vibration

Movement is the flow of lifeThe aspect of constant change, even in the universal law, becomes the principle of rhythm and vibration described. Universal laws are laws that primarily relate to mental, immaterial mechanisms. Everything that is immaterial, spiritual in nature, is subject to these laws, and since every material state arises out of limitless immateriality, it can consequently be claimed that these laws form part of the basic framework of our creation. In fact, these hermetic principles explain all of life. The principle of rhythm and vibration says on the one hand that everything in existence is subject to permanent change. Nothing stays the same. Change is part of our life. Consciousness is constantly changing and can only expand. There can never be a mental standstill, for consciousness is always evolving due to its limitless, space-timeless structural nature. Every day you experience new things, you may get to know new people, you realize/create new situations, experience new events and thus constantly expand your own consciousness. For this reason it is also healthy to join the constant flow of change. Changes that are accepted have a positive influence on one's own spirit. Someone who allows for change, who is spontaneous and flexible, lives much more in the now and thereby decompresses their own vibrational level.

If you manage to overcome rigid, deadlocked patterns, then this has an inspiring effect on your own spirit..!!

Ultimately, this is why it is advisable to overcome rigidity. If you are trapped in the same sustainable patterns every day over a longer period of time, then this exerts an energetically condensing influence on your own energetic presence. The subtle body becomes energetically denser and can thus become a burden on one's own physical body. A consequence of this would be, for example, a weakened immune system that promotes diseases, a weakening of one's own physical and mental constitution.

The permanent flow of movement

everything-consists-of-frequenciesIn exactly the same way, it is also beneficial for your own health if you join the permanently present flow of movement. Everything in existence is made up of vibratory, immaterial states. Movement is an attribute of the intelligent ground. One could therefore also make the assertion that everything in existence consists of speed, movement, or to the extent that energy consists of these aspects. Energy equals motion/velocity, a vibrating state. Movement is experienced by all imaginable organisms. Even universes or galaxies are constantly moving. So bathing in the flow of movement is very healthy. Just going for a daily walk can dedense one's own subtle state.

Those who bathe in the flow of movement increase their own vibration frequency..!!

Apart from that, one also experiences a decondensation of one's own energetic basis, because one expands one's own consciousness with an experience that lets one's own subtle dress shine lighter, an experience that energetically decondenses one's own immaterial body. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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