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Emotional problems, suffering and heartache are seemingly permanent companions of many people these days. It often happens that you have the feeling that some people hurt you again and again and are responsible for your suffering in life because of it. You don't think about how to end the fact that you may be responsible for the suffering you have experienced and because of this you blame other people for your own problems. Ultimately, this seems to be the easiest way to justify one's own suffering. But are other people really responsible for your own suffering? Is it really true that you are a victim of your own circumstances and the only way to end heartbreak is to change the behavior of the people involved?

Every person shapes their own life with the help of their thoughts!!

thoughts-determine-our-livesBasically, every person is responsible for what they experience in their own lives. Every human being is Creator of his own reality, his own circumstances. You are able to use your own thoughts to shape life according to your own ideas. Our own thoughts represent our own creative basis. Seen in this way, our own life arises from them. It should be said at this point that everything you have experienced in your life so far was ultimately just a product of your mental imagination. Everything you have ever done could only be realized because of your thoughts on the corresponding experiences/actions. Because of this, we humans are also very powerful beings/creators. We have the unique potential to take control of our own thoughts, emotions and, most importantly, experiences. We don't have to be victims of our own circumstances, but can take fate into our own hands and choose for ourselves which state of mind or which thoughts we legitimize in our own mind. Of course, it often happens that we let ourselves be influenced by other people in this context, just as we often let our own worlds of thought be dominated by the most varied of instances. The media stir up a lot of fears about this, which is exactly how hatred is spread among people. The current refugee crisis is the perfect example. Some people let themselves be incited by the media in this regard, get into every widespread report about apparent injustices in this regard and legitimize it in their own mind because of their hatred of other people. This is also one of the reasons why the media authorities keep transporting thoughts of seemingly serious illnesses into our heads.

You draw into your own life what you mentally resonate with..!!

We are constantly being presented with a negative image, a world in which there are apparently various "incurable diseases" that, firstly, anyone could contract and, secondly, one would be defenseless in this context (cancer is a key keyword here). . Many people take this to heart, let themselves be deceived again and again by such terrible news and, as a result, often resonate with negative thoughts. Due to the law of resonance, we then increasingly attract these diseases into our own lives (law of resonance, energy always attracts energy of the same intensity).

Every person is responsible for their own suffering!!

inner balanceHowever, it seems that people often blame other people for their own suffering. You keep allowing yourself to be hurt by other people, do nothing about it, and then portray yourself as the victim. You don't consider the possibility that you are responsible for this suffering, and so legitimize a cycle of suffering in your own mind. A cycle that seems very difficult to break. Nevertheless, the reality is that you are solely responsible for your own heartache and no one else. For example, imagine that you have a friend/acquaintance who treats you very badly one day, someone who repeatedly abuses your trust and may even take advantage of you. When such a situation arises, it is not the person who is responsible for one's subsequent suffering, but only oneself. If one were self-aware in such moments, if one were mentally, emotionally and physically in tune, if one were inwardly stable and If you had your own emotions under control, then such a situation would not pose a mental/mental burden. On the contrary, you would be able to deal with the situation in the best possible way and would be more likely to recognize the other person's suffering. You would then be emotionally stable yourself and would devote yourself to other things after a short time instead of sinking into grief and pain. Of course, it's easy to blame other people for your own problems. But ultimately such thinking only results from inner dissatisfaction/imbalance.

You are responsible for your own fate!!

You feel weak, have low self-confidence and find it difficult to deal with the situation. If you don't see through this game and don't become aware of this problem, then you will always end up manifesting thoughts of suffering in your own reality. But we humans are very powerful and are able to end this cycle at any time. As soon as inner healing happens, as soon as we ourselves are mentally and emotionally stable, we can take our own destiny into our own hands and ensure that nothing and nobody disturbs our inner balance.

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