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Our own reality emerges from our mind. A positive/high-vibrating/clear state of consciousness ensures that we are more active and can develop our own mental abilities much more easily. A negative/low-vibrating/cloudy state of consciousness in turn reduces the use of our own life energy, we feel worse, weaker and make it difficult for us to develop our own mental abilities. In this context, there are a wide variety of ways to raise the vibration frequency of our own state of consciousness again. Even small changes in everyday life can ensure that we feel more alive and experience a rapid increase in our own sensitive abilities. One of these options, for example, is changing your own sleep rhythm.

The effects of a disturbed sleep rhythm

Basically, it seems that sleep is essential for our own mental and emotional health. When we sleep, we recover, recharge our batteries, prepare for the coming day and, above all, process events from the previous day + overall formative life events that we may not have been able to finish with yet. Anyone who doesn't get enough sleep suffers greatly and causes considerable damage to themselves. You are more irritable, feel sicker (weakened immune system), lethargic, unproductive and you may even feel mild depression. Apart from that, a disturbed sleep rhythm reduces the development of our own mental abilities. You can no longer concentrate so well on the realization of individual thoughts and in the long run you have to reckon with a temporary minimization of your own creative power (Each person creates their own reality). If you don't sleep enough, you even have a bad influence on your own mental spectrum. It is much more difficult to legitimize positive thoughts in your own mind and your own mind/body/spirit system becomes increasingly unbalanced.

A healthy sleep rhythm is essential for the development of your own mental abilities. We feel more balanced and can concentrate much better on realizing a positive spectrum of thoughts..!!

A healthy sleep rhythm can work wonders. You feel much more balanced and can deal with everyday problems much better. In exactly the same way, a healthy sleep rhythm makes us feel more energetic and appears significantly more relaxed to other people. For example, when I'm personally on a healthy sleep schedule, I usually feel fantastic.

Personal experiences

Disturbed sleepI can do a lot more, am much more active, happier and just notice how much easier it is to align my own state of consciousness to the positive. Conversely, a disturbed sleep rhythm has a very negative influence on my own psyche. In this context, I repeatedly go through phases in which my sleep rhythm is out of balance. In such moments I immediately feel a reduction in my own life energy and feel "mentally impaired" (clouding of my state of consciousness). Accordingly, this always affects my own external appearance. I look unkempt, unbalanced, irritated, my complexion is deteriorating, I get dark circles under my eyes and overall I no longer seem so healthy. The longer the phase of disturbed sleep rhythm lasts for me, the more uncomfortable I feel from day to day. Of course, I have to mention at this point that every person reacts differently to sleep deprivation. While one can deal with it very well at first and still feels reasonably rested, another can suffer massively after a short time, as is the case with me, for example.

A healthy sleep rhythm is very important, especially in the current process of spiritual awakening. This makes it possible for us to process/transform all the incoming energies more easily..!!

For me personally it is best if I manage to fall asleep before 00:30. My own experiences have shown me that a later time immediately throws my sleep rhythm out of balance. My internal clock immediately breaks after this time and I simply no longer feel well. In fact, it's best for me if I manage to fall asleep around 23 p.m.

We often find it difficult to break out of our self-imposed vicious cycles. We like to stay in our comfort zone and usually find it difficult to get used to new things. The same also applies to normalizing our sleep rhythm..!!

If I get up between 7 and 8 at the same time, it has a perfect effect on my own mental state (even if I don't always manage to do this. I love the night and like to be tempted to stay up late). Of course, these times cannot be generalized either. Each person is the creator of their own life, has their own spirit and has to find out for themselves what times feel best for them. One thing is certain, however, if you have a healthy and natural sleep rhythm, you will achieve a much more balanced mental state in the long run, and this in turn has a very inspiring effect on our own vibration frequency. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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