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As I have often mentioned in my texts, very special cosmic circumstances mean that we humans are currently experiencing a massive further development of our own consciousness. This quantum leap into awakening is always favored by energetic increases, which in turn drastically increase the vibration level of our planet. In this context, strong energetic waves flow into the collective consciousness again and again and ultimately lead to the profound transformation processes taking place. These transformation processes not only expand our consciousness, but also allow karmic entanglements, past conflicts, deep-seated negative thoughts and especially the heart's desires come to the fore again.

A massive frequency increase is ahead of us!!

huge frequency increaseBecause of the new beginning cosmic cycle (a 26.000 year cycle leading to the massive evolution of collective consciousness) our solar system is entering an energetically light area of ​​our galaxy. This circumstance leads to a widespread increase in the vibration frequency on our planet. There are always phases in which particularly strong waves reach our solar system. On the one hand, these consciousness-expanding waves are even produced by our sun itself and sent to our earth in a targeted manner (everything in existence, all material and immaterial states arise from consciousness and in turn consist of consciousness. Planets also have consciousness in the same way. Whether sun or earth , both are functioning organisms possessing consciousness). These waves are also often referred to as flares. Furthermore, our galaxy pulsates every 26.000 years, sending massive amounts of high frequency vibrations into our solar system with each pulse beat (The galactic heartbeat). This wave, also known as Wave X, flows through our solar system for several years and increases the vibration level of every human being from year to year. The last big boost reached us in September last year. This drastic increase was predicted by many prophets and earlier civilizations and coincided with the end of a blood moon tetrad that ended on September 28, 2015 with the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Last year's phenomenon was even astronomically rare, since a blood moon tetrad coinciding with a total solar eclipse and coinciding with Jewish holidays, with a Shemitah year coinciding with the Feast of Trumpets (the Jewish New Year), was not common. Well then, this September will again be accompanied by a drastic increase in vibration. This transforming wave is initiated by a new moon beginning on September 01st.

Profound transformation processes expand our consciousness!!

Profound transformation processesFrom a spiritual point of view, the new moon stands for renewal, new beginnings, change and transformation. Right now, the new moon is having a tremendous impact on our consciousness. This manifests itself in a number of ways. On the one hand, more and more people are finding their true self and experiencing a state of awakening. Especially in recent years, more and more people have been able to take a look behind the scenes and thus understand connections that were previously unknown to them. Humans are reawakening, evolving and understanding why the chaotic planetary circumstance is the way it is. Especially in those months when extremely strong energetic surges reach our planet, even more people than usual deal with these topics. So the waves are of the utmost importance and are expanding ours at top speed collective consciousness. Furthermore, such waves always lead to unbelievable transformation processes. Old karmic structures, negative past experiences and generally negative thoughts that are in the Subconscious programmed into many people is now being brought out into the open. We humans are strongly confronted with these negative patterns and are indirectly prompted to deal with these thoughts in order to be able to develop further in this context. At the end of the day, the current cosmic cycle leads to humanity entering an energetically light (positive/harmonious) age in which global peace, love and harmony will again accompany our planet. In order for this project to be put into practice, people rediscover the true reason for their own lives and begin to create a completely positive reality. For this reason, we are confronted with these anchored negative thoughts, because only when this sustainable programming from our subconscious is dissolved/transformed are we able to build up a completely positive spectrum of thoughts. For this reason, we can live through this month with a lot of excitement. Basically, another part of humanity will awaken again, some will deal with true political causes (NWO, elite, industries and co.), others will start to deal with spiritual issues (spirit prevails about matter, sacred geometry, universal laws, etc.). No matter what it may be, everyone will benefit from this frequency increase and in some way massively expand their consciousness (Your consciousness is constantly expanding). Because of this, we can look forward to this month and the vibrational increase to come. We can consider ourselves lucky that we have incarnated into this exciting age and can experience a unique energetic change that only takes place every 26.000 years. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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