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who or what is God? Almost everyone has asked themselves this one question in the course of their life. Most of the time, this question remained unanswered, but we are currently living in an age in which more and more people are recognizing this big picture and gaining a tremendous insight into their own origin. For years man acted only on base principles, deceived by his own egoistic mind and thereby limited his mental abilities. But now we are writing the year 2016 and man is breaking his own spiritual barriers. Humanity is currently developing massively spiritually and it is only a matter of time before a complete collective awakening will take place.

You are an expression of a divine source

spiritual presenceEverything in existence consists of God or is an expression of a divine ground. For this reason, God is not a physical being that exists outside of our universe and watches over us. Rather, God is an energetic structure, a subtle foundation that flows through everything in existence due to its space-timeless structural nature. All material and immaterial states, whether universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets or people, everything in life deep inside only consists of energetic states, which in turn arise frequencies swing. These energetic states form the basis of our existence. However, if you delve even further into the matter, you will find that these energetic states represent the structure of an even more comprehensive power and that is the power of consciousness. Basically, God is a gigantic one Consciousness, that individualizes itself through incarnation and permanently experiences itself in all existing states. This overarching consciousness represents the highest authority in existence and has always existed, will also exist forever. The intelligent, permanently creating primal source is indestructible and its pulsating heartbeat will never stop beating.

All of existence is ultimately an expression of a subtle convergence..!!

Since everything in existence is made up of this subtle convergence, ultimately everything in existence, indeed all of creation, is an expression of this energetic base structure that has always existed. God is everything and everything is God. You yourself represent a divine expression and can shape your own reality as you wish due to your own consciousness. Seen in this way, one is the creator of one's own external and internal circumstances, one is the source. In the following video, this knowledge is presented again clearly and with simple words. The short film "Extraterrestrials explain why you are God too” – (I don't know if that's the original title) is a very special work and provides an insight into our limitless life. A highly recommended short film. 🙂 

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