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For several years, the collective consciousness of humanity has undergone constant upgrades. Complex cosmic processes lead to the fact that the vibration frequency of every single person is drastically increased, which in turn leads to a massive spiritual advancement. This process, which in this context can also be described as a quantum leap into awakening, is ultimately necessary so that the chaotic planetary situation can be changed for the better. For this reason, more and more people are awakening and dealing with the immaterial structures of life. One's own life is increasingly questioned, the meaning of our existence comes to the fore again and political, economic and industrial intrigues are no longer tolerated.

Raising the collective state of consciousness

For this reason, humanity is currently experiencing a constant increase in the collective state of consciousness and is heading towards an era in which every human being will have an elevated state of consciousness. This heightened awareness, often referred to as a 5-dimensional state of consciousness, is the result of increased truth-finding. For centuries mankind lived a life of uncertainty. People didn't understand what the meaning of life could be, whether there was a life after death gives what could be the root of one's own existence, why one is generally alive, why everything comes from thoughts, why one is the creator of one's own circumstances, whether there is extraterrestrial life and, above all, who rules our planet in reality or who is really responsible for all the terror and all the wars on our planet. In the meantime, however, this is changing and humanity is using this information to raise its own state of consciousness again. There is an unstoppable global unveiling/disclosure taking place and the truth is emerging on all planes of existence. This truth will ultimately usher in a revolution and lead us humans into a new age.

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