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The principle of cause and effect, also called karma, is another universal law that affects us in all areas of life. Our daily actions and events are mostly the consequent consequence of this law and therefore one should take advantage of this magic. Anyone who understands this law and acts consciously according to it can lead their current life in a direction richer in knowledge, because the principle of cause and effect is used one understands why no coincidence can exist and why every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

What does the principle of cause and effect say?

cause and effectPut simply, this principle states that every effect that exists has a corresponding cause and, conversely, that every cause produces an effect. Nothing in life happens without a reason, just as everything is right now in this infinite moment, that's how it's meant to be. Nothing is subject to chance, since chance is just a construct of our lower, ignorant mind to have an explanation for inexplicable events. Events whose cause one has not yet fathomed, an experienced effect that is still incomprehensible to oneself. Still, there is no coincidence since everything from consciousness, arises from conscious actions. In all of creation, nothing happens without a reason. Every encounter, every experience that one collects, every effect experienced was always a result of creative consciousness. The same is true of luck. Basically, there is no such thing as happiness that happens to someone randomly. We ourselves are responsible for whether we draw happiness/joy/light or unhappiness/suffering/darkness into our lives, whether we look at the world from a positive or negative basic attitude, because we ourselves are the creators of our own reality. Every human being is the bearer of his own destiny and is responsible for his own thoughts and actions. We all have our own thoughts, our own consciousness, our own reality and can decide for ourselves how we shape our daily lives with our creative power of thought. Because of our thoughts, we can shape our own life the way we imagine it, no matter what happens, thoughts or consciousness is always the highest effective force in the universe. Every action, every effect is always the result of consciousness. You're about to go for a walk, then just go for a walk based on your mental imagination. First, the plot is conceived, imagined on an immaterial level, and then this scenario becomes physically manifest through the execution of the plot. You would never go for a walk outside by accident, everything in existence has a reason, a corresponding cause. This is also a reason why material conditions always arise first from the spirit and not vice versa.

The thought is the cause of every effect..!!

Everything you have ever created in your life first existed in your thoughts and you then realized those thoughts on a material level. When you commit an action, it always comes first from your thoughts. And thoughts have tremendous power, because they overcome space and time (thought energy moves faster than the speed of light, you can imagine any place at any time, because conventional physical laws do not affect them, because of this fact, thought is also the fastest constant in the universe). Everything in life arises out of consciousness as everything in existence consists of consciousness and its vibratory energetic structure. Whether man, animal or nature, everything consists of spirit, of inexhaustible energy. These energetic states are everywhere, connecting everything in the vastness of creation.

We are responsible for our own destiny

fateIf we feel bad then we are responsible for this suffering ourselves, because we ourselves have allowed our thoughts to be filled with negative emotions and then realized. And since thought energy is under the influence of the Law of Resonance, we always attract energy of the same intensity into our lives. When we think negatively we attract negativity into our lives, when we think positively we attract positivity into our lives. It just depends on our own attitude, on our own thoughts. What we think and feel is reflected in all levels of our reality. What we resonate with is increasingly drawn into our own lives. Many people often believe that God is responsible for their own suffering or that God punishes them for their sins. In truth, we are not punished for bad deeds but by our own deeds. For example, anyone who legitimizes and generates violence in his mind will inevitably be confronted with violence in his life. If you are a very grateful person, you will also experience gratitude in your life. If I see a bee, panic and it stings me, it's not because of the bee or because of my own bad luck, but because of my own behavior. A bee does not sting randomly, but only because of a panicked or threatening reaction/action. One becomes anxious and creates a dangerous situation for the bee. The bee then feels the radiating energetic density. Animals are very sensitive and react to energetic changes much more intensely than humans.

Energy always attracts energy of the same intensity..!!

The animal interprets the negative natural vibration as a danger and stabs you if necessary. You just manifest what you think and feel in your life. Most people who are stung by a bee are stung because of their fear of being stung. If I keep telling myself or imagining that the bee could sting me and I create fear because of these thoughts, then sooner or later I will draw this situation into my life.

Caught in the karma game

Creator of cause and effectBut all the lower thought patterns that arise because of our egoistic mind keep us trapped in the karmic game of life. Low feelings often blind our minds and keep us from showing insight. You don't want to admit that you are responsible for your own suffering. Instead, you point the finger at others and blame others for the burden you actually imposed on yourself. For example, if someone insults me personally, then I can decide for myself whether to respond or not. I can feel attacked because of the insulting words or I can draw strength from them by changing my attitude, not judging what has been said and instead being grateful that I can experience the duality of the 3 dimensionality in such an instructive way. It only depends on one's own intellectual creativity, on one's own fundamental frequency, whether one draws negative or positive causes and effects into one's life. We continuously create a new reality through our own power of thought and when we understand that again then we can consciously create positive causes and effects, it just depends on oneself. In this sense: Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Pay attention to your character, because it determines your destiny.

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