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The principle of harmony or balance is another universal law that states that everything in existence strives for harmonious states, for balance. Harmony is the basic basis of life and every form of life aims to legitimize harmony in one's own spirit in order to create a positive and peaceful reality. Whether the universe, humans, animals, plants or even atoms, everything strives towards a perfectionist, harmonious order.

Everything strives for harmony

Basically, every person strives to manifest harmony, peace, joy and love in their lives. These powerful energy sources give us the inner drive in life, let our soul blossom and give us the motivation to keep going. Even if everyone defines these goals for themselves completely individually, everyone would still like to taste this nectar of life, to experience this high good. Harmony is therefore a basic human need that is essential to fulfilling one's own dreams. We are born here on this planet and try to create a loving and harmonious reality over the years after we are born. We constantly strive for happiness, after inner satisfaction and to achieve this goal we accept the most dangerous hurdles. However, we often do not understand that we are the only ones responsible for our own happiness, for our own mental and tangible harmony and no one else.

flower of LifeEveryone is the creator of their own reality and we can choose how we shape this reality, what we want to experience in it. Thanks to our mental basis, every human being is the architect of his own happiness, his own life, and for this reason it is up to us whether we attract happiness/positivity or bad luck/negativity into our lives. First of all there was always the thought. Everything comes from thoughts. For example, if I want to help a stranger with something, then this is only possible because of my mental, creative power. First the thought of wanting to help this person appears and then I realize the thought by manifesting it in the act or by putting my plan into action.

I imagine the scenario, at first it only exists in my world of thoughts until I commit the corresponding action and the result is a thought that has been realized in the material, gross world. This creative process happens worldwide, continuously with every single person, because every person forms at any time, in this unique moment that has always existed, and gives his own existence.

The supracausal mind often prevents us from creating a positive reality

AtomJust in the moment that I wrote this text, I am changing my own reality (and your reality) by sharing my own world of thoughts with you and carrying them out into the world in the form of written words. What you read here is my manifested world of thoughts that I share with you and since thoughts have an enormous creative potential, I change not only my reality but also yours. Whether in a positive or negative sense, your reality will definitely change through my writing. Of course you can see the whole thing as nonsense, then that would be negativity that you as a creator create in your reality and this process would only arise because the egoistic, supracausal mind would condemn or smile at my words due to the resulting ignorance instead of factually disagreeing with them set. One way or another, your consciousness has expanded with the experience of reading this text and if you look back on it in a few hours you will find that your consciousness has again become richer with a new experience in life.

We try everything in life to be happy, but often forget that there is no way to harmony, but that harmony is the way. The same also applies to animals. Of course, animals act much more out of instincts and have a creative potential that is lived out in a completely different way, but animals also strive for harmonious states. Animals have only a very little past and future thinking in the sense that a dog cannot mentally imagine that he will go for a walk with his master in this new forest area tomorrow and accordingly animals also live much more in the here and now. But animals only want to be happy, of course a lion will hunt and kill other animals in return, but a lion does this to keep its own life and its pride intact. Even plants strive for harmonious and natural states, for balance and for keeping intact.

sunlightThrough sunlight, water, carbon dioxide (other substances are also crucial for growth) and complex material processes, the plant world thrives and does everything it can to live in order to flourish and remain intact. Atoms also strive for balance, for energetically stable states, and this happens through an atomic outer shell that is fully occupied with electrons. Atoms whose outer shells are not fully occupied with electrons take up electrons from other atoms until the outer shell is fully occupied due to the attractive forces triggered by the positive nucleus. The electrons are released by atoms whose penultimate shell is fully occupied and this makes the penultimate, fully occupied shell the outermost shell (octet rule). Even in the atomic world there is give and take (The Law of Correspondence, everything that happens on a larger scale also happens on a smaller scale). This striving for balance can be found on all levels of existence. Another example would be the temperature equalization of 2 objects. When you put a hot liquid into a cold vessel, they both strive to equalize and equalize in temperature. After a certain period of time, the cup and the corresponding liquid will have the same temperature.

We are largely responsible for keeping the ecological intact!

Because of our massive creative potential, we are able to create harmonious states. Apart from that, we are not only creators, but also co-designers of the collective reality. Through our creative qualities we are able to maintain or destroy the environment, the animal and plant world. The animal and plant world does not destroy itself, it only needs the human being, who poisons nature through legitimate means and methods due to his selfishness and the money addiction triggered by the egoistic mind.

But in order to achieve perfect harmony yourself, it is important that we protect and thrive the universal or planetary, human, animal and plant world. We should support each other, help each other and ensure that we create a just and harmonious world together, we have this power and for this reason it is important that we do not abuse our power to create a positive and peaceful world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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