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Life after death is unthinkable for some people. It is assumed that there is no further life and that one's own existence is completely extinguished when death occurs. One would then enter a so-called “nothingness”, a “place” where nothing exists and one’s existence completely loses meaning. Ultimately, however, this is a fallacy, an illusion, caused by our own egoistic mind, which keeps us trapped in the game of duality, or rather, by which we allow ourselves to be trapped in the game of duality. Today's world view is distorted, the collective state of consciousness is clouded and we are denied knowledge of fundamental questions. At least that was the case for a very long time. More and more people are now understanding what the apparent mystery of death is all about and are making groundbreaking discoveries in this regard.

A cosmic change

The mystery of dyingThe reason for this sudden further development of the human spirit is based on a unique cosmic interaction that greatly increases the collective state of consciousness every 26.000 years. Through this strong collective expansion of consciousness, which is also often referred to as the achievement of a 5-dimensional state of consciousness, the planetary situation will improve drastically, the peoples will find each other again and materially oriented world views will be discarded. Man finds his way back to nature, engages deeply with his own consciousness, studies his own origins again and thereby comes to important self-knowledge regarding the big questions of life. In this context, this development really began on December 21, 2012. Since then, humanity has experienced a massive spiritual awakening, a process that should be fully completed by 2025, or from then on the golden age should arrive, an age in which global peace will prevail. In this age there will be no more suppression of the collective state of consciousness. Free energy will be available to everyone and our planet will recover from the previously deliberately created chaos. People will then understand again that they are inherently immortal, spiritual beings. Seen in this way, there is no death, or nothing, a place where you no longer exist, on the contrary, there is no nothing.

A person's body may decay, but its intangible structures continue to exist forever. His soul can never disappear..!!

When you die, of course, you lose your physical shell, but your spirit, your soul, continues to exist. Ultimately there is no death, but entry into the afterlife. (This world/beyond -, traced back to a universal law: the principle of polarity and sexuality). This entry is accompanied by a massive change in frequency. Through the mental/mental detachment of the body, one experiences a drastic change in life, which in turn leads to an adjustment of our own vibration frequency. Therefore we do not die, but we only experience entry into another world, a familiar world in which we live because of our reincarnation cycle have already stopped several times. We are then reborn after a certain “period of time” and experience the game of duality again. This cycle is maintained until you get through this cycle mastery of one's own incarnation, can finish.

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