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On November 29th it's that time again and we can expect a new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which again falls on a portal day. Due to this constellation, the effect of the new moon is massively intensified and this allows us to look deep within. Admittedly, the moon generally exerts a special influence on the collective state of consciousness, but especially with full and new moons we reach very special vibration frequencies. The effects of the new moon are significantly increased due to a portal day. On portal days (attributed to the Maya) there is generally a particularly high level of cosmic radiation. In this context, these cosmic energies expand/change our own mind and can allow us to progress powerfully in the process of spiritual awakening.

The Effects of the New Moon..!!

moon-in-the-zodiac-sagittariusThe new moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius stands for exploring one's own self and once again leads us into our inner realms. Especially in this month or in the winter season (The special magic of winter) is about deepening the relationship to oneself. Ultimately, it is precisely at this time that it is about fathoming one's own soul or one's own mental and spiritual state. We are still in a turbulent time and the year 2016 in particular was accompanied by many changes. Were it changes on the outside or inside, changes in interpersonal relationships, changes in existing workplace situations or even the change in one's own mental state, which in turn ultimately had an impact on the points mentioned first. The cosmic cycle continues to progress and the quantum leap into awakening is intensified on all planes of existence. Our planetary vibration frequency is constantly increasing and more and more people are dealing with the true origin of their own existence, fathoming the very reason of life. In this regard, portal days in particular transport old karmic entanglements to the surface and make us aware of these sustainable programmings that are deeply anchored in our psyche. It is also increasingly about being able to stand in your own self-love in order to be able to create a positive circumstance on the basis of it (Everyone is Creator of his own reality). In this context, old beliefs are increasingly dissolved and negative thought structures experience a tremendous transformation.

The new moon opens new doors for us and asks us to let go of the old in order to be able to welcome the new..!!

Tomorrow's new moon will once again lead us into new areas of our being. The energies on this day are therefore perfect for dealing with your own values, wishes and dreams. This is exactly how we can welcome new things tomorrow. Wondering what is currently changing in your life?! Is there something new in your life, something that may make your heart beat faster or even a new life situation/challenge you are facing. At this point I can only say that you should definitely welcome the new one. Life is in constant flux (The principle of rhythm and vibration) and change is therefore an important part of our lives. In fact, it is imperative not to get caught up in past mental conflicts for too long, deriving only suffering from them. On the contrary, we should always keep in mind that the past no longer exists, it is only a construct of our thoughts.

Let go of negative mental structures to be able to realize a new life in self-love..!!

Ultimately, we are always in the present and for this reason we should use this tremendous power to be able to realize a circumstance that corresponds to our deepest and truest ideas. The power to accomplish this lies dormant deep in the material shell of every human being and can be used at any time. The year is slowly coming to an end and for this reason we should go into ourselves and seriously ask ourselves whether everything in life is correct. If you still have things that cause tremendous damage to your current state of consciousness, for example thoughts of sadness, hatred, jealousy or loneliness, then these thoughts result from a lack of self-love, from an action of your own 3-dimensional, egoistic mind.

Fix your spiritual imbalance through acceptance and transformation of your suffering..!!

So ask yourself how you can regain this missing self-love. Are you wondering what you can do to step out of your heartbreak? The year is almost over and especially in the coming month of December, which is accompanied by an extremely large number of portal days, we are able to drastically change our own circumstances. But first the new moon in Sagittarius is coming up and we should definitely use its inflowing energies in order to be able to realize a new circumstance in life. The development of your potential is possible tomorrow. Become aware of your emotional wounds and fears, accept them and see the past as an important lesson from which you can ultimately only rise stronger. You always have the choice. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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