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Yesterday Germany reached a severe low pressure area, which was the result of a drastic increase in energy. A day later, a portal day follows, which maintains the energetic high. The intensity of the incoming vibration frequencies is therefore still extremely strong and its influence on our own mind, on our own state of consciousness, can be gigantic if we open ourselves to it. The unfolding of the collective mental/spiritual potential has been progressing since December 21, 2012 (beginning of the Age of Aquarius, apocalyptic years | Apocalypse = unveiling/revelation/unveiling - no end of the world) is progressing extremely and in this regard, as has already been mentioned several times, there are phases in which these are for the planetary Circumstance essential development, new levels reached. Mankind is becoming more and more sensitive and one currently has the feeling that many people are making massive spiritual leaps. Of course, the process of spiritual awakening affects each person individually.

The spiritual awakening continues

process of spiritual awakeningWhile a person, for example, has dealt a lot with their own source, was able to gain life-changing insights and may already be in a 5-dimensional state of consciousness, there are still people on the other hand who have only just come into contact with such topics. In the same way, there are still people who have not yet been able to perceive the process of spiritual awakening in any way. However, this circumstance is completely normal, because the quantum leap into awakening is completely individual for each person. The change reaches every human being, but not every human being achieves/performs this change, consciously joins this consciousness-expanding process. Nevertheless, more and more people recognize themselves in this process and are in the process of developing their own creative potential, becoming aware that they are ultimately the creators of their own reality, their own reality and their own state of consciousness. At the end of the day, one has to point out again at this point that every human being is a powerful being, a powerful one Creator of his own circumstance, a creator who, with the help of his own consciousness and the resulting thought processes, can create/design/change his own life in a completely individual/unique way. Due to the current high energetic environment, we are increasingly able to become aware of it again. In exactly the same way, we can now become more aware of our own power, make conscious use of it, which allows us to develop our own spiritual (mind = consciousness + subconscious) potential again. This step is essential, because the more you become aware of your own mental powers and identify with your own soul at the same time, the more likely it is that you will create a harmonious and peaceful situation.

The more we become aware of our own soul, identify with it, the more sensitive our own state of consciousness becomes..!!

You become more sensitive, peaceful and mindful of our planet, nature, wildlife and our fellow human beings. Empathy is a key word here. The more we act out of our own mental mind, the more empathic we become or empathy is an ability of our own mental mind. For this reason, the high incoming energies are still perfect for looking within to get a clearer picture of the big picture again.

Due to the high level of cosmic radiation, more and more people are gaining a stronger mental connection..!!

We are now in the process of adjusting to the vibrational frequencies of the New Earth (New Earth = high vibrating planetary circumstance = 5th dimension = harmonious/balanced habitat) and are therefore being re-enabled to create a life that is our own Soul Plan, our true being, corresponds to our true origin. The more we act out of our own soul, i.e. become more empathetic, harmonious, peaceful and balanced, the more we follow our true destiny, the more we create a reality that inspires the collective state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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