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Tomorrow, February 20, 2017, another portal day arrives (days predicted by the Maya when high cosmic radiation will reach us) and with it some astronomical events are taking place in parallel. On the one hand, the sun changes to the zodiac sign Pisces and thus announces an influential change, on the other hand, the waning phase of the moon continues to progress, which ends on February 26th, in the second new moon of this year. For this reason, there is once again change and a small new beginning, which we can initiate if we are ready. These changes can be transferred to countless life situations.

Portal day in the zodiac sign change

Pisces zodiac - changeOn the one hand, it could be new attitudes towards life, new self-knowledge that not only expands one's own state of consciousness, but also enormously changes one's view of life. On the other hand, new situations, goals and opportunities can arise, which in turn bring about an important change in our current lives. In addition, such changes can also relate to existing workplace situations, which will now change drastically. In exactly the same way, living situations or situations with life partners can change/renew. Perhaps you find yourself in an unsatisfied life situation that ultimately has a major impact on your own physical and psychological constitution. If that is the case, then the current change in zodiac signs offers ideal conditions to make this change happen. This change can be initiated perfectly by February 26th, the day of the new moon. New possibilities are opening up and it is up to each person whether they take advantage of these new possibilities or remain in the everyday cycle.

The zodiac sign Pisces is now perfect for initiating an important change in your own life..!!

The potential to put such a change into practice is now definitely there and can be perfectly developed. The zodiac sign Pisces can actually force us to realize a personal transformation, as at the end of the day it represents the conclusion of the zodiac signs.

Due to the last sign of the zodiac, the current time offers a perfect breeding ground in which new things can flourish, new life situations, essential changes..!!

The twelfth and last sign of the zodiac that the sun passes through in this cycle and represents a conclusion and a new beginning at the same time. The zodiac sign Pisces also stands for something else, on the one hand for the return to the divine and on the other hand for the departure/change/new beginning into an independent life, into a new life situation.

The effects of the portal day

Portal day February - freedom - change - changeFor me personally, this time is once again pa exelance, as I will be changing my place of residence in the near future and moving or moving out of home. But now, to come back to the portal day, the high cosmic radiation in this context intensifies our personal transformation and really brings our own spiritual qualities to life. Mental problems, various traumas, karmic entanglements and other harmful programming (Im Thoughts anchored in the subconscious, which burden our psyche every day due to their negative origin/low vibration frequency), can now be processed and resolved more easily with the help of our own state of consciousness. Apart from that, our own heart's desires play an increased role in our lives and can be realized more easily due to the change in zodiac signs. So ask yourself what else bothers you in your current life. Ask yourself what is still bothering you a lot, for example worries about future events or even past situations that you still haven't been able to deal with.

Now a time is dawning in which one's own heart's desires can be realized more easily..!!

You should now become aware of exactly what is still preventing you from being able to put your spiritual wishes into practice. What exactly are your biggest dreams in life and what is stopping you from attracting them into your life and realizing them? Letting go and surrender are two appropriate keywords that you should take to heart in the coming weeks. This month we will also have two more portal days, on February 2th and 2th, which can once again intensify such a project, such a change.

Use the potential of the coming time to create more space for positive things in your life..!!

For this reason, it is advisable to consciously accept these times in order to be able to bring about an essential change in one's own life, a personal change that can ultimately catapult us into a new state of consciousness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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