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October 2016 holds many challenges and is characterized by cosmic upheavals, new beginnings and processes of letting go. Just at the beginning of this month, we humans received a powerful cosmic radiation and it was once again accompanied by intensive cleaning processes, which made themselves felt both inside and outside. Areas of tension are now increasingly coming to the fore again and are waiting to be solved by us humans. In exactly the same way, we can expect tremendous conflicts and upheavals this month. Nevertheless, this month also holds a lot of healing potential, especially towards the end. We now have another opportunity to further DEVELOP ourselves and unleash our true creative potential, if we are willing to do so.

Black moon – new beginnings and processes of letting go!!!

Black moonThe beginning of October was bumpy and marked by a black moon. Ultimately, this phenomenon led to an increase in karmic entanglements and spiritual ballast being brought to light. Loneliness, sadness, self-doubt and above all DISAPPOINTMENTS made themselves felt in the minds of some sensitive people. This circumstance also led to the fact that some people felt very down at times and experienced a depressive mood. In exactly the same way, the black moon, in combination with increased cosmic radiation, initiated profound processes of letting go and indirectly called on us humans to do so on past, sustainable programming deep in our subconscious are anchored, finally to dissolve/transform. Due to the intensity of the cosmic radiation, our dark sides are transported into the day-consciousness and ask us to accept them again, to feel them and to transform them into higher thoughts. Above all, letting go processes are becoming increasingly important for us humans in this context, because they are attached to a negative mental scenario, only block our own true selves over time and ultimately lead to us finding ourselves in a vicious cycle of suffering.

End your suffering now!!!

But slowly it is time to break through this suffering process, because otherwise we will keep ourselves trapped in a spiral of negativity and thus prevent the unfolding of our own soul plan. As far as that is concerned, the intense wave of transforming energies also reached my current state of consciousness and asked me to finally distance myself from such blocking patterns, to finally let go of them. In the last few days I have therefore also felt very depressed, felt the impending transformation, gained new important self-knowledge and felt like never before in my life that a new important phase of life was looming. A phase of life that will accompany me out of my self-imposed personal suffering and my karmic entanglements.

Healing potential, truth finding and transformations

healing potentialTherefore, the energies of October can unleash massive healing potential, especially towards the middle and end. It should be said at this point that emotional, mental and resulting physical problems in the newly beginning cosmic cycle, appear again and again. However, these sometimes devastating experiences are necessary in order to be able to progress in one's own process of spiritual awakening. In this context, there are always moments, days and weeks in which we are given the opportunity to develop our own healing potential. Exactly such a time is before us and should therefore be used by every single person. Ultimately, everyone is currently in a quantum leap into awakening. We are currently experiencing a massive further development of the collective state of consciousness and are experiencing an enormous transformation of our spirit. This period of time will accompany us humans into a new age and ensure that we become part of a cosmic society (keyword: Golden age). For this reason, more and more people are dealing with spirituality, esotericism, nutrition and above all political, economic and industrial intrigues. As far as that is concerned, the increased cosmic radiation also ensures that people increasingly come into contact with these topics again.

More and more people are awakening!!

From year to year more people wake up from their deep sleep and expand their own state of consciousness with the help of the increased vibration frequency. It is only a matter of time before the entire game of lies is exposed across the board and critical mass is reached. October will push things forward again and ensure that more people resonate with these fundamental topics. So once again an exciting time awaits us, which will be accompanied by various upheavals, transformation and change processes. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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