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The fact that cancer has been curable for a long time has been made accessible to more and more people since the newly begun Age of Aquarius - in which all structures based on disinformation are dissolved. More and more people are dealing with various alternative healing methods and are coming to the important conclusion that cancer is a disease which can be completely healed within a few weeks.

Every disease is curable, without exception

Dissolve 99,9% of cancer cells within a few weeksAt the same time, more and more people are realizing that it is not wanted that there are appropriate remedies for such serious diseases. A healed person is also considered a lost customer and consequently brings in less sales for the pharmaceutical companies, which ultimately have to remain competitive (listed companies). For this reason, everything is done to make us believe that there are simply diseases that are incurable. In this way, remedies are also deliberately suppressed, sometimes even laboratories are closed, corresponding discoverers are completely ruined, sometimes even murdered. The world as we know it is ruled by materially oriented - very wealthy families whose goal is to create a mentally and physically sick humanity that thinks + acts completely indifferently and also acts contrary to the maintenance of their health. Nevertheless, due to the information age, more and more cases of people are becoming known who have been able to completely free themselves from cancer or other diseases with seemingly the simplest means. In this context, different healing methods are made public, which apparently have a very promising effect and are considered safe remedies when it comes to curing certain diseases. For this reason, I always take this fact as an opportunity to explain exactly why even serious illnesses such as cancer can be cured.

It is important to educate, to tell the truth, especially when it comes to curing countless diseases, because at the end of the day countless lives can be saved..!! 

As far as this is concerned, there is still a certain ignorance and there are still people who are not familiar with this topic, some of whom do not know about these healing methods and may even have to accept considerable damage from various highly toxic medications. It is therefore extremely important to report on it and to reach as many people as possible, even though I keep coming back to this topic in various articles. This information is essential even at the end of the day, can make the difference between life and death for some people, and I therefore see it as a duty to keep raising awareness about this, instead of treating the topic once and then sweeping it under the carpet .

How to cure cancer 99,9%

How to cure cancer 99,9%For this reason, in the following section I will now explain in great detail why and above all how cancer (The following methods refer to any disease) can be cured by 99,9%. Why only 99,9%? Simply because there are people who just don't want to live anymore and have completely given up on themselves. Such people suffer countless pains, their physical decay is very advanced and they hardly have the strength to heal themselves completely or their spirit is so broken that healing is hardly possible. Neurotoxic drugs, such as chemotherapy drugs, are usually responsible for such a mistreated mind/body/spirit system or for people who have given up everything in their lives (chemo is pure poison and only flushes money into the pockets of the drug cartels). Nevertheless, I will now reveal a very special combination of healing methods with which you can successfully treat all diseases, especially cancer, let's go. First of all, one should know that all illnesses are due to a mental imbalance. In other words, if a person has various mental discrepancies and problems, then this increasingly burdens our organism and our immune system + our entire physical constitution is weakened, the result is the emergence/manifestation of diseases. At the same time, an unbalanced mental state also leads to damage to our cell environment and ensures that it becomes increasingly acidic.

The cause of every disease lies on the one hand in an imbalanced mind, but on the other hand in an unnatural diet. Diet in particular usually leads to an unbalanced mind and an unbalanced + ignorant mind in turn favors the manifestation of an unnatural diet..!!

Apart from our own mind (everything in existence is a mental projection of our own mind), an unnatural diet (which is the result of an unbalanced and ignorant mind), i.e. the consumption of unnatural foods, also ensures an acidic and oxygen-poor cell environment. In this context, this is also the crucial sticking point. All diseases are the result of an overly acidic PH value in our cells (below pH6).

A detailed guide to creating a physical state in which diseases can no longer arise, let alone exist..!!

A detailed guideThe German biochemist Otto Warburg found out that no, really no disease can exist in a basic + oxygen-rich cell environment, let alone develop. For this reason, we can only heal diseases such as cancer by rebalancing our cell environment, i.e. bringing it into an oxygen-rich and basic state, and this happens on the one hand through our mind, but on the other hand also through our diet (The path to health does not lead through the pharmacy, but through the kitchen). A basic or natural diet should therefore be mandatory for us again if we want to heal ourselves again. So we should go back to eating foods that make our cellular environment alkaline and avoiding any foods that imbalance our own cells. If you want to free yourself from all your illnesses, especially from serious illnesses such as leukemia or even pancreatic cancer, then put the following points into practice:

  1. Avoid all foods that acidify your cell environment (bad acidifiers) and minimize your oxygen supply, including: animal proteins and fats of any kind, i.e. no meat, no eggs, no quark, no milk, no cheese, etc. Meat in particular is (even if which many do not want to admit, conditioned by the media and propaganda of the food industry) Poison for your cells and promotes the growth of cancer cells.
  2. Avoid all products that contain artificial sugars, especially artificial fruit sugar (fructose) and refined sugar, this includes all sweets, all soft drinks and all foods that contain the corresponding types of sugar (artificial or refined sugar is food for your cancer cells, accelerates your aging process and makes you sick, not just fat, but sick).
  3. Avoid all foods that contain trans fats and usually refined salt, i.e. all fast food, fries, pizza, ready-made rights, canned soups and once again meat and co.. Refined salt, i.e. table salt, also only has 2 elements in this context - Inorganic sodium and toxic chloride, bleached and fortified with aluminum compounds, replace it with Himalayan pink salt, which in turn has 84 minerals.
  4. Strictly avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco, alcohol and coffee in particular exert an enormous negative influence on your own cells (caffeine is pure poison, even if something else is always propagated to us).
  5. Replace mineral-rich and hard water with mineral-poor and soft water. Mineral water and generally carbonated drinks cannot flush your body in this context and are among the bad acid generators). Rinse your body with plenty of soft water, preferably even spring water, is now available in more and more markets, otherwise drive to the health food store or structure drinking water yourself (healing stones: amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal or precious shungite), herbal teas in moderation can also be very helpful ( No black tea and also no green tea) 
  6. Eat as naturally as possible and eat almost exclusively alkaline foods at the beginning, this includes: A lot of vegetables (root vegetables, leafy vegetables, etc.), vegetables should even make up the majority of your diet (preferably raw, even if it is not mandatory is required - keyword: better energy level), sprouts (e.g. alfalfa sprouts, linseed sprouts or even barley seedlings (are alkaline in nature and provide a lot of energy), alkaline mushrooms (mushrooms or even chanterelles), fruit or berries (lemons are perfect, they contain plenty of alkaline substances and have an alkaline effect despite their sour taste, otherwise apples, ripe bananas, avocados, etc.), certain nuts (almonds are recommended here) and natural oils (in moderation).
  7. At the beginning, use a purely alkaline diet to completely deacidify your body and, above all, to radically detoxify your cells, but then switch back to an alkaline-excessive diet over time and supplement your diet with certain acid-forming foods. There are good and bad acidifiers, good acidifiers include oats, various whole grain products (spelt and co.), millet, whole grain rice, peanuts and couscous.
  8. Drink a glass with half a teaspoon of baking soda once a day (even 1 teaspoon for very advanced cancer) + a dash of lemon or half a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt. Pure baking soda, i.e. sodium bicarbonate, is extremely important for an initial cleaning of your cells + a better oxygen supply, so baking soda ultimately ensures a basic + oxygen-rich cell environment and is considered a real miracle cure.
  9. Supplement daily superfoods, to be precise two very special superfoods, namely 3-5 grams (depending on the severity of the disease) turmeric and 3-5 grams Moringa leaf powder. Both superfoods are extremely rich in vital substances and will greatly support your healing process. In this context, turmeric in particular is repeatedly associated with cancer healing due to its anti-inflammatory effect and other potent healing substances and will greatly minimize your cancer cells (provided you have an alkaline diet). 
  10. Finally, if possible, try to get more exercise into your life. Walk a lot, be in nature instead of just being at home. This will get your circulation going and your cells will be supplied with more oxygen. 

In summary, the following points should be emphasized again: Eat as naturally/alkaline as possible at the beginning, supplement baking soda + lemon water, eat Himalayan pink salt (replace refined salt completely with Himalayan pink salt), take a few grams of turmeric + moringa daily to you and rinse your body with plenty of fresh water low in minerals. If you do this and at the same time bring your mind into balance (more self-love, more self-confidence, more willpower), then you are guaranteed to be able to heal your body 100% and, above all, free it from all diseases. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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