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Water is the elixir of life, that's for sure. Nevertheless, one cannot generalize this saying, because water is not just water. In this context, every piece of water or every single drop of water also has a unique structure, unique information and is therefore completely individually shaped as a result - just as every human being, every animal or even every plant is completely individual. For this reason, the quality of water can also fluctuate massively. Water can be of very poor quality, even harmful to one's own body, or on the other hand have a healing effect on our own body/mind. Water is just extremely changeable, which ultimately has to do with the fact that water has a consciousness and stores any information.

Inform/energize water – produce medicinal water

Inform/energize water - produce medicinal waterThe Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto found out that water has a unique ability to remember and because of this you can change the structural properties of water. In doing so, Emoto was able to find out in over tens of thousands of experiments + demonstrate in an impressive way that water reacts to its own feelings and thoughts. He photographed the various water crystals and found that depending on the thought/sensation, the individual water crystals took on a different shape. Especially positive thoughts, such as gratitude, love, harmony and co. made sure in his experiments that the corresponding water crystals took on a natural and harmonious shape. Negative sensations in turn damaged the water structure and the result was disharmonious + deformed water crystals. Ultimately, Emoto proved that your thoughts can have a tremendous impact on water and completely change its structure. Since the human organism consists to a large extent of water, it is therefore very beneficial to drink high-quality water every day. Unfortunately, in today's world, the water that is made available to us is usually of inferior quality. Be it our drinking water, which has a very poor vibration frequency (low Bovis value) due to the countless new treatments and the resulting feeding with negative information, or even bottled water, to which fluoride and high amounts of sodium are usually added.

Tap water has a rather poor quality. Due to the long recycling cycle, the feeding of countless information - "In our society mostly negative information" and the introduction of fluoride, one should definitely structure this..!!

Ultimately, that shouldn't make us angry or even upset, because after all, thanks to Emoto, we know that we can significantly improve the quality of water. As far as that is concerned, you can even change the structure of water to such an extent that its quality almost resembles that of fresh mountain spring water.

Amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz

Amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartzOne option that I currently use on a daily basis is the use of three very special healing stones, which in turn have a very harmonizing effect on the water. This powerful combination of healing stones consists of the healing stones/minerals amethyst (has a very harmonizing effect on one's own mental state - strengthens one's own concentration - can sharpen our perception), rose quartz (has a calming effect, cleanses our own heart - heart chakra, strengthens our own mental connection) and rock crystal (have a strengthening influence on our body + mind, makes us clear, strengthens our psyche). In this context, these three gemstones form a perfect basis for drastically improving the structural properties of water, as they complement each other perfectly in terms of properties and, above all, the variety of effects. This is accomplished by placing these 3 healing stones in a carafe of water, for example. After a short time, the vibration frequency of the water increases considerably and the water crystals achieve a more harmonious arrangement. Personally, I usually start drinking the water after 15-30 minutes.

Amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz are perfect for energizing water. This combination can even change the quality of water in such a positive way that it almost resembles fresh mountain spring water..!!

Of course I leave the healing stones in the carafe (Otherwise I also use rough stones instead of tumbled stones for energizing, it's just a personal feeling, especially since I also like the shimmering of the rough stones in the water, I like to look at them in it - which by the way also leads again to the fact that I inform the water with my positive feelings while looking at it). Even a single treatment of the water ensures that the quality of the water is very similar to that of fresh natural mountain spring water.

Energize water with thoughts

Energize water with thoughtsAside from this healing stone combination, there are countless other combinations that can energize the water. Ultimately, the amethyst/rock crystal/rose quartz combination is simply one of the best-known + most popular combinations, which of course also has something to do with the enormous effect. Otherwise there is also the so-called noble shungite, a healing stone that is one of the best of its kind, especially in terms of water energization. Of course, this shiny silver stone is quite expensive, but energizing water with this mineral is very worthwhile. Not only does it harmonize water within a very short time, but it also completely destroys the information of fluoride, which is very impressive. It is not for nothing that shungite water is also often regarded as a miracle cure for all diseases. For this reason I can only warmly recommend precious shungite to all of you. Of course, one should not only use one healing stone to energize water permanently, it is best to vary the whole thing and use different combinations or individual stones from time to time. Nevertheless, noble shungite should achieve the best results by far. Well then, apart from the healing stones, you can always inform water with your own thoughts, as already mentioned. To do this, you simply project your own positively charged thoughts onto the water. If you say to the water how beautiful it is, this beauty also sees best in the water, talk to the water, say that you love it and then only drink this water with a positive feeling. Believe me, this method alone improves the water quality immensely, which Emoto has also proven in his experiments. On the other hand, you could also use a coaster with the flower of life, or stick a note with the inscription with love and gratitude on the corresponding glass or carafe. All of these are effective methods that can and should be used to energize water.

Since the human organism consists to a large extent of water and our tap water is extremely destroyed in terms of its vitality, we should definitely energize our drinking water..!!

Water is the elixir of life. We humans consist largely of water and should therefore improve the quality of the substance that we take in every day and energize it. Anyone who drinks a lot of energized water every day will feel the corresponding benefits after a short time. You simply feel more alive, more balanced, clearer and you simply have the certainty that you are feeding your body something essential or, to put it simply, something good, something that will make you healthy. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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