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Light and love are 2 expressions of creation that have an extremely high vibrational frequency. Light and love are essential for human flourishing. Above all, the feeling of love is vital for a human being. A person who does not experience any love and grows up in a completely cold or hateful environment suffers massive mental and physical damage. In this context there was also the cruel Kaspar Hauser experiment in which newborns were separated from their mothers and then completely isolated. The aim was to find out whether there is an original language that humans would naturally learn. In the end, however, it was found out that a person or a newborn child cannot survive without love, because all newborns died after a short period of time.

Light and Love – The Big Mistake…!

light and loveIn many spiritual circles, the view is commonly held that light and love God represent or that light and love are the 2 highest instances of creation, but that is not quite the case. Basically, this view always ignores the presence of one's own consciousness. Consciousness is the supreme authority in existence. All material and immaterial states are ultimately only an expression/product of consciousness and can only be experienced on the basis of consciousness. The same applies to light and love. Light and Love are basically the 2 highest vibrational states that consciousness can experience and create. One could also speak of the 2 first dualistic expressions of creation. Light is a male-dominated form of expression and I love the first female-dominated form of expression. Both forms of expression in this context have the highest vibrational frequency in existence. Yet both are expressions that can only be experienced and generated by consciousness. Without consciousness it would not be possible to experience love, for example. Consciousness represents the basis of our life, the conscious creative spirit, which expresses itself in all existing states and thereby permanently experiences itself in the form of the entire existence. Light and love are the 2 highest vibrating states that the intelligent ground can experience and continuously experiences. All of life is ultimately just an expression of one thing overarching consciousness, which individualizes itself through incarnation and represents the root of our existence. Every living being has a part of this consciousness and uses this tool to explore that own life, which rules with the help of this limitless power over your own body.

Light and love are the 2 highest vibrating states that can be realized..!!

Whether man or woman, at their core both consist of one and the same space-timeless structure, of consciousness. When you look at the whole construct, realizing that each human being is essentially just an individual expression of consciousness, you also realize that God or consciousness, because of the ubiquitous presence, in all existence, also light and love, embodied at all times. Somewhere in the universe there will be a life form or existential expression that embodies this high vibrational frequency right now. A "split off" part of consciousness that has evolved to fully express love.

Love can be experienced through our thoughts!!!

Enliven thoughts with emotionsDue to the fact that everything in existence is just an expression of an overarching consciousness, everything in existence is also connected to each other on an immaterial level. Consciousness and the resulting thought processes draw the entire creation, represent its origin and are responsible for the fact that the entire creation is a coherent and interconnected construct (everything is one and one is everything). In this context, thoughts are timeless, just like our consciousness, and have the fascinating property of being able to be enlivened with emotions. No matter what happens in your life, no matter what action you will ultimately commit, this is always only possible because of your mental imagination, which you then realize by committing an action on a material level. Because of dualitarian circumstance, in which man keeps himself captive (attributed to our ego), experiences or events are divided into positive and negative. This is exactly how you are able to fill a thought with love. Every human being is the creator of his own reality and can legitimize it in his own spirit at any time due to his love. Due to the extremely high vibration frequency, love increases one's own energetic basis and lets it become lighter. However, this circumstance is made possible only because of our thoughts. If you didn't have thoughts, then you wouldn't be able to live, then you couldn't create love or become aware of it again. Basically, love is permanently present, but without consciousness and the thoughts that result from it, it would not be possible to grasp it, to be able to feel it.

Incidentally, light is an element of the hereafter (space-ether/Dirac-sea), one of the highest vibrational frequencies that affects our material world..!!

Because of this fact, consciousness is also the supreme authority in existence, and as such is primarily responsible for creating circumstances. Love naturally flows into consciousness and can ensure that we humans create a positive, harmonious and peaceful environment. Nevertheless, light and love are only expressions of consciousness and are therefore not the highest instances of existence, but as already mentioned, the 2 highest vibrating states that the conscious creative spirit continuously experiences and can experience. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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