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Is it possible to attain physical immortality? Almost everyone has already dealt with this fascinating question in the course of their life, but hardly anyone has come to groundbreaking insights. Being able to achieve physical immortality would be a very worthwhile goal and for this reason many people in the past human history have been looking for a way to put this project into practice. But what is really behind this seemingly unattainable goal? Is it really possible to become physically immortal?

Every living thing has immortal aspects!

Basically, every living thing has immortal aspects. Since in the end everything in existence consists of energetic states, which in turn vibrate at frequencies, every human being has immortal partial aspects, because at the end of the day every human being consists of exactly this subtle convergence that has always existed. Deep in matter, which ultimately represents only condensed energy, there is an infinite energetic web that is given form by intelligent spirit. These energetic force fields have always existed, exist and will continue to exist. Basically, this is also related to the fact that these immaterial states, which continuously characterize our existence, consist of space-timeless mechanisms. Space-time does not affect these states, it behaves in a similar way to our thoughts. In our thoughts there is neither space nor time, a circumstance that means that we can imagine everything we want without having to be subject to any limitations.

Every human being has immortal aspectsStill, our physical structures can decay over time, but our soul, our intuitive presence, can never go away. Our energetic existence is omnipresent and, due to its space-timeless, 5-dimensional structure, indissoluble. When we die or when our physical body disintegrates and we experience this massive frequency change as a pure soul, then we lose our physical presence, but our mental basis continues to exist (basically there is no death either, only a frequency change that leads to the fact that we experience a new phase of life). If you take this aspect to heart, you understand that you are already immortal, even if this aspect only refers to the human subtle basis. But what about the physique? The physical body can also reach an immortal state.

Physical immortality is the result of a perfectly pure reality

Everything is possible. Anything you can imagine is also possible. In order to accomplish this, to be able to create a completely positive reality, however, various requirements must be met. As already mentioned in the course of the text, the human organism consists of energetic states.

physical immortalityPositivity/high vibrating/light energy of any kind increases our own vibration level and negativity/low vibrating energy/energetic density burdens our own physical and psychological constitution and pulls our vibration level into the basement, condenses our energetic state. In order to attain immortality, it is therefore necessary to increase/dedensify one's own level of vibration through positivity in such a way that one assumes a completely immaterial, light state again (one manifests physical immortality in one's own reality). Okay, I'll try to phrase it differently. The happier you are, the faster/higher your own energetic basis vibrates, you feel lighter. Since one's complete reality ultimately consists only of energy, one could also make the assertion that the happier one is, the higher one's own energetic basis vibrates. At some point you reach a state that is so decompressed that your entire existence dematerializes.

Your own reality (everyone is the creator of their own reality) then oscillates at such a high frequency that as a result your own physique assumes a completely light/subtle state. You then continue to exist completely as an energetic, space-timeless being and then gain abilities that you could not even imagine in your wildest dreams. Once you have reached this state, you can consciously materialize again and this happens by lowering your own vibration level purely through the power of your own consciousness. In my opinion, this also explains the phenomenon of the angel. Angels are seen as humans who have attained this immortal state through sheer self-sacrifice (People who have mastered their own incarnation). When an angel then re-materializes in the physical world, it has the effect of a large sphere of light appearing out of nowhere and then taking on a physical form. But simple tricks are no longer enough to achieve such a state. There are many requirements that must be met in order to attain physical immortality.

The diet is decisive for one's own vibration level

immortality through nourishmentFirst of all you have to get your own diet in shape. This means that you should eat a completely natural diet. Since everything consists of energetic states, our food also consists exclusively of energy. But not all foods have a healthy or light level of vibration. On the contrary, most of the food that is made available to us usually has a very low level of vibration. On the one hand, this is because our food is contaminated by the food industry. Most foods are enriched with countless chemical additives, which in turn greatly affects the quality of individual foods. In order to achieve physical immortality, however, it is important that you do without all these artificial additives, because all these additives massively lower our own vibration level (the result is an energetically denser basis that results in a weakened immune system, which in turn promotes diseases) .

In order to let your own energetic basis vibrate higher, you should eat as naturally as possible, i.e. you should drink a lot of clear water, preferably fresh spring water, you should completely avoid foods that are enriched with chemical additives, you should eat a lot of fruit Eat fresh vegetables and whole grain products. Animal proteins and fats should be avoided as much as possible, animal proteins in particular consist of amino acids that are acid-forming and this in turn has a negative effect on our own cell environment. If you manage to feed yourself completely naturally then you will find that this has an extremely positive effect on your own physical and physical health.

The mind must be free from doubt and judgment

attain immortalityIf someone had told me many years ago that one could attain immortality, I would have just smiled at that person and judged it. At that time, however, my mind was not yet free and was strongly blinded by my egoistic mind. At some point, however, there came a time when I realized that I didn't have the right to judge other people's lives, that I wasn't allowed to smile at the world of ideas of other people, because this ultimately only hinders my own development. For example, how are you supposed to achieve immortality if you smile at the topic from the ground up or even frown on it? Such a negative attitude produces only one thing and that is energetic density.

For this reason, it is very important that you deal with everything in life objectively, instead of blindly judging the world of thoughts of other people. If you internalize this and nip your own judgments in the bud, it will have a massive impact on your own life. You open your mind and are thus able to deal with abstract topics without prejudice. Faith is directly linked to these judgements. If I judge something, then I can't believe in it either. In this context, doubts often arise, but doubts only limit one's own mind and create self-imposed limits in one's own mind.

To come back to belief, one's belief patterns are always partly responsible for the creation of one's own reality. What you believe in and what you are 100% convinced of always manifests as truth in your own reality. For example, if you are convinced that the sun itself is cold and the heat is only due to friction with the earth's atmosphere, then this view is part of your reality, information that you have recognized as truth in your life. Another important factor is my own willpower. If, for example, I renounce everything that is harmful (for example: I stop smoking, change my diet, renounce all temptations that lower my own vibration level) then this renunciation leaves mine Willpower grow tremendously.

The initial waiver that reprogramming of the subconscious requires a lot of strength, but over time you will find that the newly gained willpower gives you an enormous amount of strength and that you no longer want to lose this unique state. It takes a lot of strength to achieve immortality and even if it seems impossible for many people, I can only say that faith can move mountains. Everything is possible, everything you can imagine is realizable, everything imaginable is manifestable. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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