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Letting go is a topic that has been gaining relevance for more and more people in recent years. In this context, it is about letting go of our own mental conflicts, about letting go of past mental situations from which we may still draw a great deal of suffering. In exactly the same way, letting go also relates to the most diverse fears, to the fear of the future, of what could still come, for example, or even letting go of one's own state of lack of consciousness, ending one's own self-imposed vicious circles, which in turn prevent us from drawing things into our own lives that are also intended for us.

Draw everything into your life that is meant for you

Draw everything into your life that is meant for youOn the other hand, letting go could also refer to current chaotic living conditions, for example a partnership that is basically only a disadvantage for us, a partnership based on dependencies from which we cannot subsequently free ourselves . Or even bad job situations that make us unhappier every day, but we don't manage to draw a final line. For this reason, letting go is a topic that is extremely important for us humans. Somewhere it is also a skill that has been lost in today's world. We humans are not taught how to deal with conflicts easily, how we can initiate changes in our own lives again without falling into an emotional hole because of it. At the end of the day, we have to teach ourselves the art of letting go again. I mean yes you, yes you reading this article right now, you are the creator of your own reality, you are the creator of your own life, create your own beliefs + beliefs, dictate the alignment of your own mind and are for all responsible for your decisions. For this reason, the art of letting go can only be learned by yourself, just as only you can ensure that you find your way back to emotional stability. Other people can show you the way, can support you, but ultimately you have to walk this path all by yourself.

Every human being is the creator of his own life, is the shaper of his own destiny and for this reason can create a life that fully corresponds to his own ideas..!!

Only you can free yourself from negative mental constructs and create a life again in which the positive aspects of your soul plan are also realized. For this reason, the realization of our own soul plan and the realization of the positive aspects of our own soul plan are linked to the topic of letting go.

The positive aspects of your soul plan

The positive aspects of your soul planIn this context, every human being has their own soul, our true self, our kind-hearted, empathetic, high-vibrational side, with which we identify in a certain way depending on the level of our own state of consciousness. As far as this is concerned, every human being has a so-called soul plan. The soul plan is a predefined plan in which all our desires, life goals, life paths, predefined experiences, etc. are rooted. The elaboration of one's own soul plan begins before we are born, when our soul is in the hereafter (energetic network/level that serves for the integration, rebirth and further development of our own soul - not to be confused with the hereafter propagated by the church - there is something to that completely different meaning) is planning her future life. In this context, a complete plan is created for our life to come, in which all our goals, desires and upcoming experiences are predefined. Ultimately, all of these are experiences that our soul, or our true self, would like to experience in the next life. These predefined experiences do not have to happen 1:1, deviations could always occur in this regard. Well then, in the end negative and positive experiences are anchored in this soul plan (our soul does not differentiate between positive and negative, but everything is valued as neutral experiences, just like our universe does not judge our own dreams + desires according to this principle, you get always what you are and what you radiate, whether positive or negative, doesn't matter).

Every person is responsible for whether they have positive or even negative experiences, whether they legitimize positive or negative thoughts in their own mind..!!

Due to our own free will, we can act self-determined and choose for ourselves whether we have positive or negative experiences (high-vibrational/energetically light or low-vibrational/energetically dense experiences). Even if everything that happens in our lives is related to the realization of our own soul plan, i.e. a person who has voluntarily decided to drink every day and eventually dies from it - then this would be part of his own soul plan, we still strive for the realization of a positive life, the realization of the positive aspects of our own soul plan.

Letting go in connection with the positive aspects of our own soul plan

In order to accomplish this, letting go is the supreme duty. Only when we manage to put an end to our own past conflicts, when we separate from sustainable life situations, take the initiative and initiate changes, only then do we automatically realize all the positive aspects of our own soul plan. Ultimately, you then draw the positive things that are also intended for you into your own life. I also have a small example of this: in the middle of last year, my girlfriend at the time broke up with me, which shook me a lot. As a result, my whole life revolved around her and I just couldn't let go. As a result, I got a lot of suffering from my self-created dependency and I got worse from day to day. Eventually I managed to draw a line and let her go. Only then did I gradually get better and I drew wonderful things into my own life again. That's how I got to know my current partner and found new happiness again. But if I hadn't let go, then everything would have stayed the same, I would have continued to feel bad and never been ready for a new relationship, then I would have continued to experience only the negative aspects of my own soul plan until I finally would have made the jump. At the end of the day, events like this are also a kind of test, important life events that want to teach us an important lesson, basically the lesson of letting go.

Only when we manage to separate ourselves from our own mental conflicts, when we manage to let go and open ourselves up again to the realization of a positive space, do we also realize the positive aspects of our own soul plan..!!

That is why it is of the utmost importance for your own prosperity, for your own mental + spiritual prosperity, to let go, to separate yourself from lasting thoughts and the resulting negative life situations. Only then will you also draw the positive things into your life that are also intended for you, there is no doubt about that. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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