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Within existence one goes through all overarching processes through which one is asked at the core to harmonize one's entire mind, body and soul system. You are looking for (for many, this elementary search is completely subliminal) after a healing state in which neither heavy energies, dark thoughts, inner conflicts, Deficiency or even illness are present. It is the largest and, above all, the most important field of becoming whole that affects us, i.e. a fundamental essence through which we can manifest the desire for perfection, unity and a merging with the Holy of Holies in us (the universal law of balance – at its core, everything strives for balance, for harmony, whether on a large or small scale). In doing so, one is confronted with completely new information for the harmonization of one's own vibrational state, especially in the awakening process, while one has generally allowed more healing to manifest through a heightened self-image.

The tremendous power of ancient essences

Medicinal plants, healing stones and healing waterIn doing so, your own heightened/healed state of consciousness ensures that you are again able to attract more truthful or healing-based circumstances, substances and means. In one of the last articles I already reported about the powerful three gifts Frankincense, myrrh and fine gold, through which one can initiate a tremendous acceleration of one's light body. But there are also countless other substances or means that carry ancient or rather a vibration-raising essence. Three more of these extremely powerful and light body-forming essences are medicinal plants, healing stones and healing water. Basically, these are exactly the three essences or natural resources with which almost every human being comes into contact in some way is. In exactly the same way, these three powerful means already found a wide range of applications in earlier times. Whether it was earlier Germanic tribes, which on the one hand were mentally extremely strong due to their natural diet based on medicinal plants, or earlier high cultures, which used healing stones and precious metals not only to build buildings to generate free energy (and of course to increase the surrounding vibrational frequency), but also practiced powerful ceremonies and could cleanse ailments with the essences of ancient stones. This is exactly how the incredible elemental power of healing water is also described in many treatises, writings or even by earlier healers (Energetic full spectrum water). Ultimately, there are three essences, which in turn contain the word/sound/"salvation". So if you are already busy with these three essences or even make use of them, you will repeatedly find yourself in the situation of saying the word "Heil" or in moments in which you mentally recall the word "Heil". . And since spirit rules over matter, there is hardly anything more powerful in this context for healing our own system than constantly feeding it with the information of healing, be it in the form of thoughts, words or actions.

The power of medicinal plants

Medicinal plantsThis is therefore also one of the greatest characteristics of these three essences, i.e. that they all already carry the information of healing within themselves. That's exactly how they are completely natural, i.e. they occur everywhere on our mother earth, yes, they are a fundamental part of our nature and therefore carry the most powerful frequency of all, namely the frequency of nature itself, the primal frequency, which of course healing at its core. We can use the energy of these healing essences every day. Medicinal plants, for example, are among the foods richest in vital substances and, above all, have the highest energy content. Be it cultivated vegetables, sprouts or fruit, these natural foods already carry a very strong frequency, but medicinal plants that have arisen within nature, for example in a forest completely without coercion, without breeding and at the same time constantly surrounded by the calming/healing influence of nature simply have such a powerful healing spectrum that they are among the most potent things you can ingest. There are natural remedies that we can use to massively accelerate the formation of our light body and, moreover, allow our entire body's cell milieu to oscillate in harmony. It is not for nothing that medicinal plants such as nettle, dandelion or even avens (which, by the way, has the nickname "Heil aller Welt".) has such a large number of vital substances that it should no longer be questionable why the knowledge about medicinal plants within the system or in schools and co. is not taught.

Medicinal plants

I myself have been taking medicinal plants for years and have experienced so many profound changes in my life since then that I truly swear by this natural essence! It is not for nothing that the following is also said: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". It's not difficult to collect at all. If you don't know your way around at the beginning, you can use familiar, non-confusable and, above all, medicinal plants that can be found everywhere, such as the nettle, blackberry leaves (It's everywhere), dead nettles and sweet grass (sweet grass, the is so powerful, by the way, that I will write a separate article about it). You can find and harvest an extremely large number of medicinal plants even in winter. Then wash off a little and mix into a forest smoothie or eat in the form of a salad and then benefit from the primal frequency of nature (maximum fullness).

The power of healing water

The power of healing waterThe other primary or healing essence is, of course, healing water. It is not for nothing that Sebastian Kneipp said that if there is a remedy, it should be water. Or the pioneer Viktor Schauberger, who expressed that a drop of real spring water carries more energy than a power plant can produce. Healing water, or to put it more precisely, hexagonal/energetically full-spectral water, i.e. water whose entire frequency field is produced, exerts a wondrous influence on our entire cell environment. After all, water is one of the most important resources of all and more than essential for our own organism. If you drink enough water and, above all, high-quality spring water, you will boost your own organism immensely. It is not for nothing that many people suffer from dehydration these days (and therefore age faster). In other words, heavily saturated liquids such as coffee and co. drank or hold highly saturated water, which in turn dehydrates the body. In this context, it is also important to understand that our cell water is hexagonal and energetically full-spectral. Drinking saturated or even polluted water subsequently deprives your body of energy. Our cells first have to prepare such water before it can have an effect in the cell, because the cell itself works with hexagonal or healing water. Incidentally, hexagonal water means water whose crystalline structure is arranged hexagonally. In this context, Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, found out that energetically impaired water, for example tap water, has disharmonious crystalline structures. Spring water or even water that was/is exposed to harmonious circumstances, in turn has a developed and harmonious hexagonal structure. Ultimately, we can have an incredibly regenerative and rejuvenating effect on our own organism if we start drinking spring water again, ideally primeval water, be it from nature or in form of a system or even with the help of various processing methods, which restore natural spring water from tap water or damaged water.

Hexagonal water

As I said, water as life itself is extremely receptive, i.e. it absorbs all information. A water that has flowed through dark pipe systems, bypassing dirt and also passing through millions of homes (to put it mildly), is simply completely destroyed in its core structure and consequently carrier of disharmonious fields, sometimes apart from the bound pollutants that sewage treatment plants cannot filter out (we even had our tap water sent to a laboratory and the result was the component of a highly toxic herbicide, namely chloridazon - see our video from that time). As far as this is concerned, primeval sources always have specific properties. In other words, water from primeval sources is extremely pure (µS below 100), which means that no pollutants are bound, only a deposit of minerals (which is also of great importance - water without minerals, for example pure osmosis water, is very aggressive and has no natural protection, let alone the power to maintain a crystalline structure for a long time). On the other hand, it has a strong naturalness, bsp. caused by rock contained in springs. In addition, its frequency field (organic energy field) full spectral, i.e. the entire field is original (fully trained), the energy level high, the PH value in the slightly acidic to slightly basic range and the general overall structure (Measurable for example through quantum fractal images) is intact. Damaged water must therefore go through three important processes in order to restore its full primordial water signature. On the one hand a filtration, then a renaturation and last but not least a full-spectral energization (Revitalization = What the treatment through different combined energizing technologies means. Pure turbulence is, for example, an energizing technique, the combination of different turbulence methods, contact with various healing stones/precious metals (fine gold) and contact with various harmonious force fields, such a combination is called revitalization, since only such a combination allows water to become energetically full-spectral - completely original). Either way, in addition to medicinal plants, medicinal water also contributes to accelerating our light body and should definitely be drunk, no matter where you get it from, be it self-made or bottled fresh from the mountains. A true primal essence that nature provides us with. 

The power of healing stones

healing stonesTo complement the primordial essences, however, another extremely powerful essence must not be missing, namely the power of the healing stones. The healing stones that "grow" in mountains or deep underground or generally in nature (Minerals, healing rocks) also carry a primal frequency, just like the sound/frequency of healing ("Unhurt"). Healing stones work primarily in the sense that they have a strong own force field and accordingly a healing radiation (charisma) bear in themselves. Aside from gemstone essences, which can be produced dissolved in water, for example, the focus here is on contact or "being surrounded" by healing stones. Regardless of the fact that it is already very effective to wear healing stones, for example in the form of a necklace or even a bracelet, it is extremely powerful to be surrounded by many healing stones at this point. Be it in the form of many healing stones, semi-healing stones (Incidentally, healing stones include, for example, the diamond, the emerald or even the ruby. Amethyst or agate used to be called semi-precious stones/semi-healing stones, but they should be used in exactly the same way, so they also carry a significant healing frequency. Not for nothing count e.g. Rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz in the basic mixture, which in turn has the power to create a spring water signature in damaged water - incredibly powerful) or even in the form of orgonite. For this reason it is advisable to during the formation of one's own light body or to Harmonization of one's own self-image Exposing yourself to large amounts of healing stones. Who many different healing stones (best selected rather than random) in his premises and rounds it all off with orgonite and orgone columns (possibly also some very large mineral specimens), which creates an extremely strong frequency-boosting milieu. An energetic milieu that allows the atmosphere to swing more into harmony. The power of healing stonesEspecially orgonites, which of course are very much smiled at in the media (Which gives you direct assurance that orgonites are powerful - all that is based on true healing is to be suppressed for the control of the collective mind), are based on research by Wilhelm Reich and Don Craft, two pioneers in their field, who found that specific combinations and arrangements of organic and inorganic materials (metals, resins, rocks) generate a harmonic frequency field. For example, I have been surrounded by various healing stones every day for years. The basic mixture is set up everywhere with me, plus countless orgonites and Orgone Columns/Reactors. For that matter, some people who visit me are always amazed at the strong energy in my rooms, especially in my bedroom. For me, these have been room for advancement for years, in which I have received optimal support in finding my true self.

My personal feeling

After all, since I've been surrounded by healing stones and orgonites, a lot has changed in my reality. So I was able to find my way to myself and to my holy self. That's exactly how I attracted significantly more alternative remedies as a result (such as the aforementioned frankincense, myrrh, and monoatomic gold), learned to collect medicinal plants and also came through the resulting one UrSource in touch with the power/production of primordial spring water. Everything is connected to each other. Everything is connected. As one ascends within the overall awakening process one will inevitably be confronted with things that will further advance one's healing process. Like attracts like. Those who carry healing within themselves or direct their own mind towards healing will inevitably attract even more circumstances and states based on healing. The daily use and contact with medicinal plants, healing stones and healing water therefore represents one of the most powerful combinations of all when it comes to accelerating the development of one's own light body. And as one's Lightbody accelerates, one moves closer to mastering one's own incarnation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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    • Monica Lehner 25. November 2021, 17: 36

      Thanks, it was very insightful

    Monica Lehner 25. November 2021, 17: 36

    Thanks, it was very insightful