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Sacred Geometry, also known as Hermetic Geometry, deals with the immaterial fundamental principles of our existence. Because of our dualitarian existence, polaritarian states always exist. Whether man - woman, hot - cold, big - small, dualitarian structures can be found everywhere. Consequently, in addition to the coarseness, there is also a subtlety. Sacred geometry deals closely with this subtle presence. All of existence is based on these sacred geometric patterns.In this context, there are various sacred geometric figures, such as the golden section, the platonic solids, the torus, the Metatron's Cube or the Flower of Life. All of these sacred geometric patterns are found throughout life and represent the omnipresent divine presence.

What exactly is the flower of life?

Sacred geometry What is the flower of lifeThe flower of life, which consists of 19 intertwined circles, is one of the oldest symbols on this planet that appears in numerous cultures. It is a symbol of protection and stands for the infinity of being, for the cosmic order and the ever-recurring or immortal life (Our spiritual presence possesses an immortal state in this context). It originates from sacred geometry and represents the "I AM" (I am = divine presence, since one is the creator of one's own present reality). The oldest representation of the flower of life was found in Egypt on the pillars of the temple of Abydos and is estimated to be around 5000 years old in its perfection.

The infinity of creation

The individual circles and blossoms in the flower of life flow into one another and could be depicted in infinity. On the one hand, this is because sacred geometric patterns represent an image of the limitless immateriality of life and this is essentially an expression of infinity. Deep inside the material shell, only energetic states exist, which in turn vibrate at individual frequencies. These energetic states are timeless, have always existed and will exist forever. Everything in existence is thus made up of the Flower of Life, or rather the principles embodied by the Flower of Life. Everything in life strives towards this perfectionist order, because everything in life, whether atoms, humans or even nature, strive for balance, for harmonious, balanced states (The principle of harmony or balance).

The image of our 8 primal cells

star tetrahedronFrom an immaterial point of view, the energetic arrangement of our first 8 primordial cells represents an image of the flower of life. The meaning of our incarnation is stored in these primordial cells, which every human being possesses. All talents, abilities and incarnation tasks originate in these cells and are embedded in their core. Hidden knowledge slumbers in every human being, a unique potential that is deeply anchored in the material shell and is just waiting to be rediscovered/lived. The tetrahedron and the flower of life are also reflected in our light body (light/high vibrational energy/energetic light/high frequency/positive sensations).

Every human being has a subtle light body

Every living being consists ultimately exclusively of purely energetic states. Behind the material facade, which we humans mistakenly call matter, is an infinite web of energies. A fabric given form by intelligent spirit. We all have permanent access to this structure. Every day, at all times, we interact with this energy structure, since ultimately everything in existence is made of energy. The human body, words, thoughts, deeds, the entire reality of a living being ultimately consists of energetic structures, which in turn can be changed with the help of our consciousness. Without this immaterial basis, life would not be possible. But creation is unique and designed in such a way that it can never cease to exist. Life has always existed and fortunately always will.

This basic energetic structure can never disintegrate, and it is the same with our thoughts (you can imagine what you want without your thoughts disappearing or dissolving into "air"). It is exactly the same with our light body, our Merkaba. Every person has a light body that can expand to a certain size depending on their moral, mental and spiritual level of development. This body grows and thrives mainly through positive thoughts and emotions or through high frequencies that you embody yourself. If you manage to build up a completely positive spectrum of thoughts in this context, which in turn results in a completely positive reality, then this ultimately leads to your own light body being fully developed. For this reason, it is advisable to constantly strengthen our Merkabah with love, gratitude and harmony. By living out these positive values, we not only improve our own quality of life, but also strengthen our own physical and psychological constitution. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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