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Who hasn't thought at some point in their life what it would be like to be immortal. An exciting idea, but one that is usually accompanied by a feeling of being unattainable. The assumption from the outset is that you can't get to such a state, that it's all fiction and that it would be foolish to even think about it. Nevertheless, more and more people are thinking about this mystery and are making groundbreaking discoveries in this regard. Basically everything you can imagine is possible, realizable. It is also possible to achieve physical immortality in the same way. Of course, this project requires a lot of knowledge and, above all, there are extremely many conditions that have to be fulfilled, but it is still possible to reach this holy grail of creation again.

Everything in existence vibrates at frequencies!!

Everything in existence vibrates at frequencies

First of all it should be said that I have already written several articles on this subject. In one of them "The Force Awakens - The Rediscovery of Magical Abilities“ I explain explicitly the basics for the development of magical abilities. If you're new to this subject, or you're generally new to the teachings of the Spirit, I would definitely recommend reading this article beforehand. Well, I've often philosophized about this exciting topic. In this context, I have always come to new conclusions and have looked at the mystery of immortality from different perspectives. In this article I would like to look at the whole thing from the point of view of frequencies and explain how they are related to immortality. Ultimately, it looks like everything in existence consists of consciousness, which in turn expresses itself with the help of the resulting thought processes in all material and immaterial states. Consciousness has the interesting property of consisting of energetic states. Consciousness deep within consists solely of spacetimeless energy. Since everything in life is ultimately just an expression of an overarching consciousness, everything in turn consists of energetic states. For this reason, especially in the field of spirituality, attention is repeatedly drawn to the fact that everything consists of energy. These energetic states have the ability to make subtle changes. Ultimately, this means that energetic states have the ability to de-densify (become lighter - through positivity) or densify (become denser - through negativity). What is special about this is that these energetic states in turn oscillate at frequencies.

If you want to understand the universe then think in terms of oscillation, vibration, energy and frequencies..!!

Even then, Nikola Tesla said that if you want to understand the universe, you should think in terms of frequencies, energy and vibration, and he was absolutely right. Everything vibrates, everything moves and everything in existence vibrates at so-called frequencies. Frequencies exist in the number of different states of consciousness that one can experience, i.e. infinitely many. The frequencies differ only in that they either have a lower or higher frequented state or have a different vibration signature.

A positive spectrum of thoughts increases one's own vibration frequency, a negative spectrum of thoughts reduces it..!!

In this context, positivity of any kind causes the vibrational frequency of an energetic state to rise. Negativity, which in turn is legitimized in one's mind, lowers the vibrational frequency of an energetic state in this regard. In this context, every person has their own, completely individual vibration frequency due to their state of consciousness. This frequency changes every second and is subject to a constant change of increase or decrease.

An extremely high vibration frequency is a basic requirement!!

A high vibration frequencyThat's exactly how it is with your thoughts. Every thought that you can grasp in your own mind has a completely individual vibrational frequency. There are thoughts that have an extremely high vibration frequency (e.g. thoughts of joy) and thoughts that have a rather low vibration frequency (thoughts of sadness). In order to be able to realize a thought, it is imperative to adapt your own vibration frequency to that of the corresponding thought. Because of law of resonance energy always attracts energy of the same intensity, or energy vibrating at a similar frequency always attracts energy vibrating at a similar frequency. For this reason one can only manifest the state of immortality in one's reality if one resonates with it over a longer period of time. The problem with this is that the state of immortality requires an extremely high vibrational frequency. Physical immortality is a phenomenon that requires a complete de-densification of one's own state of consciousness, and this circumstance ultimately requires a completely positive spectrum of thoughts. A person who has reached such a state has an extremely high vibration level and is therefore automatically in resonance with the frequency of immortality. In order to be able to realize this thought, it is of the utmost importance to adapt your own frequency to that of the thought. You become one with this thought and manage to manifest it in your own reality.

In today's world we are in a battle between the Soul/High Frequencies and the Ego/Low Frequencies..!!

But we often find it difficult to increase our own frequency in such a way that we become one again State of consciousness attain in which physical immortality is present. Negativity of any kind thickens our own energetic base, lowering our own vibrational frequency drastically. This means that if you are sad, angry, jealous, or filled with hatred, this automatically lowers your own vibrational frequency. The same is true of judgements. One of the most important prerequisites for regaining physical immortality is faith.

The firm belief in something is one of the most important prerequisites for being able to produce a corresponding effect/manifestation..!!

If one smiles at the plan to become immortal or exposes it to ridicule, doubts it or rather does not believe in it, then this ultimately only leads to us reducing our vibration frequency with regard to the thought to be realized. Doubts and especially judgments are thoughts that are generated by our ego mind (the egoistic mind is responsible for the production of energetic density) and reduce our vibrational frequency.

Faith can move mountains (Clear your doubts about immortality)

Faith can move mountainsDoubts that are caused in this context by ignorance about a topic massively limit one's own mind. Imagine you are telling a stranger that it is possible physically immortal and that you want to put this plan into action. In all probability, this person will smile at your train of thought from the start, judge directly about it and doubt it. This is an interesting phenomenon of our time. As soon as something does not correspond to one's own conditioned world view, it is mercilessly smiled at (a protective function of the egoistic mind in order to be able to continue to exercise control over one's own mind). Such a negative basic attitude ultimately only reduces one's own level of vibration and removes oneself from the realization of immortality. For this reason, belief is a crucial factor in becoming immortal, because firm belief in something always goes hand in hand with an increase in one's own vibrational frequency. One feels joyful and confident that one day one can manifest the thought of immortality in one's reality. In the end, it all comes down to matching your vibrational frequency to thoughts.

You always draw into your life what you mentally resonate with..!!

This is the key to being able to draw every thought into your own life. You have to adapt your vibration frequency to the frequency of the presented scenario, the corresponding train of thought. Only in this way is it possible for us to be able to realize such an abstract train of thought. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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