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expansion of consciousness

Simply put, everything in existence consists of energy or rather energetic states that have a corresponding frequency. Even matter is energy deep down, but due to energetically dense states, it takes on characteristics that we identify as matter in the traditional sense (energy vibrating at a low frequency). Even our state of consciousness, which is largely responsible for the experience and manifestation of states/circumstances (we are the creators of our own reality), consists of energy that vibrates at a corresponding frequency (the life of a person whose entire existence points away from a completely individual energetic signature shows a constantly changing state of vibration). We humans are able to change our own frequency state.

Experience a massive expansion of consciousness

Experience a massive expansion of consciousnessIn this context, countless influences, yes, especially even our thoughts/emotions can increase or even decrease our own frequency. Everything that is far from natural conditions (unnatural diet/lifestyle) or based on negative feelings reduces the frequency of our state of consciousness. The same goes for a life based on lies instead of truth. Ignorance, therefore, can also keep our own frequency, or in other words our own state of consciousness, in check, especially when that ignorance is based on appearances and deception that we have, for whatever reason, legitimized in our own minds, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We humans are currently living in a time in which we are experiencing an increase in our own frequency and, as a result, a strong expansion of our own state of consciousness (I explain why in this article: The galactic pulse and the associated ascension phase (The awakening of our civilization - origin of the frequency increases). More and more people are experiencing life circumstances that not only result in an increase in frequency, but also in a massive expansion of consciousness. One's own primal ground is explored, one's own spirit is recognized as a creative source and the world as a whole is increasingly questioned. Some people feel more connected to nature. Life within nature, animal worlds and co. are more respected and appreciated. Likewise, one's own lifestyle is being questioned and the urge to eat naturally is growing (veganism is not a trend, but a consequence of the current change, a return to nature, a more pronounced nutritional awareness).

If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, said Nikola Tesla at the time..!!

Nevertheless, there is information or a circumstance that can massively expand our state of consciousness and, at the same time, result in a massive increase in our own frequency. So recognizing the truth about our world is the key to being able to create a completely new spiritual state.

Know the truth about the world

Know the truth about the worldBased on this finding of truth, we recognize the true reasons for the current warlike/unnatural planetary circumstance and understand for the first time in our lives why all the suffering on our planet, all the wars, all the acts of terrorism, all the factory farming, the drug abuse to the supposed Healing of various illnesses (fighting symptoms instead of investigating the causes), propaganda/brainwashing, sometimes war propaganda from the mass media that is even difficult for the layman/blind to recognize, the pollution of our nature, our forests, oceans and the sky, the materially oriented worldviews - instilled in us by illusory media worlds , through exaggerated advertisements, through our society and also through our parents, who have passed on to us their inherited and conditioned world view (of course for our good and with the intention of wanting the best for us, of integrating ourselves into this world) and the enslavement of the world by the monetary system takes place. The make-believe world built around our minds is beginning to crumble as a result, and historical events based on disinformation and lies and half-truths (and recent false-flag attacks, - CIA's JFK assassination, Princess Diana's death, 9/11, Ukraine conflict, the refugee lie - Hootonplan, Charlie Hebdo, Las Vegas massacre and and and ) are exposed.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses, Malcolm X once said..!!

The people behind these terrible events, i.e. those who are striving for a mental enslavement of mankind and have laid the foundations for our illusory world covered by puppet politicians/puppet governments, the elites of this world, the families controlling the banks, are less and less able to act in secret and are moving into the focus of humanity.

Knowing the truth of the world makes you spiritually free

Knowing the truth of the world makes you spiritually freeAt the beginning there were relatively few people who recognized this appearance and rebelled against it, i.e. made their opinion known in this regard. But in the meantime there have been countless people who have penetrated the appearance with their own spirit and draw attention to corresponding machinations. Despite targeted defamation of the mass media, which rejects system-critical content on principle and tries with all their might to stomp into the ground, which happens on the one hand through the conditioning of the masses - system critics are deliberately referred to as conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theories are in turn considered nonsense, misguided and crazy ideas People are portrayed, which on the one hand hypes up the masses against people who think differently and on the other hand tries to cover up the truth about the world, appearances cannot be maintained and humanity is awakening more and more every day. Ultimately, through this finding of truth, a tremendous collective awakening will take place, which will sooner or later lead to a revolution, hopefully a peaceful revolution (it depends on us humans). To get back to the actual core of this article, knowing about the truth of the world frees us spiritually and ensures that we look at life from completely different perspectives and that we become new people ourselves. In this context, we change our entire world view, we legitimize completely new beliefs, beliefs, views, approaches and, as a result, new behavior in our own mind. We begin to recognize ourselves more and experience an incredible expansion of our own state of consciousness. Recognizing the potential of one's own mental abilities, the information that vaccines are highly toxic, a newly gained identification with the soul or even one's own divine ground, recognizing media propaganda, creating a mental state in which one has a sense of truth developed, the development of one's own intuitive abilities, all of these are just a few fragments that, together with many other findings, developments and information, result in an overall picture that is coherent and massively raises one's own state of consciousness.

Everything is energy and that is all. Match the frequency to the reality you want and you will get it without being able to do anything about it. There can be no other way. That's not philosophy, that's physics, Albert Einstein once said..!!

Recognizing the truth about our world is therefore an important step in unfolding the potential of one's mind, for it is this one truth (which becomes part of one's truth - we create our own reality, a completely individual state of mind and consequently also a truth of its own), which gives us a tremendous look behind the scenes, lets us see that there is more to life and, above all, makes us understand in a special way that the life we ​​are led to believe, based on appearances, is one energetically dense/low-frequency circumstance that is in the process of dissolving completely. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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