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Mass media

The fact that our press is not free, but rather belongs to a few rich families, who ultimately use various media instances to assert their own/Western interests, should no longer be a secret. In the last 4-5 years in particular, more and more people have dealt with our system + the mass media and have come to the sad realization that that almost all of our system media are synchronized.

Systematic deception

Lying pressThe media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent - and that is power because they control the minds of the masses. This quote comes from political activist and freedom fighter Malcolm X and hits the nail on the head. As far as that is concerned, the synchronized system media control the minds of the masses, feed us disinformation, half-truths, lies via television/newspapers and thus keep us humans in an ignorant tumble, in a state of consciousness - from which in turn a reality based on deception out arises, caught. Important facts are deliberately twisted, content that is critical to the system is deliberately made ridiculous or even denigrated, war propaganda is carried out and the interests of powerful corporations, industries, bankers and corresponding lobbyists are represented. Our media are just not free and serve the people just as little with enlightenment and truthful reports, but they only use their position of power and keep us ignorant.

Fewer and fewer people are being blinded by the system based on disinformation and as a result they are increasingly committed to a free world..!!

And if someone were to question the existing system, if someone got the idea that our planet is controlled by powerful elite families, that the world wars were deliberately initiated and financed by these families, that almost all of them were exploited by the media terrorist attacks of the last few years, ultimately false flag attacks, then these people, especially if their voice has a lot of power due to its reach, its degree of recognition, will be harassed by our mass media for weeks, will be ridiculed for a longer period of time, will be considered right-wing populists , referred to as Reich citizens or even as far from reality.

We live in an age of mass stupefaction, especially mass stupefaction in the media. If you look at how one-sidedly the local media, from the TAZ to Welt, report on the events in Ukraine, then you can really report on large-scale disinformation, flanked by the technical possibilities of the digital age, then you can only realize that globalization has led to an unfortunate provincialization in the media world. Something similar happened and is happening with regard to Syria and other trouble spots. – Peter Scholl-Latour

Nevertheless, as far as this is concerned, fewer and fewer people are being blinded and are just as tired of the lies + intrigues of our politicians - who ultimately follow orders from secret services, certain industrial authorities and other powerful families (financial elite, who run our entire world + the Banking system controls (put simply: a private family prints our money and lends that money to governments that have given them total control over our world, or rather want to gain total control of our world - the plan will fail). More and more people are also recognizing the targeted spread of disinformation, simply for the reason that the mass media has been making more and more serious mistakes for several years. In this way, more and more discrepancies are uncovered, which in turn causes more and more citizens to have doubts. Well then, as far as the targeted spreading of disinformation or our propaganda press is concerned, I can only recommend the following video to you. In this video, explosive contradictions are uncovered in an interesting way + countless facts that point to a synchronized press are presented. A highly recommended video. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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