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Because of a complex cosmic interplay we humans have been in an important process of spiritual awakening for years now. Overall, this process raises the spiritual/spiritual quotient of our human civilization, increases the vibration frequency of the collective state of consciousness and grants us humans a complete training of our own mental + spiritual abilities. We become more sensitive about things, live more consciously and, in an autodidactic way, learn to know fundamental connections regarding our own origin (the big questions of life). In this context, consciousness-altering self-knowledge comes to us from time to time, higher knowledge is given to us and we realize again that we are powerful spiritual beings.

Fundamental knowledge

Fundamental knowledge about our originsIn this regard, we humans are also powerful spiritual beings, spiritual creators, who can create and change lives due to our mental/creative abilities - “Everything arises from thoughts, thought or consciousness is the origin of our life”. For this reason, our entire life is a product of our own mental imagination, thoughts that we legitimized in our own minds and then realized on a material level. No matter what you look back on in your life, “your first kiss”, your first job, various meetings with friends, moments of love or even moments of anger, all of these moments could not have happened without your thoughts. You had a goal in mind, wanted to do something specific, create a certain circumstance/state of consciousness and therefore used the abilities of your own mind to create the corresponding circumstance/state. This fundamental knowledge about our origins is currently spreading at a rapid pace and reaching more and more people. One also likes to speak of the unstoppable Propagation of light, the truth that is now reaching humanity's collective state of consciousness again and ushering us into a new age (The Golden age) will catapult. This process takes place over several years and is divided into several phases.

In the process of spiritual awakening, we humans go through several phases. The first phase, in which we gain our first important self-knowledge, is particularly formative..!!

First of all, there is usually the phase of knowledge. One finds oneself consciously in the process of spiritual awakening and begins to massively question one's own life. Suddenly you feel an increased spiritual interest and suddenly you deal more with your own root cause. The big questions of life come to the fore again and you experience the first noticeable expansion of consciousness. Inevitably, at the same time, some people with the "Matrix“ in contact and realize that the current political system does not serve our well-being, but rather the containment of the collective state of consciousness. This system is not controlled by our politicians, but by secret services, mass media, corporations, lobbyists and above all by bankers, the financial elite, powerful families (the masters of the planet) who control world events and exclusively pursue their own interests.

The phase of realization & inability

The phase of realization & inabilityThis phase of initial upheaval, of constantly gaining self-knowledge about the world and one's own mind, can take place over a longer period of time. After all, there is countless information that you have to process. Your own world view is constantly turned upside down and it is very common for you to look at certain things from a different perspective again and again. You constantly create new beliefs and look at the world differently from week to week. The only thing that usually falls by the wayside is your own commitment, your own active actions or changing your own life situation. After all, it's not that one NWO who is responsible for your own living conditions, but rather you yourself. People complain about genetically modified seeds, about factory farming, the use of pesticides, about flavor enhancers or, in general, about foods that have been enriched with chemical additives (fast food, ready meals, etc.), about fluoride in our drinking water, about Chemtrails that are polluting our skies, about the fatal effects of vaccines, about the deliberate suppression of cures, but do nothing about it. We know about all of this, we are dealing with it more and more, we have even developed an aversion to artificial things and yet we do nothing to change the misery, as if we were paralyzed.

In the phase of active action we accept the new and create a life according to our ideas. We are no longer uninvolved observers, but take our own lives into our own hands..!!

Instead, we just watch instead of letting actions speak. We continue to eat poorly, find ourselves in a lethargic state, and fail to break the cycle. At least this is the case for a long period of time, until the active trading phase, the upswing, occurs. In this phase you suddenly start to discard all old habits.

The phase of the upswing

phase of upswingAll blockages anchored in the subconscious are gradually dissolved and you begin to actively work on realizing your dreams again. You no longer stand in your own way and create a life that corresponds to your own ideas. You are then - assuming one thing very highly developed mind through phase 1, always in the right place and no longer falling into old habits and sustainable life patterns. The diet will then be completely natural and you will no longer be subject to the negative influences of your own egoistic mind, on the contrary. Self control, a strong will and generally positive thoughts will then be present in our consciousness. In exactly the same way, one's own soul then finds expression again, which ultimately leads to the realization of our own soul plan benefits. We become more real again and create an ever clearer state of consciousness. The phase of active action has tended to fall by the wayside in recent years. Self-knowledge, information and high vibrational frequencies flooded people's states of consciousness and we first had to learn how to deal with the newly gained knowledge. However, due to the achievement of a critical mass of spiritually awakened people, this process is slowly coming to an end and the phase of active action, of personal upswing, is imminent. In the coming weeks and months we will therefore notice significant changes both inside and outside.

The sun as the new astrological ruler of the year supports us in the phase of active action and awakens in us an unprecedented urge for action..!!

Upheavals will take place, our state of consciousness will realign and we will experience a time when we break our own barriers. We will overcome our own limitations and our lives will take completely new paths. All of this is also supported by the new astrological ruler of the year. The sun, as the new annual ruler, will bring us energies of balance, vitality and, above all, it will ignite in us an unprecedented drive for action. For this reason, the coming months are extremely important, because during this time we can lay the foundation for a completely new or positive life.

Use the potential of the coming times and create a life that corresponds to your ideas. Create a state of consciousness that resonates with abundance, not lack..!!

We should therefore prepare ourselves for the coming times instead of leaving the magic of progressive change unused. If we now join the flow of life, allow changes and actively work on creating a higher state of consciousness or our own happiness, then we will soon find ourselves in a life that is full of harmony, happiness and contentment. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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