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For centuries people believed that diseases were part of normality and that medication was the only way out of this misery. The pharmaceutical industry was trusted and all kinds of drugs were taken without questioning. In the meantime, however, this trend is clearly declining and more and more people understand that you don't need medication to get well. Everyone has unique ones Self-healing powers which, once activated, can rid the body of all ailments.

The healing power of thoughts!

In order to activate your own self-healing powers, it is important to become aware of your own mental abilities again. Thoughts draw the whole of life and are the basis of our existence. Without our thoughts we could not live consciously and would not be able to exist. Thoughts have a complete effect on one's own reality and are decisive for the design of it. What you imagine, what you believe in and what you are firmly convinced of always manifests itself as truth in your own reality.

self-healing 2For example, if you are convinced that you have no self-healing powers, then that is also the case for you. Through your firm belief in it, this thought forms an integral part of your consciousness. For this reason it is important not to doubt your own self-healing powers, because doubts only block your own mental abilities. Everything is possible, everything you can imagine can be realized, no matter how abstract the corresponding thought may be. Since thoughts have a complete effect on one's own existential basis, thoughts of healing bring about positive changes in the organism. You can massively improve your own physical and mental constitution within a moment by increasing your own vibration level.

Why do thoughts affect one's own organism?

Ultimately, everything in life consists only of vibrating, energetic states and it is exactly the same with our thoughts. Our thoughts consist of a subtle space-timeless structure, for this reason you can imagine anything you want. Thoughts are not subject to material limitations. You can imagine any place at any time without being subject to certain limitations.

Self-healing powersThoughts have tremendous creative potential and therefore you can use your thoughts to imagine endless scenarios, space and time have no limiting influence on your thoughts. Thoughts, like everything in existence deep inside, only consist of space-timeless energy and increase due to the law of resonance the longer you focus on the corresponding train of thought. Negative thought patterns make your own energetic basis vibrate lower or condense. If for whatever reason I am unhappy or in resonance with negative thoughts (for example the idea that something could happen to me) then this thinking automatically condenses my own energetic state, my own vibrational level (since everything in existence consists only of energetic States that oscillate on frequencies, consequently my complete reality consists only of pure energy, that whole life is even just a mental projection of one's own consciousness). Positive trains of thought allow one's own energetic basis to vibrate higher. As soon as I'm happy or imagining things that make me feel positive, my entire reality attains a lighter state.

One could also speak of a frequency increase and this frequency increase has a positive effect on one's own mental and physical constitution. For this reason, everything that triggers vibration reductions promotes diseases, which is why envy, hate, anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. are often referred to as sins, because these disadvantageous behavior patterns not only damage the other person, but also your own omnipresent presence. It is important to know that an illness can only become physically existent when one's subtle dress is overloaded. As soon as our energetic basis has reached this state, it shifts the subtle pollution onto our physical body, the result is a weakened immune system that promotes diseases.

Create self-healing powers through conviction and positive thinking!

Activate self-healingIn order to activate the full self-healing powers, it is therefore important that one relieves one's own subtle clothing through positivity. If you are completely happy, only allowing positive thoughts and the resulting positive actions, then you have or attain a very stable energetic basis. If you also have the knowledge about the self-healing powers and are 100% convinced that they work, then they will work. To achieve this thinking, these attitudes, one must work at the core of one's consciousness, to be precise Subconscious. All our habits and conditioned behavior patterns are stored in the subconscious and it is exactly these habits that need to be changed.

This is often referred to as a reprogramming of the subconscious. I have a small example for this, imagine you drink a sip of rainwater and normally your subconscious would automatically suggest that you could get sick from it. As soon as this happens you have the opportunity to get involved with this thought, i.e. you get into this thought or think this thought is possible. This mental acceptance puts one at risk of one's own health, since one legitimizes the idea of ​​this illness in one's consciousness (the illness is born in one's mind and could manifest itself in the organism). In order to change this programming, you have to make it clear to yourself when these subconscious thoughts appear that it is not the case that you cannot get sick because of the mental power and the self-healing powers. At some point, the subconscious will no longer generate or allow thoughts of illness to arise, but only allow thoughts of healing to appear. If one were then to drink the rainwater, the subconscious would automatically give rise to thoughts of health. You would then say, for example, "Wait a minute, could I get sick from the water? Of course not I am healthy and will remain so, diseases cannot manifest themselves in my body, only health”.

One then directs one's consciousness no longer to thoughts of illness, but to thoughts of health. You have then created a new reality, a reality in which you can no longer become ill or a reality in which you no longer poison yourself with negative thoughts, in this case thoughts of the illness. Every living being has self-healing powers and it is up to each person whether they use them or not, in this sense stay healthy, happy and live your life in harmony.

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