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The intuitive mind is deeply anchored in the material shell of every human being and ensures that we can interpret/understand/feel events, situations, thoughts, emotions and events precisely. Because of this mind, every person is able to sense events intuitively. One can better assess situations and become more receptive to higher knowledge that flows directly from the source of infinite consciousness. Furthermore, a stronger connection to this mind ensures that we can more easily legitimize sensitive thinking and actions in our own minds. I'll explain what else this mind is all about in the following article.

Sensitive abilities and their effects

Sensitive thinking and actingSensitivity basically means the ability to think or act in a non-dense way. This usually means thoughts and actions that have an energetically light vibration level. One could also speak of a special type of perception or a special form of perception that goes beyond the usual five senses. One often speaks here of the so-called 5-dimensional thinking and acting. The 5th dimension does not mean a dimension or a place in the metaphorical sense, but rather a state of consciousness that vibrates at such a high frequency that sensitivity, lightness, inner peace, harmony and love permanently arise from it. On the other hand, one could also speak of an energetically light reality. An energetic foundation that vibrates at a very high frequency due to a positive state of consciousness. If a person legitimizes sensitive thinking in their own mind and acts from unbiased and harmonious patterns, then this could well lead to the assumption that this person is in the fifth dimension at that moment or is acting from 5-dimensional patterns. Sensitive thinking and acting is primarily encouraged by our intuitive, spiritual mind. The intuitive mind has its seat in the soul and is the sensitive, 5-dimensional aspect of every person. It is the inner, groundbreaking voice that emerges again and again in every person. The soul embodies all positive and energetically bright aspects. It is the consistent counterpart to the egoistic mind. Because of our mental intellect, we also have a certain amount of humanity. We, in turn, express this humanity in individual ways.

A connection to the 5th dimension!!

Due to its de-densified mentality, the soul represents a kind of connection to the 5th dimension. It is basically the divine aspect of every human being, which would like to be lived again by each individual. One could also speak of a high-vibration aspect of a person that always comes to the fore in certain life situations. For this reason, the connection to the soul is a decisive factor in achieving perfect mental health, because mental or de-densified thinking and actions strengthen one's own psychological and physical well-being (a positive spectrum of thoughts inspires mind, body and soul).

Acting from the spiritual mind

Acting from the spiritual mindSome people act more and some less from their spiritual understanding. For example, when asked for directions, most people would never respond in a dismissive, judgmental, or selfish manner. People tend to be friendly and helpful. This shows your friendly, emotional side to your counterpart. Humans need the love/affection of other people, because we get a large part of our main life energy from this energy source, which has always existed. Only the egoistic mind ultimately ensures that in certain situations we undermine our soul, or rather our intuitive abilities. This occurs, for example, when someone blindly judges another person's life or when one consciously causes harm to other people (the creation of energetic density). The intuitive mind is also completely connected to the immaterial cosmos due to the energetically light foundation. For this reason, we repeatedly receive inspiration in life or, in other words, intuitive knowledge that comes directly from this energetic sea. However, our minds often make us doubt. That's why many people don't take advantage of their intuitive gift. This is noticeable in countless situations.

The inner battle with the selfish mind!!

For example, imagine a group of teenagers who suddenly want to break into a house for whatever reason. The moment the plan is announced, everyone has the opportunity to decide whether they want to take part or not. The intuitive mind would immediately signal to you that this is fundamentally not right, that this action is of no use to anyone and would only cause harm to yourself and those around you. If one were to listen to the spiritual mind, one would certainly not commit this act. Unfortunately, for many people, the inner voice is influenced by... selfish mind controlled. The egoistic mind would then signal to you that participating in the situation just described might be very cool. Under no circumstances should you disappoint your group. Last but not least, the desire to assert oneself in the group also plays a role. You are deeply insecure and torn between soul and ego. In many cases the selfish mind then gains the upper hand. This then ensures that you act irrationally and create an ego-driven circumstance. If one were aware of one's intuitive abilities and selfish mind, one would most likely not commit this act. One would understand that these actions would mostly only harm oneself. I say mostly because you could learn from this situation, which in turn will help you (you can benefit from every experience).

Collecting energetically bright experiences..!!

A person with a strong intuitive gift and a basic understanding of the energetic universe would understand the situation in this context and ensure that the break-in does not occur. On the contrary, one would then know that this situation only brings disadvantages and only Caused harm, for this reason one would not commit this act. The intuitive mind is a powerful tool with which you can change your own reality and, above all, de-densify it energetically. You are able to interpret situations perfectly and are also given the opportunity to gain energetically light experiences. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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