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From an energetic point of view, the current times are very demanding and many transformation processes run in the background. These inflowing transforming energies also lead to negative thoughts anchored in the subconscious increasingly coming to light. Due to this circumstance, some people often feel left alone, let themselves be dominated by fears and experience heart pain of various intensities. In this context, you often ignore your own uniqueness, forgetting that you are ultimately an image of a divine convergence, that you yourself are a unique universe and are the creator of your own reality at any time, in any place.

Every person is unique!!!

uniqueness-of-humansNevertheless, we often doubt ourselves, get caught up in negative past or future patterns, feel as if we ourselves are worthless, as if we are nothing special and, as a result, severely limit our own mental abilities. Basically, every person is a unique being, a complex universe that in turn writes a unique and fascinating story, you just have to become aware of that again. We are all just an expression of an all-pervasive consciousness that individualizes itself and finds expression in all existing states. In this context, we create/change/design one with the help of our own thoughts own reality and can choose for ourselves what we want to experience in our lives, how we feel, whether we see ourselves as unique or not. What you think and feel always manifests itself as truth in your own reality.

You attract into your life what you mentally resonate with..!!

Your own thoughts always reflect your own life circumstances. You become what you think every day, which completely corresponds to your own beliefs. In exactly the same way, we attract into our lives what we radiate outwards.

Your beliefs, beliefs and thoughts are always reflected in your physical body..!!

Someone who doesn't think they're pretty or isn't confident in themselves will always radiate that inner belief outwardly and accordingly attract feelings of equal intensity (law of resonance). But as Osho once said: Forget the idea of ​​becoming someone - you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You just have to recognize it, realize it.

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