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We've been hearing more and more about one lately Transition to the 5th dimension, which should go hand in hand with a complete dissolution of the so-called 3 dimensions. This transition should ultimately lead to the fact that every person discards 3-dimensional behavior in order to then be able to create a completely positive circumstance. Nevertheless, some people are groping in the dark, are repeatedly confronted with a dissolution of the 3 dimensions, but do not really know what it is all about. In the following article you will find out what a dissolution of the 3 dimensions is really all about and why we are in the middle of such a transformation.

The resolution/transformation of 3 dimensional behaviors

3-dimensional-mindBasically, the 3rd dimension means a currently prevailing state of consciousness, from which mainly low or negative thoughts and behaviors emerge. The 3rd dimension is therefore not a place in that sense, but much more an energetically dense reality, a state of consciousness that leads to us legitimizing burdensome trains of thought in our own mind. In this context, one often speaks of so-called ego thinking. The Ego or the egoistic mind is a network that every human being has and is responsible for the production of energetic density (energetic density = negativity). Because of this mind, we humans often act irrationally and lower our own vibrational frequency. The egoistic mind is also a mind that is ultimately responsible for us humans firstly legitimizing negative thoughts in our own minds and secondly realizing them on a material level. When you are angry, hateful, sad, vulnerable, jealous, greedy, envious etc. it is always due to this mind. At the end of the day, this mind also often leaves us feeling lonely and living out a sense of divine separateness. This mind fools us namely a world in which we of feel God separate and assume that it may not exist at all. Ultimately, this is also due to material, 3-dimensional thinking, whereby we humans always imagine God as a material person and assume that this is a superior being that exists above or behind the universe and watches over us.

God is omnipresent and always present!!

But God is much more an overarching consciousness that firstly permeates everything in existence, secondly is responsible for every material and immaterial expression and thirdly individualizes and permanently experiences itself through incarnation. Seen in this way, God is permanently present and is reflected in all of existence. You yourself are an expression of God, just as nature or even the entire universe is an expression of this divine convergence. But you can only understand and, above all, feel this if you discard 3-dimensional ego thinking and look at the entire creation from an immaterial, 5-dimensional point of view.

Transition to the 5th Dimension!!

Transition to the 5th Dimension!!Today we are in a transition into the 5th dimension, which ultimately leads to a dissolution of the 3 dimensional mind. One could also speak of a transformation of the 3-dimensional, collective state of consciousness. People are increasingly shedding their lower, ego-ridden behaviors and regaining a stronger connection to their 5-dimensional, spiritual mind. The mental mind is part of the true self and is exclusively responsible for the production of energetic light or positive thoughts and actions. In addition, a stronger connection to the spiritual mind leads to an increase in one's own sensitive, multidimensional abilities. The 5th dimension is therefore not a place in the metaphorical sense, but much more a state of consciousness in which positive or harmonious and peaceful thoughts find their place. A state of consciousness in which higher emotions and thoughts are created. Because of the current newly beginning cosmic cycle our solar system gets into a light or rather more frequented area of ​​our galaxy, whereby we humans automatically rediscover our own 3-dimensional mind, become aware of it again and as a result dissolve it more and more. A worldwide transformation is taking place, a change that will lead us into a 5-dimensional, mental society. This process is irreversible and takes place in every single person. This development is currently more present than ever, more and more programming embedded in the subconscious are increasingly solved, come to light and challenge people to rethink our own perspective on life.

A nationwide transformation is taking place!!

These sustainable thought patterns are also waiting to be transformed back into positive thoughts by us, so that we are able to create a completely positive circumstance. Of course, this is not a process that takes place overnight, but rather a comprehensive transformation, a transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension that takes some time/years. For this reason, 10 years from now we will find ourselves on a completely different planetary circumstance, a planet inspired by peace, justice, freedom, love and harmony. A collective state of consciousness from which a peaceful world will emerge. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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