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Every person has so-called shadow parts. Ultimately, shadow parts are negative aspects of a person, shadow sides, negative programming that are deeply anchored in the shell of every person. In this context, these shadow parts are a result of our 3-dimensional, egoistic mind and show us our own lack of self-acceptance, our lack of self-love and, above all, our lack of connection to the divine self. However, we often repress our own shadow parts, cannot accept them and ignore them because of our own suffering.

Finding yourself - acceptance of your ego

shadow parts healingThe path to one's own self-healing or the path to being able to stand again in the power of one's own self-love (becoming whole) necessarily requires the acceptance of one's own shadow parts. Shadow parts are to be equated with negative thoughts that are lived by us again and again, annoying habits, low trains of thought that are in our Subconscious are anchored and transported again and again into our daily consciousness. At the same time, due to their low vibration frequencies, shadow parts are also breeding grounds for energetic density, or they condense one's own energetic basis. In this context, the denser our own energetic base is, the more the natural flow of our energies is blocked, the more our own physical condition suffers. Nevertheless, one should not demonize shadow parts, reject them or even suppress them. As far as the ego is concerned, many people see it as a "devil" or "demon", which is only partially correct. Of course, a demon, for example, is a being who has bad intentions, performs negative actions, and harms people. If someone physically hurts another human being, then you could say that that person was acting like a demon, at that moment, because that's what a demon would do. Since our ego often tempts us to do negative things due to the production of energetically dense thoughts/actions, this is of course also equated with a devilish mind.

By accepting our own shadow parts, we increasingly come into self-love..!!

Nevertheless, at the end of the day this mind serves our own personal development and keeps reminding us of our own lack of connection to the divine self, to our divine aspects. He shows us our mistakes and enables us to recognize our own shadow parts on the basis of this. In this context, then, it is not about the strict rejection or dissolution of our egoistic mind. Rather, it is about accepting, loving, respecting and even being grateful to this mind with all its negative parts for being part of one's life. This is an important step to get closer to transforming your own negative aspects.

The rejection of one's own shadow parts is due to a lack of self-love..!!

You cannot dissolve or transform negative aspects if you have suppressed them, are not aware of them and, if necessary, even demonize them. It's always about accepting your own circumstances, your own life. If you have aspects of yourself that you strictly reject or do not approve of at all, then you ultimately reject yourself to a certain extent, since these are a part of yourself. Self-love is once again a key word here. Ultimately, a person's life is about finding their own self-love again. Whoever loves himself loves his fellow human beings, or does it appear that his own inner mental/spiritual state is always transferred to the outside world and vice versa.

Through self-love and acceptance you unfold your mental potential..!!

For this reason it is important to accept and love one's own life with all its downsides. Only when you can do this again will it be possible to further develop yourself massively and that is what it is ultimately about to DEVELOP yourself further. If you want to love yourself, then love yourself completely, love everything about yourself, even things that you have previously rejected. If you reintegrate these parts and allow yourself to start loving them, then you enable the development of your full spiritual potential. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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