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The entire existence of a person is permanently shaped by 7 different universal laws (also called the hermetic laws). These laws exert a tremendous influence on human consciousness and unfold their effect on all levels of existence. Whether material or immaterial structures, these laws affect all existing conditions and characterize the entire life of a person in this context. No living being can escape these powerful laws. These laws have always existed and always will. They explain life in a plausible way and can change your own life for the better if you use it consciously.

1. The Principle of Mind - Everything is mental in nature!

Everything is spiritual in natureThe principle of mind states that everything in existence is of a mental nature. Spirit rules over material conditions and represents the very reason of our existence. In this context, spirit stands for the interaction of consciousness/subconscious and our entire life arises from this complex interaction. For this reason, matter is exclusively manifest spirit or a product of our own thoughts. One could also make the claim that a person's entire life is merely a mental/immaterial projection of their own consciousness. Everything you have ever done in your life could be realized on a material level solely because of your mental imagination.

Any action is a result of your own mind..!!

You meet up with a friend only because you first imagined the scenario, then by committing the action you manifested/realized the thought on a material level. Due to this, spirit also represents the highest authority in existence.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-des-geistes/

2. The Principle of Correspondence - As above, so below!

As above, so belowThe principle of correspondence or analogies says that every experience we have, that everything we experience in life, is ultimately just a mirror of our own feelings, our own mental world of thoughts. You just see the world as you are. What you think and feel always manifests as truth in your own reality. All thiswhat we perceive in the outside world is reflected in our inner nature. For example, if you have a chaotic life circumstance, then that outer circumstance is due to your inner chaos/imbalance. The outer world automatically adapts to your inner state. In addition, this law says that everything in a person's life should be exactly as it is at the moment. Nothing, really nothing, happens without a reason. Coincidence, for that matter, is just a construct of our lower, 3-dimensional minds to have an "explanation" for inexplicable phenomena. Furthermore, this law states that the macrocosm is only an image of the microcosm and vice versa. As above - so below, as below - so above. As within - so without, as without - so within. As in the big, so in the small. The entire existence is reflected in smaller as well as larger scales.

The macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and vice versa..!!

Whether structures of the microcosm (atoms, electrons, protons, cells, bacteria, etc.), or parts of the macrocosm (universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, people, etc.), everything is similar, because everything in existence is made of one and shaped by the same basic energetic structure.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-der-entsprechung/

3. The principle of rhythm and vibration - everything vibrates, everything is in motion!

Everything vibrates, everything is in motion!

 Everything flows in and out. Everything has its tides. Everything rises and falls. Everything is vibration. Nikola Tesla said in his day that if you want to understand the universe, you should think in terms of vibration, oscillation and frequency, and this law once again clarifies his assertion. Basically, as explained above, everything in existence is spiritual in nature. Consciousness is the essence of our life, from which springs our entire existence. As far as that is concerned, consciousness consists of energetic states that vibrate at a corresponding frequency. Since everything in existence is but an image of a conscious Creator Spirit, everything is made of vibratory energy. Rigidity or rigid, solid matter does not exist in this sense, on the contrary, one could even make the assertion that everything is ultimately just movement/speed. Likewise, this law states that everything is subject to different rhythms and cycles. There are a wide variety of cycles that make themselves felt again and again in life. A small cycle would be, for example, the female menstrual cycle or the day/night rhythm. On the other hand there are larger cycles such as the 4 seasons, or the currently prevailing, consciousness-expanding 26000 year cycle (also called the cosmic cycle).

Cycles are an integral part of the vastness of our existence..!!

Another larger cycle would be the reincarnation cycle, which is responsible for our soul being incarnated again and again over thousands of years in new ages in order to enable us humans to continue to develop spiritually and spiritually. Cycles are an integral part of life and will always exist.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-von-rhythmus-und-schwingung/

4. The principle of polarity and gender - everything has 2 sides!

Everything has 2 sidesThe principle of polarity and gender says that apart from the polarity-free ground consisting of consciousness, exclusively dualitarian states prevail. Dualitarian states can be found everywhere in life and serve one's own mental and spiritual development. We experience dualitarian states every day, they are an integral part of our material world and expand our own range of experiences. In addition, dualitarian states are important for studying important aspects of being. For example, how should one understand and appreciate love if there was only love and negative aspects such as hate, sadness, anger, etc. did not exist. In our material world there are always two sides. For example, since there is heat, there is also cold, since there is light, there is also darkness (darkness is ultimately just the absence of light). Nevertheless, both sides always belong together, because basically everything in the vastness of our universe is opposite and one at the same time. Heat and cold only differ in that both states have a different frequented state, exist on different vibration frequencies or have a different energetic signature. Although both states may appear different to us, deep down both states are made up of one and the same subtle convergence. Ultimately, the whole principle can also be compared to a medal or a coin. A coin has 2 different sides, but both sides belong together and together form the whole, are part of a coin.

Everything has female and male aspects (Yin/Yang principle)..!!

The principle of polarity also states that everything within duality has feminine and masculine elements. Masculine and feminine states are found everywhere. In the same way, every human being has male and female parts.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-der-polaritaet-und-der-geschlechtlichkeit/

5. The Law of Resonance – Like attracts like!

like-attracts-likeThe Law of Resonance is one of the most well-known universal laws and, simply put, states that energy always exhibits energy of the same intensity. Like attracts like and unlike repels each other. An energetic state always attracts an energetic state of the same structural makeup. Energetic states that have a completely different vibration level, on the other hand, cannot interact well with each other, harmonize. It is popularly said that opposites attract, but that's not quite the case. Every person, every living being, or everything that exists, ultimately consists exclusively of energetic states, as already mentioned in the course of the article. Since energy always attracts energy of the same intensity and we only consist of energy or at the end of the day all only of vibrating energetic states, we always attract into our lives what we think and feel, that what corresponds to our own vibration frequency. At the same time, the energy on which one directs one's own focus increases. If you're thinking about something that makes you sad, like a partner who left you, you'll only get sadder by the minute. Conversely, thoughts that are positive in nature attract more positive thoughts. Another example would be the following: If you are permanently satisfied and assume that everything that will happen will only make you more satisfied, then that is exactly what will happen in your life. If you are always looking for trouble and are firmly convinced that all people are unfriendly towards you, then you will only be confronted with unfriendly people or people who seem unfriendly to you in your life, since life is then yours look at it from this point of view.

You attract that into your life with which you mentally resonate..!!

You would then no longer look for friendliness in other people, but then you would only perceive unfriendliness. Inner feelings are always reflected in the outer world and vice versa. You always attract what you believe in. This is why placebos work too. Because of the firm belief in an effect, one creates a corresponding effect.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-gesetz-der-resonanz/

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect - Everything has a reason!

everything has a reasonEvery cause produces a corresponding effect, and every effect arose from a corresponding cause. Basically, this phrase describes this law perfectly. Nothing in life happens without a reason, just as everything is now in this eternally expanding moment, so it is meant to be. Nothing in your life could be different, because otherwise something else would have happened, then you would now experience something completely different in your life. The entire existence follows a higher cosmic order and your life is not a random product, but much more the result of a creative mind. Nothing is subject to chance, since chance is just a construct of our base, ignorant mind. There can be no coincidence and no effect can arise by chance. Every effect has a specific cause and every cause produces a specific effect. This is often referred to as karma. Karma, on the other hand, is not to be equated with a punishment, but much more with a logical consequence of a cause, in this context mostly a negative cause, which then, due to the law of resonance, has produced a negative effect with which one is then confronted in life. Nothing just happens by accident. Apart from that, the cause of every effect is consciousness, because everything arises from consciousness and the thoughts that result from it. In all of creation, nothing happens without a reason. Every encounter, every experience that one collects, every effect experienced was always a result of the conscious creative spirit. The same is true of luck. Basically, there is no such thing as happiness that happens to someone randomly.

Since every person is the creator of their own reality, everyone is responsible for their own happiness..!!

We ourselves are responsible for whether we attract happiness/joy/light or unhappiness/sorrow/darkness into our lives, whether we look at the world from a positive or negative basic attitude, because every human being is the creator of his or her own circumstance. Every human being is the bearer of his own destiny and is responsible for his own thoughts and actions. We all have our own thoughts, our own consciousness, our own reality and we can determine for ourselves how we shape our daily lives with our mental imagination.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-von-ursache-und-wirkung/

7. The Principle of Harmony or Balance - Everything dies after balance!

Everything dies after compensationThis universal law says that everything in existence strives for harmonious states, for balance. Ultimately, harmony represents the basic basis of our life. Any form of life or every person ultimately only wants it to be good, that it is happy and strives for a harmonious life. But not only humans have this project. Whether the universe, humans, animals, plants or even atoms, everything strives towards a perfectionist, harmonious order. Basically, every human being strives to be able to manifest harmony, peace, joy and love in his life. These high-frequency states give us a drive in life, let our soul flourish and give us the motivation to keep going, the motivation to never give up. Even if everyone defines this goal for themselves completely individually, everyone still wants to taste this nectar of life, experience this beautiful feeling of harmony and inner peace. Harmony is therefore a basic human need that is essential to fulfilling one's own dreams. The knowledge of this law has even been immortalized in the form of sacred symbolism all over our planet. There is, for example, the flower of life, which consists of 19 intertwined circles and is one of the oldest symbols on our planet.

The divine symbolism embodies the principles of the energetic ground..!!

This symbol is an image of the subtle primal ground and embodies this principle due to the perfectionistic and harmonious arrangement. Likewise, there is also the golden ratio, the platonic solids, Metatron's cube, or even fractals (fractals are not part of sacred geometry, but still embody the principle), all of which illustrate the principle of harmony in a plausible way.

- https://www.allesistenergie.net/universelle-gesetzmaessigkeiten-das-prinzip-der-harmonie-oder-des-ausgleichs/

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